TCO article: New app to gather data for unions

TCO article: New app to gather data for unions

Swedish union federation TCO publishes article about UNI's soon-to-be-launched app with the working title "Project Spotlight". Read summary here!

At a Unions21 conference in London this week, UNIs Christina Colclough met TCO's editor of ArbetsVarlden's, Mikael Feldbaum, for a chat about UNIs Young Workers Lab upcoming app: Project Spotlight.

Mikael got to the keyboard quickly and published this great article

Project Spotlight

Titled "New app to gather data for unions rather to Amazon", the article summaries Project Spotlight's key components:

  • An app for workers aimed to help them measure and log key characteristics of the new world of work. F.x. your commute time, how much time you spend on your feet or planted on your office chair, your app usage and when you use them (a great way to actually prove your working hours - also those outside of work...)
  • A possibility to find out what data other apps are leaching from your phone about you! Are they monitoring your social media data, your likes and friends? 

Project Spotlight is one of the great tools and services springing out of UNIs Young Workers Lab. It is being developed by the Guardian Project's Nathan Freitas and team. Read about Nathan here. . . 

Stay posted as we prepare to beta-launch Project Spotlight soon!