Announcing: Virtual Town Halls in 2019!

Preparations for a open forum held at Newspeak House in London on how trade unions can responsibly gain power using data and digital technologies (December 2018).

Union members are busy people. Juggling work, commuting time and family responsibilities. Many have never been to a union meeting, many can’t find the time, or have to prioritise elsewhere. To give voice to all of your members, including the young ones who are still finding their union way, we are experimenting in our Young Workers Lab with a new digital service that allows you to conduct a dynamic Q&A with your members… via the web, text message, or smartphone!

Thought Exchange is not an app. It’s more like a virtual town hall. Members don’t have to download anything, they just get sent a question via text message (SMS) or email that plugs into a simple platform where they can express their thoughts to your question, see other responses, and up-vote their favorite answers.

As such, this service, where the answers and upvotes are anonymous, allows you to see what members really think and prioritise. You can ask questions about their working conditions, management relations, and union campaigns. And you can ask for their thoughts on what your union priorities should be. Since this format allows all members to express themselves to you, without fear of being in front of a crowd, no one needs to feel left out.

We have put together some slides that explain a little more what the service can do. Take a look here. As part of our project, all UNI members are welcome to give it a try. Do you have an upcoming member meeting? A conference or seminar? Use Thought Exchange to ask for your members’ wishes and expectations, or run it live at the event. The possibilities are many.

If you’re interested to try it, drop us a line: Christina.Colclough [at]