Young Workers' Lab 🚀

The Young Workers' Lab is a new pop-up research center in the Future World of Work division of UNI Global Union.

Our aim is to test how digital technologies, data, and power can be shared to democratize access to the collective value of the digital age.

Our research engages with young workers, trade unions big and small, technologists, government, civil society, business, academics, and activists. Check out our articles below for news on what we've accomplished so far. The question that guides us is:

How can digital technologies be used by young workers and unions to improve young workers’ job quality and voice in the digital world of work? 

Introducing: The Young Workers' Lab 🚀

Announcing The Young Workers Lab, a new pop-up research lab in UNIs the Future World of Work division. Here to support unions’ organising, bargaining, campaigning by using digital tools - responsibly

Survey: Grim Reality for Young Workers

Results from a 1,700 strong survey conducted in Australia, the UK and Latin America reveal that young workers face mounting frustration over insufficient wages, rising costs, understaffing, and the co

Strengthening Union Democracy

By providing a platform for as many members as possible to voice their concerns, a union was in for a surprise. The top issue the wider group of members wanted the union to focus on hadn't be flagged as a priority before: Namely, the need to break the adverse work culture that expects workers to put…

Spotlight Beta Test II 🚀

Prospect and Bectu teams from the UK dug deep into the possibilities of using Spotlight - our privacy respecting, worker empowering tool - at our event today. Unions can use Spotlight in their campaig

Engaging members in new ways

Unions21 post blog on Prospect's use of Thoughtexchange - the survey and outreach tool the Lab is testing - read it here

Report! Connective Action

What digital tools can be used to boost union's outreach to members? In this report, UNIs Young Workers Lab team offers descriptions, insights and inspirations from developers, experts and users!

Data = Plastic?

You've probably by now heard the expression, 'Data is the new oil.' But is it? Is it more like plastic? The more we produce, the more we pollute?

🏎 Test Driving: ThoughtExchange

Read here Prospect's reflections on using the survey tool Thoughtexchange and why they conclude that it is a 'whole new approach to recruiting, retaining and organising members of a union' 🏎

Proving Work 🧮

What in this day and age counts as ‘work’? Time spent reading emails at home, or click workers, freelancers waiting for a job to tick in. Commute times? When is work, work? And how can we prove it?