Test your data maturity

Test your data maturity

How does your organisation become an ethical data master? What steps do you need to take? And how do you integrate data thinking into leadership & your organisation? Find a great tool here

In the Young Workers Lab at UNI, we are working with a bunch of great experts on the idea of creating a Data Standard for trade unions. i.e. a way for us to structure our data so that it improves our impact, campaigning, organising and power.

The Data Journey

The journey to become truly digitally savvy unions will require changes on a number of fronts. Advisors to our Lab, DataKind UK a charity with the aim to make data serve humanity, have developed a great tool to help CSOs, unions, NGOS map our data maturity.

Download this table, and with some colleagues map out your union. See where you are, and where you could be heading!

It is a really interested test to do. Not only will you get a realistic picture of where your organisation is on the data journey, you will get a good indication of where you could - or even shoud - be heading.

Linking to good data governance

Whilst we love DataKind's work - we have also discussed with them that it needs expanding. Together with a group of geeks, the Lab is working on two expansions:

  • Add principles of good data governance to the framework. Whilst being good at using data is one thing, the big questions of how we govern, protect, store, and use that data is another equally important - if not more important thing.
  • Add ethical considerations to the framework: Under the belief that "just because we can, doesn't mean we should" our next expansion will be to add questions about what data you should or shouldn't collect. It will include nudgings that will help you ask for whose good you are gathering this data and what you should be doing with it, if anything at all.

Stay posted as the Young Workers Lab continues to work on this, and read more about the DMF below.

See TUCs Digital Health Check tool here for further inspiraiton.

Download Summary-Designed-Data-Maturity-Framework-Social-Sector-FINAL-v1.pdf