Christy Hoffman, General Secretary

Christy Hoffman

Christy Hoffman is UNI Global Union‘s General Secretary. Hoffman is an accomplished negotiator with experience from closing deals with local companies, multinationals and global agreements. In relation to the Future World Of Work, Hoffman leads on pushing the need for innovative organising. As she explains: “industrial relations need adjusting to make sure the bargaining power of workers is not out-trumped by anti-social, irresponsible business models.”

Hoffman advocates for corporate responsibility. In a digital world where the largest companies measured in value employ fewer and fewer employees, and where the global value chain is a complex myriad of subcontractors and subcontractors subcontractors, she calls on the big corporations to carry their weight.

A sought-after speaker, a passionate never-tiring advocate of workers’ interest, equality and empowerment, Christy explores every option and leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of defending and developing decent work for all.

Connect with Christy on @CHoffmanUNI

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