The Right To Be Human

The Right To Be Human

It won't be long before companies have sufficient data points on you, so you no longer count. You will be objectified & manipulated as such. Read why UnionTech is key for a moral economy for all

Over the summer, numerous more examples of how data is used to manipulate us have flooded the news. Take the documentary aired now on Netflix called The Great Hack on the link between ruthless data brokers and politics. Or the BBC program aired August 11 called Is Your Boss Watching You. It is so important that we realise that every time we use a digital service, our mobile phones, our GPS, our internet bank, credit card, social media, pass by CCTV we are being mined for our data. At work, more and more of us are surveilled, monitored or tracked. Our whereabouts, keystroke pace, tone of voice, speed of action, productivity, our sick days, health files, social media posts and connections. 

The Right to Be Human

We must understand how all of this data mining is effecting our life chances and our world of work

Christina Colclough, UNI

It's therefore no joke that we are advocating for the 'right to be human'. It won't be long before obscure and less obscure companies have sufficient data points on you, so you no longer count. You will be objectified, codified & seen, manipulated and formed as such. This is not science fiction nor a rewrite of Black Mirror. So what to do? We must tap into the growing discussions about data trusts and other models for protecting our data and force thereby some morality into this digital world of ours.


UnionTech can well be the key to this revamped moral economy. Digital tech built by and for unions to protect and defend workers' rights and decent empowering work. To boot, unions can lead the way to good data stewardship. Ie what data is collected, how it is used, governed, stored. Unions must become the digital stewards of humanity and the right to be human. Read our Connective Action report for inspiration - it reviews some of the best, or most promising tools out there right now.

UnionTech is key for the future of collective bargaining. We need to map the world of work as it is now and as it will become. Work, how it is conducted, when and where and under which conditions is radically changing. We need proof of that to table new and old realities at the bargaining table. The platform we are building as part of UNIs Young Workers Lab is aimed to provide you with a tool to do precisely that. To boot, it does so by empowering the workers with their own data. Its not owned, controlled or used by anyone else but those the worker choices to share it with. The platform will soon be launched for beta testing.

Stay tuned!