Philip Jennings, General Secretary

Philip Jennings is General Secretary of UNI Global Union. Philip firmly believes that the labour movement is best placed to ensure big business faces up to its responsibility towards its workers, clients and the wider world. He is a tenacious international advocate for workers’ rights which he firmly believes must be an integral part of human rights. The United Nations also share this view. He says, “we would not have seen the inequality in the world today if we had strengthened not demolished the rights to organise and negotiate.”

Jennings is a leading commentator on the Future World of Work. A frequent guest and speaker not only at the WEF, ILO, OECD but across the world, he is a driving force behind inspiring other organisations to get involved and get engaged. His ability to look beyond what is known today, and understand the implications for workers has put UNI Global Union centre stage in the global discussions on the future of work. 

With a strong conviction that today's decision-makers hold the key to a sustainable, empowering future, Jennings doesn't hold back when calling for ethical AI, inclusion, social justice and workers' power.

Connect with Philip @PJenningsUNI