Overcoming Digital Challenges

Overcoming Digital Challenges

What are the key drivers of digital change? Why are we calling for changes to social security systems & competition law? And what has all of this got to do with you? A UNI Global read with a coffee!

On April 4, General Secretary Philip Jennings gave a speech at the UNI Apro Executive Committee. Click the button below to read the full article, Jennings based his speech on.

We are the unions for services workers, and our voice, our demands must become centre stage in the political, economic and social global development.

Philip Jennings, UNI Global Union

In that we set out to identify the mega-trends that characterise the many changes around us today. From inequalities to a shift in economic power, to climate change, human rights, demographic shifts to technological change. We give startling figures and statistics about this all - and we afford much attention to these trends' potential impact on jobs. 

Technological drivers of change

We identify what we claim are the two main drivers of technological change, namely AI and big data, and we discuss how they are manifesting change in the labour markets. These two developments are enabling
much of the disruptions and changes we see in business models, employment relations and inequality patterns.

Including you!

We end the article with a list of key demands we should posing to governments and employers in order to enable both a just transition to the future world of work, as well as a world of work for generations to come that is empowering and sustainable for all.

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