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Tell me a fun fact about yourself!

When hearing such a request, most candidates assume the HR manager just wants to give them a quick break from an otherwise very serious interview. As a result, they tend not to think much about the answer.

But smarter people know better! They realize this is the chance to impress with a really good story that reveals unexpected sides to their personalities. 

Fun Facts About Me

If you are afraid you are not funny or struggle to find something great to tell, let me help you here. Below are 20 interesting facts you can relate to.

20 Fun Facts About Me Examples

Interview Questions

1. Your Favorite Book (Or Genre Of Books)

“My favorite book is ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams. I once used one of my favorite quotes – ‘Don’t Panic’ – as my personal mantra during a spontaneous skydiving adventure. 

The idea of hurtling towards the Earth at terminal velocity might terrify most of us. But thanks to the wisdom of Arthur Dent and a parachute, I managed to survive the freefall with a towel in hand, just in case the galaxy needed saving along the way!”

2. Your Hidden Talent

“Aside from my serious work skills, I’m also the office’s unofficial Donald Duck. Not only can I impersonate Donald Duck, but I can even negotiate with him!

There was this one time when a particularly tough client had us all quacking up with their demands. So, I waltzed in with my super Donald Duck impression, and lo and behold, the client started quacking back in agreement. We sealed the deal with a mutual understanding in Duckinese! Turns out, sometimes all you need is a little duck talk to make business negotiations more…feathery.”

3. A Celebrity With The Same Birthday As Yours

“I discovered that Sir Patrick Stewart shares my birthday, and suddenly, everything made sense. I mean, who wouldn’t want to share their cake day with the guy who played Captain Picard? 

Now, I can’t promise I’ll be commanding a starship anytime soon, but I do walk around the office with the same level of confidence. Just don’t expect me to break into Shakespearean monologues during team meetings; I save that for special occasions!”

4. Something You Really Believed In During Your Childhood

Mom and childhood

“Oh, well, as a kid, I had this fantastic idea that rearranging the magnets on the fridge could control the weather; I thought I was the David Blaine of meteorology! I’d stage these epic magnetic performances in the kitchen, hoping to summon sunshine or rain. 

Unfortunately, my magical magnetic powers never made it to the local news, but it did teach me that my talents were better suited for strategic planning than atmospheric manipulation. I can forecast project outcomes better than I could ever predict a thunderstorm!”

5. Your Favorite Podcast

“You know how life sometimes feels like a sitcom? Well, I once accidentally turned a regular grocery run into a full-blown improv show. I grabbed the intercom mic, thinking it was my shopping list, and yelled into it, ‘Attention, brace yourselves for a quest in Aisle 5: Operation Perfect Avocado.’ 

The entire store suddenly turned into my live studio audience; people started offering avocado-picking tips and guacamole recipes, and one guy even started beatboxing in the background. I was actually waiting for the laugh track to kick in! 

When I eventually found the ‘Chosen Avocado,’ everyone cheered. I think I’ll audition for the role of cucumber in the next aisle – even win an Emmy for “The Cucumber Caper,” maybe?”

6. Your Favorite Movie

Young couple watching favourite movie

“I once tried to pull off a secret agent move from my favorite 007 movie in a fancy restaurant, trying to pass a salt shaker to my friend at another table. 

But my spy skills were clearly on a lunch break that day. The shaker slipped from my grasp, did an Olympic-worthy gymnastics routine in mid-air, and crash-landed on the floor with a noise that echoed through the restaurant. I swear, even James Bond would have facepalmed. 

So, if you’re ever in need of a secret agent, I’m here for your mission improbable. My superpower? Making salt shakers defy gravity, of course.”

7. A Weird Coincidence

“It turns out my life events have a weird sense of timing with movie releases. 

When I graduated from college, there was a blockbuster with a graduation-themed twist, complete with cap-throwing choreography. Landed my first job? You guessed it; there’s a workplace comedy hitting theaters that day, perfectly mirroring the absurdity of adulting. 

It is as if my life has its own script, and Hollywood keeps stealing my storylines. But I’m just here for the laughs, really. Hopefully, the sequel would bring more popcorn and fewer plot twists!”

8. A Funny Prize or Award You Won

“I once received a prestigious award for ‘Office Pizza Ninja Extraordinaire.’ It’s not listed on my resume, but I can silently glide through the office and snatch the last slice of pizza in the kitchen before anyone notices, then vanish into the shadows. 

My coworkers are both impressed and concerned by my stealing skills, but no worries; I only use my talents for the greater good!”

9. Your First Crush

“Back in elementary school, I had a crush so intense it could rival a Shakespearean tragedy! I planned a lot for our future interactions, only to have my romantic dreams shattered when she moved to another school.

But at least my failed attempt at love turned out to be a crash course in project management. I’ve traded heart emojis for Gantt charts since then and realized that, much like love, successful projects call for flexibility and a good sense of humor.”

10. How You Found Out The Truth About The Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus

“Once upon a time, my younger self decided it was time to crack the case of Santa Claus. I rigged up my living room with a whole web of booby traps that MacGyver would’ve been proud of.

Christmas Eve arrives, and I’m hiding behind the sofa, ninja-style, waiting for the big man himself. Drumroll, please. And… cue disappointment. Instead of Santa, I only saw my hamster, Mr. Fluffington, red-handed (or should I say red-pawed?)  in a candy cane crime scene.

While I never caught Santa in the act, I did gain a newfound respect for my hamster’s holiday spirit. He really had a taste for Christmas gifts!”

