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Even a job market newbie is aware that a set of good skills is always the key to landing that position. When recruiters screen your CV, they assess how well your skills and experience match the job requirements. The closer your attributes align with the qualifications needed, the better your chances of advancing in the hiring process. 

Skills To Put On A Resume

So, what should job seekers include in their CVs? Scroll down my expert guide to learn examples of skills for a resume.

2 Types Of Skills For Resume

HR professionals like me divide your skills into hard or soft ones. The former indicates technical abilities that develop through study and on-site practice. They are often associated with a specific field or position. For example, technical requirements for a nurse include CPR and BLS, patient safety, vital signs, etc.

Hard and soft skill

Employers may assess your hard skills through tests or the specific tasks you have performed. I advise you to specify your responsibilities in the past role to showcase your ability. It is also helpful to mention the program of training, degrees, and certifications. Do not forget to include the tools or programs you’ve mastered.

In comparison, soft skills are personal characteristics that reflect your unique strengths and attributes. These include qualities such as leadership, motivation, and communication, etc. It seems impossible to quantify or measure due to the lack of specific standards. In business settings, soft skills influence how you adapt to and interact with people and various situations.

To demonstrate your abilities, mention instances where you have managed to achieve goals or solve problems. Your work ethic and core values are also part of these aspects.

10 Personal Skills To Put On Resume


Problem-Solving Skills

This skill involves identifying the root of a problem and developing effective solutions, which is essential across various professions, such as police, lawyers, doctors, etc. Most positions require the ability to handle challenges quickly and effectively as they directly impact customer satisfaction and overall success. 

Therefore, problem-solving deserves the top position on my list. Many recruiters for leading brands shared with me that they actively seek individuals who can confidently handle unexpected emergencies.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinkers can logically organize their thoughts and tend to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. They possess a deep understanding of complex problems and navigate them with well-thought-out plans. Remember to highlight this competency in your resume when applying for a management or supervisory position.


It refers to how you receive and respond to various types of information. My research shows employers look for candidates who can interact with multiple audiences, both verbally and nonverbally. 

In detail, it encompasses active listening, articulating ideas, and respecting others’ viewpoints. Effective communication plays an important role in the field of customer care, teaching, sales, or management.


Certain job titles come with demanding schedules that require the person in charge to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, like categorizing projects and determining their priorities. It also means working effectively under time constraints. Undoubtedly, multi-tasking is a valuable asset in today’s fast-paced work environments.


Not everyone is born with a sense of creativity; only some possess an endless treasure trove of innovative solutions or approaches. 

Through my experiences working with numerous talented individuals, I’ve come to realize that they are gifted with a distinctive perspective when facing new challenges, offering unexpected conclusions and groundbreaking solutions. Creative thinking clearly provides a competitive edge in marketing, design, or writing, where fresh ideas significantly impact.


When you are thrown into a new business environment, you’re in for an adapt-or-die challenge. The ability to adapt empowers you to maintain your performance during interruptions or changes at the workplace.

Moreover, it also motivates you to learn new technologies or processes that enhance your expertise. Being flexible and open-minded is an advantage when working in the marketing, purchasing, or healthcare industry.


Examples Of Leadership At Work

Effective leadership involves allocating resources and motivating team members to achieve shared goals. However, the ability to provide guidance and inspiration is not solely reserved for senior roles. Don’t hesitate to show off your strengths even if you apply for an entry-level position. It leaves a good impression and highlights your potential for promotion in the future.

Attention To Detail

As you work in an environment where teamwork is at its heart, a small mistake may cause a domino effect that leads to far-reaching losses. Therefore, caution and conscientiousness are a plus point that sets you apart. In your CV, provide evidence that you’ve identified underlying errors or showcase instances where you considered every decision meticulously.


Having organizational skills signifies your ability to effectively manage work, whether it is for your team, your supervisor, or yourself. It is also synonymous with multi-tasking skills – taking on many tasks in one go. That’s a solid proof of your effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. Apply a well-structured and coherent resume to create a positive impression of your organizational ability.

Time Management

This skill ensures a healthy work-life balance, meaning you follow suit with your assigned deadlines and prioritize your responsibilities. According to my research, up to 89% of employees admit to wasting their work time, underscoring the significance of time management skills in optimal performance.

Professional Skills To Add To Resume


Not only designers but also some roles within the marketing field demand proficiency in design skills. For example, professionals in branding or construction require basic techniques to illustrate their ideas effectively. The same goes for product launches, which call for considerable designing ability to optimize the packaging.

Data Analysis

Large databases are a valuable asset but also a challenge for businesses. That’s why HR managers look for candidates with strong data analytical skills. Proficient use of analytical tools and acumen with numbers has become a solid foundation for devising innovative solutions in the face of industry changes.


Almost, if not all, jobs necessitate you to work with numbers. While healthcare or construction roles require basic mathematical skills, finance, administration, or logistics demand something advanced. 

For example, a business consultant cannot provide a practical and effective strategy without insights from profit margins, financial reports, and trend charts.

Project Management

Software Developer or Engineer

The workload in a business is often organized into projects within the same department or involving multiple parties. Regardless, the ability to manage tasks plays a key role. It means you could fulfill your duties on time and contribute to the overall development. If you work in a team, managing resources, monitoring progress, or communicating with members are paramount.

Writing And Editing

Writing skills are more important than ever in the booming era of information. A great command of correct grammar, appropriate context, and the ability to cater to diverse target audiences are highly valued. 

