24 Best Jobs For Introverts: What Careers Are Suitable?

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Suppose you would rather work alone than in a team and find public speaking intimidating; you might be identified as an introvert. But that doesn’t mean you can’t thrive in your career path. The best careers for introverts typically involve little to no interpersonal contact and have lots of quiet areas for concentration.

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Qualities Of An Introvert When Working

It’s a frequent misconception that introverts can’t tolerate social situations, such as working on group projects. However, after working in a group, introverts often prefer to spend some time alone to decompress and enjoy solitary pursuits like reading or sports. An introverted person’s dream job might include any of the following:

  • Give individual tasks more importance than collective projects
  • Entail collaborating with individuals who possess exceptional active observation and listening abilities
  • Provide areas to relax or the option to work from home
  • Let them concentrate on a single task at a time
  • Make time for one-on-one conversations with clients or coworkers

Here are some personality traits associated with introverts: attention to detail, independence, empathy, good listeners and observers, analytical thinking, and self-discipline.

Top 24 Good Jobs For Introverts

Note: The following annual salaries in the United States have been updated as of May 21, 2024.

1. Social Worker

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  • Salary: $76,266 per year
  • Requirement: Master’s degree (clinical positions) or Bachelor’s degree (administrative positions)

With empathy-based advocacy for the empowerment and well-being of people, families, and communities, social work may be a fulfilling career path for introverts. Social workers can find employment in the criminal justice system, hospitals, schools, geriatrics, mental health, drug addiction, and child and family services. An authorized college or university’s master’s degree in social work is a prerequisite for becoming a clinical social worker.

2. IT Manager

  • Salary: $109,707 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

An IT manager supervises tasks related to an organization’s computer systems, and they need to have an analytical mindset to identify practical ways to improve for increased security and efficiency. Though troubleshooting technical difficulties will still require you to work directly with teams, this may be a satisfying job for introverted people who prefer delving into the details and finding solutions.

3. UX Designer

UI and UX designers
  • Salary: $106,224 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

UX designers are in charge of the whole user experience—including marketing, usability, and design—of a product. Although doing user interviews and forming relationships with individuals are necessary for this line of work, introverts may find it rewarding as it centers on using creativity to enhance a product or service and empathizing with the user.

4. Actuary

  • Salary: $131,841 per year
  • Requirement: Casualty Actuarial Society or Society of Actuaries certification, Bachelor’s degree

Are you passionate about working with financial theory, math, and statistics? An excellent career choice for introverts is actuarial work. Actuaries identify financial hazards and assist companies in creating risk-reduction plans. Note that insurance companies employ a large number of people. So, if you are interested, you can check out those firms first.

5. Software Developer

  • Salary: $111,845 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

Although it may appear to be a very technical area, software development is actually a great place to use creativity to find fresh approaches to challenges. This highly analytical job is ideal for introverts who like working independently to solve issues since it entails building computer networks, systems, and apps for users.

6. Artist

  • Salary: $59,432 per year
  • Requirement: Postsecondary degree (optional)

An artist may be anyone, any personality type, as there are countless media to select from. For those with an independent work ethic who would prefer to work from home or a studio, being a textile artist, painter, or sculptor is a fantastic career choice.

7. Content Manager

  • Salary: $80,932 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

A career as a content manager could be ideal for you if you enjoy developing creative material, such as blogs, videos, and interactive components, and working with customers to build their marketing strategies. Being responsible for a company’s content strategy and development, in addition to managing authors, allows many content managers to work from home.

8. Data Scientist

Data & Research Job
  • Salary: $122,738 per year
  • Requirement: Master’s degree

Data architects oversee and plan data systems and look into fresh approaches to data collection. If you appreciate working with technology and data, this demanding and rewarding career can be done from home and won’t require many social contacts.

9. Accountant

  • Salary: $68,326 per year
  • Requirement: Certified Public Accountant license; Bachelor’s degree

If you enjoy dealing with numbers, you might pursue a career as an auditor or accountant. Accountants produce financial records, review them, and assess any dangers or opportunities. This task is often completed alone, sometimes involving one-on-one customer encounters.

10. Health Services Manager

  • Salary: $95,625 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

Health services managers oversee and plan the delivery of healthcare in an institution, division, or medical practice. They are sometimes referred to as healthcare administrators or executives. An organized introvert who feels at ease in a small team environment and enjoys assisting others might be a good fit for this line of work.

11. Veterinarian

  • Salary: $165,527 per year
  • Requirement: Professional or doctoral degree

A veterinary technician often works at a hospital or clinic for animals. Their main responsibilities involve inspecting animals, assessing their vital signs, extracting blood, or administering emergency first aid. Numerous veterinary technicians do research, get animals ready for surgery, or help veterinary surgeons with challenging operations.

12. Help Desk Technician

  • Salary: $48,154 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

Help desk professionals are available for remote, in-person, or phone technical help. When staff members have computer-related problems, they have to act fast and effectively. This could work well for you if you’re an introverted person who can quickly adjust to new circumstances and issues.

13. Cybersecurity Analyst

Problem-Solving Skills
  • Salary: $99,400 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

Cybersecurity analysts, also known as information security analysts, assist in securing a business’s networks and systems by detecting and disclosing security breaches. This is a great place to start your career in cybersecurity because it’s one of the most prevalent responsibilities on a team.

