Inclusive, Empowering Digital Labour Markets

Inclusive, Empowering Digital Labour Markets

UNIs Philip Jennings & Christina Colclough contribute to Oxford University pamphlet "Towards a Fairer Gig Economy" Read it here

"Towards Inclusive, Empowering Digital Labour Markets" is the title of a new article by Philip Jennings' and Christina Colclough fresh out of the press today.

Published in Meetspacepress and edited by Mark Graham & Joe Shaw, the pamphlet is a collection of short to-the-point articles by a range of Gig Economy experts and practitioners.

Here's an taster to our article that includes UNIs core demands for the future world of work.

The gig economy is celebrated by some for its flexibility—enabling workers to earn an income when they want, how often they want, and using existing resources.  

As the rich get richer, the rest are left behind in a growing swamp of exploitation. No politician, no national economy, no morality should accept this

Philip Jennings

However, the gig economy is, we claim, one of the key drivers behind an increasing individualization and casualization of work. By claiming that their workers are self-employed, gig economy platforms are in fact abusing human rights. By denying workers of any social rights and social protection, such as the right to sick leave, holiday pay, pension payments, paternity leave and unemployment benefits, the likes of Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon Mechanical Turk, are simply, and crudely put, exploiting people.

Download the pamphlet here