NEW! Multiple language versions available

NEW! Multiple language versions available

Did you know our key documents on Workers Data Rights and Ethical AI are available in multiple languages? Find out why we need to address the data governance gap & why Ethics in AI is so important

With over 1000 downloads, UNIs documents on Ethical AI and Workers' Data Rights have reached many a person and organisation.

UNI affiliates have translated them into several languages so as many people as possible can enjoy their key messages.

Head over to "Docs" and find the documents available in:

Workers' Data Rights: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish 

Ethical AI: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Filling the Gap

In these documents, we aim to fill some gaps by naming some core principles that companies and governments should follow to make the digital world of work transparent, accountable and inclusive. 

We call for workers' rights to access, amend and port their data. We call for a multi-stakeholder governance body in companies and wider afield to ensure that the use of data in AI, algorithms and robots is traceable, rectifiable and reasonable. We demand that A.I. should be the interests of people and planet above profit, and we call on a commitment to keeping humans-in-command.

Download your version now, and engage with us on how we can work to implement these principles for the sake of us all.