Debating Skills

Debating Skills

On March 28 2017, Christina Colclough spoke at an event on technology and disruption organised by Google and Debating Europe. See information and interview on closing the skills gap here.

Does technology create more jobs than it disrupts?

Christina Colclough was speaker at a recent event organised by Google and Debating Europe called "Digital Transformation in the Mobile Era: New Skills, Jobs and Growth." As part of the event, the debate was concerned with how to overcome the forecasted skills gap. 

Colclough asserted that we need to ensure an inclusive, just transition to the future world of work, and took the opportunity to call for three necessary changes:

  1. New models for training, up- and reskilling
  2. New models for funding of training, up- and reskilling
  3. New models for cooperation btw companies, companies and unions and,companies, unions and states.

See interview made after the event here: