Social Protection for all!

UNI demands that all workers, in all forms of work have the same social and fundamental rights. 

In the digital economy, more and more workers are so-called crowd-sourced. They find income via platforms such as Uber, Amazon Mechanical Turk, ClickWorker, TaskRabbit, Deliveroo etc etc. The workers are ofte

n required to become self-employed. Across the world where companies and citizens find people to solve tasks via cloud-sourcing or by using platforms, these self employed workers, have limited, if any, rights to social protection.

Flexibility with no security

This then fundamentally means we have a growing number of citizens, who bear the risk of market fluctuations in terms of demand for their goods and services, yet have no income protection, holiday rights, pension rights, parental rights etc. This is unacceptable and can risk growing a whole new group of underprivileged and under-paid citizens. We cannot accept the flexibility of the market with no security for the workers.

portable benefit system deserves further investigation. Portable benefits follow the individual’s work be it on platforms, contracts or permanent employment and honours each work form as contributive to social security and social rights. 

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