14. Psychologist

  • Salary: $154,056 per year
  • Requirement: Doctoral degree in psychology

Using behavioral research and understanding of cognitive and emotional processes, psychologists watch, analyze, and document how their clients connect to life. Besides joining a medical team that includes doctors and social workers, they can operate autonomously, doing research and consulting with clients. This is a potentially highly gratifying job for empathic introverts.

15. Translator

  • Salary: $57,200 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

With their exceptional language and effective communication abilities, translators assist clients in translating written content such as books, papers, and other written materials. They usually operate independently as self-employed professionals, much like copywriters.

16. Paralegal

  • Salary: $59,731 per year
  • Requirement: Paralegal certification, Bachelor’s degree

A paralegal is frequently a professional with specialized training in the subject or a recent law school graduate. They normally assist attorneys with regular tasks while working in government offices or legal firms. A paralegal may focus on one area of the law, such as employment law, personal injury, criminal law, consumer law, or mediation.

17. Product Photographer

Software Developer or Engineer
  • Salary: $42,345 per year
  • Requirement: Photography courses, high school diploma

Product photographers are in charge of producing visually appealing layouts and images of their client’s goods to go along with their marketing and advertising campaigns. Many product photographers focus on one or more niche markets, such as food photography. They usually operate for themselves, either from home or with their studios. They serve a number of customers who only post their goods for promotions.

18. Video Editor

  • Salary: $65,728 per year
  • Requirement: Industry experience, Bachelor’s degree

The task of a video editor is to compile, edit, and produce videos using footage provided by customers or videographers. They usually require a high degree of inventiveness, good computer analytical skills, and video editing abilities.

While many video editors operate as independent contractors, taking on many customers, they can also land a full-time job in a digital agency. To grow their businesses and boost their revenue, experienced editors with a few years of expertise may decide to launch their creative agency and hire additional editors and videographers.

19. Librarian

  • Salary: $65,193 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree, teaching credential 

A librarian’s responsibilities include managing library services, processing patron requests, and cataloging books. It is possible to pursue a career in librarianship by first working as a library assistant. However, most librarians are graduates of programs in literature, information management, or librarianship. They frequently work for institutions like colleges, schools, and public libraries.

20. Copywriter

  • Salary: $76,412 per year
  • Requirement: Industry experience, Bachelor’s degree

A copywriter is a specialist with experience in creating press releases, articles, e-books, landing page text, and other marketing material. They could work on content localization efforts or be in charge of producing unique content. Copywriters usually operate as independent contractors for many customers or content companies. They may occasionally secure full-time work at a single organization.

21. Behavioral Therapist

  • Salary: $47,707 per year
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree, doctoral degree, Behavior Analyst Certification Board

Because behavioral therapy requires a great deal of introspection, it’s one of the finest career options for introverts. The mental health sector is a fantastic and rewarding job for introverts since they prefer to take their time to contemplate, think, and arrange their ideas before speaking. Behavior therapists assist clients in recognizing and changing harmful or self-destructive habits one-on-one.

22. Social Media Manager

  • Salary: $64,845 per year
  • Requirement: Industry experience

Contrary to what the term would suggest, social media managers often operate behind the scenes to create content that supports a brand’s message, target consumers with marketing knowledge, and promote products or services on social media platforms. As content production frequently requires focus, diligence, and patience, it’s a terrific career choice for shy and creative introverts.

23. Criminologist

  • Salary: $81,173 per year
  • Requirement: Master’s degree

Through data collection and analysis, criminologists determine how and why criminal acts happen. Although they occasionally collaborate with other sciences, such as profilers, psychologists, police officers, or detectives, criminologists spend most of their time working alone. This job is a great choice for introverted types because normal duties require autonomous activities like analytical thinking, critical thinking, and research.

24. Medical Transcriptionist

  • Salary: $42,722 per year
  • Requirement: High school diploma, Medical transcriptionist certificate

Medical transcriptionists are in charge of turning medical practitioners’ voice recordings into written correspondence. They may also edit and update reports that are generated by voice-to-text software. This is one of the best careers for introverts who like to work alone rather than in a team because it allows employees to work from home frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Introverts Struggle To Find Jobs?

Unfortunately, it is true that introverts might have trouble finding jobs compared to extroverted individuals. According to Forbes, introverts have a 25% lower chance of landing top positions.

Do Companies Hire Introverts?

Yes. Introverts have certain advantages that are useful in a variety of work environments. Using introverts’ talents might be a novel approach to differentiating people and firms in the recruiting market.

Do Extroverts Get Hired More Than Introverts?

If two people are equally qualified but different in other ways, the extrovert will almost always receive the offer. A hiring manager will nearly always see an extrovert as the best applicant since they are more likely to be at ease and confident throughout the interview process.

The Bottom Line

Luckily, there are plenty of jobs for introverts out there! Don’t worry that being an introvert will stop you from working professionally. All types of introverts can find countless fulfilling occupations. You’ll undoubtedly discover a fulfilling job path, regardless of whether you identify as an extrovert, an introvert, or a creative genius.

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