German SPW publishes UNI article

Harnessing A.I. for the benefit of people and planet

German SPW published in Dec 2018 the booklet "Digitization, social inequality and class," that includes an article by UNIs Christina Colclough. Read excerpt here and download full article below

SPW introduces the booklet with the following words:

"Despite a good economic situation and falling unemployment for years, social insecurity and fears of the future are growing in parts of German society. In contrast to the dynamics of precariousness, which contribute to that uncertainty, the dynamics of digitization seem far less tangible in everyday life. For many people, despite the ubiquity of smartphones and smart homes, it remains unclear whether and in what way digitization dynamics will (in the future) affect their own way of life and their own standard of living. Whether they will be drivers of social openings or social closures. In this issue, we focus on whether and through what economic and everyday cultural mechanisms digitization reproduces social inequalities."

These systems are feeding off the data we maybe too willingly are giving away. We are under surveillance to a degree hitherto unforeseen

Christina Colclough, UNI Global Union

Harnessing A.I. - article by Christina Colclough

Colclough's article introduces UNI Global Union's principles on Ethical AI, and stresses:

"There are no quick and easy solutions to creating a digital future that serves the majority and not just the few. UNI has consistently called for governments and businesses to rethink and realise that unions are part of the solution. Indeed, given the scope of change on our doorsteps, a sustainable future in which A.I. fosters peace, empowers humans and enhances their capabilities requires that we work constructively together. We must dare admit to systemic, institutional and market shortcomings and failures, build on the positive synergies and together strive towards advancing well-being through inclusive and sustainable growth. We must commit to keeping people in work. We must have the courage to adapt our institutions to meet the new realities. And we must never accept flexibility at the expense of universal social security. Nothing less will do."

Read the full article in English here. Download the German version below.

Download 229_colclough SPW dec 2018.pdf