11. One Of Your Wild Travel Stories

“I once got caught up in a spontaneous dance-off with a group of penguins while visiting Antarctica. Yes, you heard that right, penguins. It turns out they’ve got some serious dance moves! 

The whole thing was captured on camera by a nearby scientist, and now there’s a secret viral video floating around somewhere proving that penguins are far better dancers than humans (me). Penguins: 1, Me: 0.”

12. Your Irrational Fear

“My biggest fear is running out of coffee; I even have an emergency stash hidden in my desk drawer because you never know when the office coffee machine might go on strike.

And just a few years back, I had a nightmare that I was stranded on a deserted island with only decaf coffee. The horror! I woke up in a cold sweat and clung to my espresso machine for dear life. 

So now, not only am I terrified of coffee shortage, but I’ve also added ‘decaf emergencies’ to the list of things that go bump in the night. It’s a dark and roast-y fear, but at least it keeps me grounded in the caffeinated reality of life!”

13. Your Hometown

“Well, in my hometown, we take street food so seriously that our town hero isn’t a mayor or a superhero; it’s the person with the fastest fingers during the annual ‘Burrito Roll-Off’ competition. 

I once participated, and let me tell you, my burrito-rolling skills are so impressive that I was offered a scholarship to a culinary school for my talent. So, not only can I roll with the punches in a job, but I can also roll a burrito faster than you can say ‘wrap it up.’”

14. Your Favorite/Comfort Food Choices

“My ultimate favorite food is pizza and one day, I thought, ‘Why not go for the world record and stuff my face with the most pizza slices in one go?’ 

Let’s just say the only thing that got shredded that day was not the record but my beloved stretchy pants. Now, I’m not just carrying the weight of all those pizza slices but also the heavy burden of having to shop for pants with stretchy fabric. Lesson learned: gluttony is indeed a fashion faux pas!” 

15. Your First Car

“My first car had a special talent for attracting attention. Not because it was sleek or shiny but because it had a horn that sounded like a mix between a duck with hiccups and a kazoo in the middle of an identity crisis. 

Whenever it honked, people would look around, trying to figure out if a circus was passing by. But it was just me. And as I drove away, I couldn’t help but wonder if my car’s horn had missed its true calling – perhaps as the official soundtrack for a comedy show or a wildlife documentary on confused chickens.”

16. Your Worst or Funniest Job Interview Experience

handshaking at the end of a job interview

“In one job interview, I accidentally left my coffee mug in the waiting room. When I realized this, I sprinted back to grab it, only to find the interviewer sipping from it; he seemed to think it was a type of welcome gesture.

I decided to go with the flow, and we ended up having a surprisingly casual and coffee-fueled interview. I didn’t get the job, but I left with a caffeinated friendship and realized that my coffee mug is apparently a better talker than I am!”

17. One Recurring Dream You Had (And What You Think It Meant)

“In one of my dreams, I saw myself interpreting stock market trends through the dances of rubber chickens. If they’re pirouetting, it’s a bull market; if they start doing the cha-cha, it’s time to be cautious! 

Perhaps this dream is the universe telling me I’m a secret stock market predictor. So, if you ever catch me in the grocery store juggling rubber chickens, don’t worry; I’m just fine-tuning my portfolio strategy for the future!”

18. The First Concert You Went To

“The first concert I ever attended was by a band so underground that even Google Maps couldn’t locate their fan base. 

It was in my teenage years, and my friends and I thought we were so cool discovering this “hidden gem” – until we realized the band members probably knew our shoe sizes by the end of the night because the venue was that small. I guess you could say I started my concert-going career with a front-row seat to the band’s future chiropractic problems!”

19. Your First Date

“On my first date, I thought it would be a good idea to impress my date with my cooking skills. So, I decided to cook a fancy three-course meal. 

Everything was going smoothly until I accidentally set off the smoke alarm while trying to flambé the dessert. Let’s just say the ambiance went from romantic to ‘evacuate the building’ real quick! Surprisingly, we had a good laugh about it, and I learned that my cooking is a fire in more ways than one.”

20. A Childhood Nickname

“Back in the day, my friends used to call me ‘The Snackquacker.’ It all started from a game of hide and seek when I accidentally knocked over a stack of cans, set off the smoke alarm, and tripped over the family cat – all within five minutes! Snacks and shenanigans, that’s how I rolled.”

What If They Ask for Something More Professional?

answering questions during an interview

A witty, funny story about your personal experience could really spark an amused laugh for both parties while highlighting your humor and excellent communication skills.

But sometimes, depending on the conversation’s flow and overall mood, you probably want to settle for something tamer and more work-related. In that case, here are some examples of “professional” facts about yourself: 

  • I used to give a live product presentation to more than 1,000 people. It was the bravest speech I’ve ever made! 
  • I’ve been in the marketing business for more than 20 years. 
  • I have been to over 40 countries for business purposes. Japan and its delicious sushi were my favorite. 
  • I signed up for an internship program 600 miles from home a few years ago. It was the first time I had been so far away from my family. 
  • I’m currently subscribing to a financial technology magazine to learn more about the industry’s ongoing trends. 
  • I can speak five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and a little Japanese.
  • My first ever job was at a McDonald’s. Here is where I learned how to improve my communication/listening skills and develop leadership.
  • In my previous role as a salesperson, I once broke the company’s record for the highest one-day sales.
  • I was one of the best students in English and Literature at my school, which motivated me to pursue my dream job as a freelance writer.

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While all these templates are amazing on paper, the way they are told is just as important. Make sure you are confident, look in the eye of the interviewer when talking, and get rid of those hesitant “uhms” and “ahs” to really bring out the story’s humor!

Write to me, as always, if you need more help.

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