UNIs FWOW motion unanimously adopted

UNIs FWOW motion unanimously adopted

On June 19, the congress unanimously adopted the FWOW motion. With 10 clear action points, UNI will continue to lead the way towards a sustainable, transparent & empowering future for all

With 10 clear action points and priorities unanimously adopted, UNI Global Union has confirmed their commitment to ensuring we have a voice, are present and active in shaping the world of work we want. 

Acknowledging the challenges many workers across the world already face as jobs are displaced by digital tools and new business processes, the affiliates underlined that companies must take responsibility and engage responsibly in keeping people in work. Not necessarily the same job, but in work. 

UNIs Director of digitalisation, Christina Colclough reflects: 

"We must address the chronic under-investment in people. Companies and states need to take responsibility and begin to act and think on the long-term. Access to education, training and up- and reskilling is not a luxury, but a necessity. Companies must engage in dialogue with us on how we can ensure a just transition for affected workers and a quality work life for all."

The motion's principles and action items cover activities that will be conducted on all levels: from the companies, to nation states, to the transnational bodies such as the OECD, the ILO, the UN and the WEF. United UNI Global Union and its affiliates will fight against the tyranny of monopolistic digital capitalism.

Towards new heights and breadths

UNI will take its work to new heights and breadths over the next 4 years. We demand new business models that prioritise inclusive growth thus supporting the growing number of voices calling for a move to go Beyond GDP as a measure of success.

We will stress that artificial intelligence, algorithms, the data sets and verifiers used must have the interests of people and planet at their core. We will seek solutions so the benefits and potentials in these new technologies and tools are enjoyed by the many and not just the few. We commit to continue to seek new solutions so all workers, in all forms of work, have a strong voice, the right to social protection and the prospects to thrive in the labour market. We call for a genderless digitalisation,where discrimination in algorithms, in access to digital training, and in the new labour market is eradicated. And we will not sit back and let the world be split by a new digital divide. 

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