Big Tech's Power Unchallenged? Not by us..

Big Tech's Power Unchallenged? Not by us..

At UNIs Leadership Summit on October 9, we will challenge what others have failed to do: the Big Tech's Power. Stay tuned for what renowned speakers will say, and for what we suggest as solutions.

UNI has warned for a long time now that there is nothing called a free lunch. That the services we are offered for free by Google, Facebook, Amazon and the like are coming at a great cost: our data.

Couple that to estimates that the Big 6 tech companies own the vast majority of the world's data through their complex supply chains, and we have unprecedented economic, technlogical, social, democratic and innovative power placed in the hands of the very few. We risk, if we are not already now, becoming puppets on their strings.

Gibberish! we heard just a year ago. Now more and more voices hear our concerns and share them.

UNI has warned of the monopolisation of markets for a long time now and why it must change. Foroohar's warnings are highly welcomed

Philip Jennings, UNI Global Union

And so does FT's Rana Foroohar. In this 4 minute video, and in this series of articles, she sums the problems up.

At UNI's Global Leadership Summit on October 9 more than 100 UNI leaders and guests will be discussing the crucial role of data protection and data privacy. In this part of the Summit, renowned speakers Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director for IEEE-SA, Paul Nemitz of the European Commission and Human Rights Lawyer Renata Avila will offer their perspectives on ethical AI, data protection and the current data colonialism that is taking place at the expense of the Global South. 

UNI Global Union will continue to fight for transparency, opportunity and responsibility in the future of work. Follow this space for the outcomes of our Summit and for the solutions we will very soon propose!