Podcast: In Data We Trust?

Podcast: In Data We Trust?

New podcast: In Data We Trust? featuring UNIs Christina Colclough, the Human Rights Commissioner of Australia Ed Santow and Nick Lawrence, Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Sheffield

Listen up to hear from 3 experts why we must change our attitude towards data. UNIs Christina Colclough advocates strongly for workers' data rights - neglected in many data protections and in many discussions. Human Rights Commissioner from Australia Ed Santow provides hair-raising examples of data driven algorithms with dire outcomes and Professor Nick Lawrence who offers a possible solution to make data serve the many and not the few. Get the podcast here: https://www.elementai.com/podcast#taking-control-of-our-data 

In Data We Trust?

We don’t have enough control over our data—how it is collected, by whom, what it’s used for. We’re used to hitting “accept” to whatever agreement we need to use the online platforms, mobile apps and other digital services that run our daily lives. Yet public awareness is growing about the importance of privacy and data control. Major data breaches and scandals about the misuse of data have shown the failures of the private sector when it comes to self-regulation.

Now, governments and policymakers are stepping in with efforts to address the power imbalance between consumers and big companies when it comes to data. It’s about time — the impact of artificial intelligence could exacerbate that power imbalance, and help the data-rich get richer. Element AI’s Marc-Etienne Ouimette spoke with some of those leading the charge around taking back control of our data and the notion of data trusts — think a union, but for your data.

Workplace Data - why we must care

UNI has for a long time flagged why unions must negotiate workers' data rights. Our groundbreaking 10 Principles on Worker's Data Rights sets the minimum requirements, but more needs doing. Take this example from the US - a third party app employers can enforce in the company to "Motivate your employees' healthy choices, with incentives for exercise, sleep, flu shots, and more." Check the privacy statement and what data the app will be leaching. Practically, it will track your every move, your every location, when you do what. At work and in your private time. Its a totally unacceptable tracking and monitoring of workers that only unions can stop.