Who would you hire?

Be a CEO with a lust for using algorithms to hire people. Play this online game to find out who you would recruit. Learn about data bias, discrimination and the opacity of automated decision-making

UNI has warned far and wide about the challenges, dangers even, of using data, algorithms and autonomous systems in human resources. Our article When Algorithms Hire and Fire asks you to consider for a moment whether you would have the job you have today, if an algorithm had hired you?

Now you can jump ship and be the company boss looking to hire new staff. Play this excellent, surprising game to find out the (un)intended consequences of using AI in recruitment. Trust me – you will be shocked.

Survival of the Best Fit

The game Survival of the Best Fit is created by four current students and recent alumni of NYU Abu Dhabi: Gabor Csapo, Miha Klasinc, Jihyun Kim, and Alia ElKattan. The project is supported by a Mozilla Creative Media Award.

Says Alia ElKattan: “Technology is an increasingly powerful decision-making force, so it’s crucial for the public to understand how AI can impact their lives. Survival of the Best Fit addresses this by focusing on the recent use of AI in hiring. This new development can actually worsen existing problems with bias, equality, and representation in the workplace — and have negative socio-economic repercussions.”

She continues: “We hope this project raises awareness about the need for software engineers to develop products that account for social and political factors.”

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