Making it Happen

Here you will find UNI Global Union's Opinions on many aspects of the future world of work.

In some of the opinions, we include short videos explaning the challenges, potentials and actions we see necessary.

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Call for a Global Convention on Ethical AI

The ethics of big data, of machine learning and artificial intelligence need to be discussed in a coordinated global consortium. To be legitimate and representative, the consortium should consist of a

Businesses Must Contribute to our Societies

All businesses, in all forms, must contribute to the societies in which they are embedded and on which they depend. In particular, business models that are platform-based and that depend on self-emplo

Anti-Competition Law Must Change

The digital economy is challenging our societal institutions. Social security systems need modernising, workers' rights must be extended, but also competition law must be changed. As our laws are now,

Colleagues Not Competitors

The new world of work is pushing more and more workers into false and real forms of self-employment. As businesses increasingly move into platform and cloud-based activities, former colleagues therefo