Skills, people investment & jobs

Skills, people investment & jobs

In these two videos made for an event by Google and Debating Europe, Christina Colclough offers UNIs views on the future of work, skills and why we all must unite to keep people in work.

On April 24, Google and Debating Europe hosted an event for policymakers, industry, trade unions, tech experts and start-ups to discuss the impact of automation on business growth, jobs and society. UNI Global Union was invited to the event to present our views on jobs, security, skills and why we all should be interested in keeping people in work.

Keep people in work!

As UNI was unable to be present, we were interviewed to camera. Here UNIs Director of Platform and Agency Workers, Digitalisation and Trade Christina Colclough underlined why companies need to address the chronic under-investment in people. She explains:

Companies must invest in their people, so we can keep people in work!

Christina Colclough, UNI

We really need to start focusing on skills, re- and upskilling. A lot of the heavy work we do, a lot of the routine work we do can be supplemented and augmented by automation, AI, algorithms and so forth. And that could unleash a whole new potential in the workers and the kind of work we do. But that requires that we know how to work with these systems. We all, companies, workers and the state, must keep people in work!

At the event, Google's new pledge to help 1 million Europeans find jobs by 2020 was discussed together with the newly-published Ipsos research into the impact of digital skills training on employment, and McKinsey research into how new technologies help boost productivity and economic growth.  

Two short videos

See the short Introduction video here

The video for the panel on 'Innovating Today to Prepare for Tomorrow'