Meet the Lab's Tech Advisors! 🎉

The collective is always stronger than the individual. Below, we share a few names of the wonderful people whose intellectual, technical, legal and ethical expertise support our experiments. This group helps confront and overcome the major challenges that stem from the want to introduce new tech tools into traditional union organizing.
It's not as easy as it may seem at first glance. There are many ways in which you can put at risk the people you are trying to empower. Similarly, in the hype to build and deploy something, it's easy to misrepresent the needs of the people whose voices you are ultimately trying to amplify. Do your members really need the tool you want to build? Can you prove it? Do you want to subject workers to even more surveillance? How can the unions show the way forward on good data governance, use and empowerment?
This group has challenged us on our missteps, either directly in conversation or by embodying pioneering best practices in how they operate. We encourage you to check them all out!
We are so grateful to these leaders for their support and to all others who have made foundational contributions to the Young Workers' Lab. 

Salome Viljoen (Twitter) 

Privacy and Cybersecurity Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. 

Salome is a pioneering legal scholar and political economist with a sharp sense of how digital technologies can be misused even when they are developed to do 'good' in the world. Salome has helped us to refine our mission objectives so that worker's privacy is maintained from start to finish.
Two lessons: develop tools using the principles of data minimization and informed consent.

Mary L. Gray (Twitter)
Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Author of Ghost Work.

The most recent step in Mary's groundbreaking career has been a painstaking five-year study of crowdwork and the political economies of digital labor. In Ghost Work, Mary exposes the isolation and exploitation that so many platform workers suffer through today. Her deep respect for workers beams through her writing and research. She is a fountain of knowledge on how to build digital tools responsibly.

Prof. Alex 'Sandy' Pentland (Twitter) Director of the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs.

According to Forbes, Sandy is one of the '7 most powerful data scientists in the world.' He has received numerous awards and prizes (too many to recount here). He also helped put the gears in motion to bring about the EU's landmark GDPR privacy regulation.

Our conversations with Sandy are forward looking and far-ranging, touching on data-trusts, infomediaries, and regimes for collective bargaining with personal data. His technological expertise is invaluable to our team.

Nathan Freitas (Twitter)
Founder and director of Guardian Project, an award-winning, open-source, mobile security collaborative with millions of users and beneficiaries worldwide.
Nathan may be most well known for developing Orbot, which brings the Tor anonymity to Android devices, and has been installed more than 20 million times. In late 2017, he co-designed with Edward Snowden an app called Haven, which works as a personal security system for that puts the power of surveillance back into the hands of the most vulnerable and under threat. Nathan is a gifted developer with a passion for helping those in need. He is helping us to develop our Spotlight app. If we can't reach him, it means he's out braving the New England surf, an experience he is eager for others to join him for as 'literally numbing, yet clarity generating.'

Marc-Étienne Ouimette (Twitter)
Head of Public Policy & Government Relations at Element AI
Marc-Étienne is recognized in halls of influence around the globe for his on-going work on the future of AI and data governance, among other subjects. In collaboration with his team at Element AI, a leading AI firm based in Montreal, Canada, Marc-Étienne develops forward thinking policy on how to accommodate the needs of the many and not just the few in this next wave of technological change. Marc-Étienne lends a thoughtful, critical eye to the Lab's projects. Together with Nesta, and in conversation with the G7, we have explored how worker's rights can be protected using data trusts

Giselle Cory (Twitter)
Executive Director, DataKind UK
The first time we met Giselle, we knew we wanted to work with her. As Exec Director of Data Kind UK, she helps the social sector use data science, such as by uniting social change organisations and pro-bono data scientists. Previously, Giselle has worked in the Government (in the Prime Minister's strategy unit), and for national charities and think tanks, using data to better inform public policy decisions. Giselle has a gift for speaking about complex challenges in a straightforward way. With her team, she finds concrete ways forward! She has an BSc in Maths and Physics, a MSc in computational journalism and diplomas in economics and manned spaceflight.

Keith Porcaro (Twitter)
Co-founder, Digital Public, Affiliate at Duke's Center on Law and Technology and Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center.
At Digital Public, Keith helps communities, organizations and governments manage and protect the digital assets that matter most to them. This is no easy task. Keith unbundles the complex interrelations between technology and law, showing how disenfranchised groups like young workers can maintain access to and control over the valuable data they generate at work or in daily life. What's more, he can describe these nuances in terms that make sense to a non-specialist! Keith has a JD from Duke University and is licensed to practice law in California. He and Digital Public will contribute trailblazing new work to the Young Workers Lab related to the duties of care surrounding worker's data.

Boaz Sender (Twitter)
CEO at Bocoup, Affiliate at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
Boaz cares deeply about social justice and has devoted his career to ensuring that digital spaces are open and inclusive. Boaz is an active participant in Ecma International, the W3C, the WHATWG, and the JS Foundation, forums in which he both advocates for and helps to maintain robust open technology standards. Boaz works closely with organizers and artists to campaign for housing justice in Boston. The "Luxury Waters" exhibition he helped to bring about was a satire on tech housing in the form of a fake real estate sales office in the leather district.

Ravi Naik (Twitter)

Ravi Naik, the Law Society’s 2018 Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, is a multi-award winning Partner, with a ground breaking practice at the forefront of data rights and technology.

Ravi represents clients in some of the most high profile data rights cases. These include the leading case against Cambridge Analytica for political profiling, claims against Facebook for their privacy policies and data practices, challenges to financial profiling companies and the leading regulatory complaint against the Advertising Technology industry.

Ravi is a well-known advocate and speaker on developing rights in technology and has written extensively on the new data rights movement. Ravi also conducts pioneering research on data and democracy in the digital age and has emerged as a leading voice in this nascent field. Ravi is also often sought for his commentary in the media on a range of data rights issues.

Martha Grant (Twitter)

Martha is the force behind Action Builder, a new organizing CRM built cooperatively from the ground up.  She facilitates development discussions across partners and implements their shared vision, creating processes where those most impacted by technology play an integral role in how it is built and share ownership of the end product. Part mediator, part translator and part scrum master, she believes we have a moral obligation to incorporate diverse voices in tech and that by doing so we build better tools and products. With a background in labor, politics and nonprofits she brings a deep and abiding respect for our shared humanity and the change we can create together.