Podcast: Future of Work 🤖

Unions21 in the UK managed to find UNIs Young Workers Lab team, Jonnie and Christina, in the same spot and sat down with us for a good chat about young workers, data, AI and the future of work. Make a good cuppa, sit back and hear why we think AI could be used for good, why we must be courageous and demanding, and why data is the key to unions. 

The Future Of Work – Taming The Robots

We’ve heard already about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the robots are coming. Apocalyptic job losses mitigated by case studies of how algorithms can be controlled by collective bargaining. Now hear how AI can be made to work for the many, as they say, not the few.

In the latest Unions21 podcastBecky and I talk to Christina Colclough and Jonnie Penn about their work with the 20m strong UNi Global Union and the Future World of Work project. Are the fears for the future justified? How can we use this new technology to our benefit? There is no one better qualified or more articulate on this most pressing of subjects.

In a heartfelt defence of the need for “human agency” in the industrial process, Christina and Jonnie set out not just why this is so important, but how we can make change happen. As she says, “we are at a break point in history” in our relationship with technology.

If you are in any way interested in AI, work, workspaces and workplaces, employee or industrial relations, this is must-hear stuff.

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