Podcast: Feat. UNI on the FWOW

Podcast: Feat. UNI on the FWOW

Listen up to hear how UNIs Christina Colclough suggests workers respond to digitalisation, to data mining & changes at work. Made by The Office Block this podcast puts human action centre stage.

In May 2018, Christina Colclough addressed the congress of the Irish Financial Services Union on the future world of work. The speech focused in on why workers must be aware of their data rights as management-by-algorithm spreads, and data is increasingly used in HR processes such as hiring, firing, retention and promotion processes.

After the congress, the Office Block - a podcast and online space for people working in finance - made this great podcast called "The Robots Are Coming! Automation, Digitalisation & Big Data".


Featuring in the podcast are:

  • Dr Dr Larry Stapleton, of the Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Dr Michelle O'Sullivan of the Kemmy School of Business 
  • Dr Lisa Wilson, Economist at the Nevin Economic Research Institute
  • Dr Christina Colclough, Director UNI Global Union