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Prospect: Why ignoring workers is a sure-fire way to create an AI divide

Prospect nails it with this powerful article arguing persuasively for the inclusion of workers in AI debates, principles and practices.

Director of Communications and research, Andrew Pakes hits it home remarking:

"Neither the EU Commission’s High-level Expert Group on AI, nor the UK’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, has a remit to look at the impact of AI on workers. TechUK’s latest publication on ‘making digital ethics relevant to the lives people lead’ sets out 8 principles for action. Not one of them mentions workers. If we are not careful, the rules will be set, and workers will have been left behind".

He continues: "Politics and society cannot keep playing catch-up as technology races ahead, transforming the world of work as it is does so. Prospect is working with Uni Global Union to test and develop new approaches to give unions and young workers improved job quality and a voice in the digital world of work. We want to use tech to enable workers to access their own data and to help inform how this economy is developed. Ultimately, this is a shared challenge. Unions, politicians, businesses, workers and civil society have to shape the consensus around the ethical application of AI and other technology at work or they will be rendered irrelevant to a new generation of workers."

Read the full article posted on the New Statesman here