Businesses Must Contribute to our Societies

All businesses must contribute to the societies in which they are embedded, and on which they depend.

In particular, business models that are platform-based and that depend on self-employed – bogus or not – workers, must, unlike today, contribute via taxes and social contributions.

To guarantee this, platforms must have a reporting duty to national monitoring and enforcement institutions/mechanisms on the aggregated activity of each employee/worker. This reporting duty, would also support the portable benefit system and would serve to co-fund the demand that all workers in all forms of employment are guaranteed the same social and fundamental rights.

State monitoring and enforcement mechanisms 

To check the data received and to enable authorities to calculate the aggregated income of workers regardless of employment form and place, state monitoring and enforcement mechanisms must be in place that can cooperate across borders. The monitoring and enforcement mechanisms should include an advisory board consisting of stakeholders and the social partners.