Do not hesitate to demonstrate your abilities with social media posts, blogs, articles, or any other content that attracts the audience’s attention. Additionally, tailoring your cover letter and resume is a simple yet effective approach.

Foreign Language

Even if the job posting does not mention any language requirements, being fluent in two or more languages sets you apart from other candidates. Who knows if it will make a difference? 

Your skills certainly shine in certain situations, especially as large businesses plan to globalize their services. Depending on the industry, language needs vary. However, employers will appreciate a candidate fluent in Spanish, French, Chinese, and German.

Software Proficiency

A basic understanding of Microsoft Office applications is typically expected in today’s modern work environment. Recruiters often prioritize applicants, including entry-level positions, who can work with emails, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

Some fields, especially information technology or computer science, seek more advanced skill sets. It would help to highlight specialized tools such as programming languages, cybersecurity, or cloud computing in your resume to meet the standards.


This ability adds value to your resume, as most businesses want to promote their products or services. At least, it shows you can keep up with market trends and analyze them. 

At a higher level, developing social media marketing campaigns is the clearest evidence. A professional marketer works on many aspects, including content creation, public relations, search engine optimization, and more.


Sales skills involve developing strong relationships with customers and negotiating and closing deals. These attributes make sense for various job sectors. Even if you do not apply for a sales position, your experience in this field reveals good communication and problem-solving abilities.

Accounting Or Bookkeeping

Accounting skills include numerical competence, financial analysis, risk management, etc. As an accountant, your expertise expands to invoicing, bookkeeping, or account reconciliation. Your familiarity with financial management software like FreshBooks, Xero, or SAP makes your CV stand out.

Resume Skills Examples For Each Job Type

Content Writer/Editor

Soft skillsHard skills
– Creativity
– Time-management
– Tact
– Proofreading
– SEO and SEM
– Social media proficiency
– Digital publishing

Data Analyst

Soft skillsHard skills
– Research
– Logical thinking
– Problem-solving
– Attention to details
– Data mapping
– Programming language
– Big Data tools
– Machine learning


Soft skillsHard skills
– Problem-solving
– Customer service
– Teamwork skills
– Organizational skills
– Electric systems
– Root-cause analytics
– Technical diagnostics & repair
– Technical aptitude

Web Developer

Soft skillsHard skills
– Collaboration
– Creativity
– Stress management
– Troubleshooting and debugging skills
– Coding language
– UX and UI design
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Customer Service Job

Soft skillsHard skills
– Active listening skills
– Empathy
– Patience
– Communication
– Data entry
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– Product knowledge

Graphic Designer

Soft skillsHard skills
– Creativity
– Attention to details
– Time management
– Collaboration
– Adobe Creative Suite
– Typography
– Storyboarding


Soft skillsHard skills
– Critical thinking
– AccuracyTact
– Microsoft Excel (Advanced)
– Accounting Software
– Data Analytics
– Numerical competence


Soft skillsHard skills
– Communication
– Time management
– Motivation
– Collaboration
– Problem-solving
– Mathematics
– Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
– Patient assessment


Soft skillsHard skills
– Communication
– Leadership
– Motivation
– Emotional intelligence
– Specific knowledge
– Curriculum planning
– Basic computer skills

How To List Key Skills For Resume

Match The Job Description

If you are unsure what to include in your CV, check the JD first. Read it at least twice to find target keywords, especially the “Key Skills” or “Requirements” section. 

These terms indicate major skills to shortlist the most outstanding and suitable candidate. Once done, cover them all in your application. For example, what is highlighted below are the work skills required:

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Represent the brand with a positive attitude
  • Interact with potential customers
  • Maintain close connection with customers and provide necessary support
  • Identify customer needs and develop appropriate strategies
  • Raise customer awareness through campaigns

Desired skills:

  • You can make informed decisions and solve problems independently
  • You can show empathy for customers
  • You can monitor and lead public opinion within your customer group

Separate Skills To Different Resume Sections

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for one position, so keep your design impressive immediately. Use two sections, “soft skills” and “hard skills,” to prove your strengths. Then, arrange your attributes into their correct categories as described above. Never add more than 10 bullets in both sections.

Show Off Skills Through Work Experience

As far as I’ve seen, modern employers appreciate achievement-based values rather than task-based ones. Therefore, describe your previous role with specific evidence. It shows how you applied your skills at work and achieved your goals.

For instance:

  • Support customers in highly technical roles (⇒ technical skills).
  • Work with 20+ customer service specialists to resolve concerns and feedback (⇒ collaboration).
  • Train new hires to use specialized tools, including Salesforce and JIRA (⇒ software efficiency, leadership, and communication).


What Should Freshers Put In Their Resume?

Stay calm if you do not have much professional experience. Mentioning interpersonal skills, including communication, collaboration, adaptation, or problem-solving skills, makes a positive impression. However, do not miss the technical skills needed for your field.

What Are The Top Skills For The Experienced?

Professional skills come out on top when employers look for potential candidates for mid positions and above. Pay more attention to your soft skill sets. Some must-have abilities include leadership, management, decision-making, strategic thinking, etc.

See more interview tips:

For Interview Question:


Your resume represents your identity, and the skills listed are your distinctive features. Crafting a good CV has never been an easy task, whether you have a little or a lot of experience. However, make sure what you put in is truthful. Choosing special skills for a resume relevant to your future role is also good to impress employers at first glance. If you’re unsure where to start, keep your eyes on the job description.

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