UNI to address e-commerce today

UNI to address e-commerce today

In our first speech leading up to the WTO Ministerial, Christina Colclough will discuss how the e-commerce agenda is being pushed on multiple fora and why it must be stopped and changed

Together with experts Deborah James, from CEPR and Valeria Milanés from ADC Argentina Christina Colclough will today discuss how the e-commerce agenda is being pushed in multiple fora. From plurilateral trade agreements such as TiSA, NAFTA, EU-Japan and TPPA to international bodies such as the OECD and the G20.

Unions must pay close attention to these e-commerce discussions as they:

    • will favour Big Tech at the expense of SMEs
    • will put a downward pressure on wages and working conditions
    • will make SME survival difficult thus damaging employment
    • will deepen the digital divide across the world
    • will allow foreign companies to offer services to citizens without being present in the country, thus avoiding liability and damaging consumer rights
    • will open up for a free flow of data thus damaging our privacy rights

UNI demands strong workers'  and consumer data protection and underlines that the free flow of data in no way equals the free and equal access to data. Feeding Big Tech with more gold is not the way to create empowered societies.

See agenda for the discussion below and stay posted for an update from the discussions...


For an excellent overview of what e-commerce discussions cover, see this blog post from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the leading nonprofit organizations defending civil liberties in the digital world.

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