What Are You Most Passionate About? 11 Example Answers

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When the interviewer asks what you are passionate about in life, their purpose is quite clear. This question aims to probe further into your personality and life goals, revealing part of your motivation when applying for the position in the first place.

What Are You Most Passionate About

Experienced candidates should navigate this question without problem, but I understand why beginners consider it a struggle. No worries; let me help you out with a list of common examples of passions you can adapt to your own case!

How To Answer This Question

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1. Select Something You Are Passionate About

Whether it is a non-professional hobby or something work-related, make sure you can talk about it confidently with both knowledge and excitement. That way, the interviewer can recognize and acknowledge your strong commitment to personal growth.

Unsure what to talk about? Then, think about something you enjoyed doing in your previous role or an activity you always look forward to during weekends. You can also share your thoughts about a mission you think is crucial for your current industry/field, such as workplace safety or empowering women for leadership roles. 

2. Give A Specific Example

Discuss how you participated or strengthened that passion. For instance, if you are dedicated to promoting equal rights, make sure to mention your voluntary work with trustable organizations or in projects for the underprivileged. Show them you are not just passionate about it but actively working on it as well! 

Another alternative is to share your specific goals related to that passion. Let’s say you love exercising; then you can explain that you are going to enroll in a triathlon and have developed a consistent training schedule for it. I believe any HR professional like me always welcomes employees who know how to set doable goals and build excellent plans for them. 

3. Relate Your Genuine Passion To The Job

Finally, conclude the answer by linking it back to your applied position. 

Are you a huge writing enthusiast and are applying for a public relations department? Then, you can easily link your writing skills to the job requirements. For instance:

  • Writing takes practice, which you also apply to your work practices.
  • You always customize your writing style to cater to different readers. This strategy helps you attract more diverse demographics in your previous job. 

Top 11 Examples To Answer: “What Are You Most Passionate About?

1. Personal Growth

“I am genuinely passionate about continuous learning because I believe that knowledge is a powerful catalyst for both personal and professional development. That’s why I have always been committed to staying updated with emerging technologies in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

My personal passion for continuous learning doesn’t stop at technical skills; it also extends to understanding diverse perspectives, reading literature from various genres, and venturing into topics outside my immediate professional interests. Not only does it enrich my own life, but I can also bring a more multifaceted perspective to any project or challenge at my workplace.”

2. Art


“Digital art is one of my greatest darlings. Growing up, I have always found solace and excitement in expressing myself through visual mediums. This biggest passion led me to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and explore various aspects of modern creativity.

Artistic skills aside, these valuable experiences taught me how to understand a project from a client’s objectives and tailor my expertise to their needs. Furthermore, witnessing the positive impact of my work on the nonprofit’s outreach was incredibly fulfilling; it reinforced my belief in the power of creativity to make a difference in the community.”

3. Mindfulness

“Several years ago, I found myself constantly overwhelmed by the fast-paced nature of both work and personal responsibilities. It was affecting my well-being, and I knew I needed a change. That’s when I discovered mindfulness meditation!

I started incorporating it into my daily routine and set aside time for meditation and reflection each morning. And I did not just stop there. Recognizing the similar burnout many of my colleagues were experiencing, I collaborated with a certified mindfulness instructor to design workshops tailored to our work environment.

So, you see, my passion is not just for my own gain; I genuinely want to bring tangible changes in the lives of those around me.”

4. New Experiences

“One thing that truly fuels my passion in life is to seek out and embrace new experiences. For me, each of these lessons, whether big or small, contributes to a broader perspective of the world!

Last year, I decided to challenge myself and planned a month-long journey through various Southeast Asian countries. Physical exploration aside, I can say it was a journey of self-discovery; I learned to adapt to new environments and appreciate the beauty of human connections around me. 

How about my professional life? My passion for new experiences translates into my approach to problem-solving. I thrive in dynamic environments that value adaptability, and always take the initiative to come up with creative solutions regardless of the challenges I face.”

5. Your Family

Mom and childhood

“I love my family more than anything in the world, even though many of us are hundreds of miles apart. Every summer, members from different corners of the country gather for a weekend picnic filled with laughter and stories, and each of us is assigned a specific role in organizing activities. 

These treasured moments become a guiding principle that influences how I approach relationships in both my personal and professional life. 

That’s why I strongly believe in a healthy work environment where colleagues become more than just coworkers but family. Just like those fulfilling weekend picnics, I also find a similar sense of contentment in working closely with my trusted colleagues toward a common goal.”

6. Your Relationships

“I have spent almost my whole life trying to nurture and build meaningful relationships. 

I always believe that strong connections with others form the foundation for both my personal and professional success and create a supportive environment for everyone involved. Hence, I have spearheaded community volunteer projects for the past few years to encourage people to work towards shared goals. 

This passion also aligns directly with my professional work. My ability to connect and understand others’ perspectives contributes significantly to the success of the team and the organization as a whole.”

7. Giving Back

“I love to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Witnessing firsthand the power of collective efforts to uplift those in need has been a very inspiring driving force for me. I believe that by joining hands together, we can build a stronger, more compassionate society.

From my research, I’m impressed that your company also strongly emphasizes corporate social responsibility and community engagement. As my values perfectly align with your culture, I’m confident I can contribute to the company’s broader mission, going beyond business success to pursue a better society.”

8. Pets or Animals

Woman working remotely with dog

“Since childhood, I’ve always found solace in the companionship of animals and appreciated their unique bonds with us humans. This passion motivated me to volunteer at local animal shelters for years. I also organized community awareness campaigns for shelter pets and even participated in large fundraising events by animal rescue organizations.

As you can see, it’s not just a personal interest; I am also driven to contribute to the well-being of animals in the community. I’m eager to bring the same passion to the workplace, where I can integrate my community-centric initiatives with professional skills to bridge the gap between the company and local people.”

9. Spiritual Beliefs

“Jesus’s teachings on impermanence and compassion have been transformative to me. 

These principles allow me to cultivate a balanced, more purposeful existence where I can experience the tangible benefits of deep interconnectedness with others. I have also opened workshops to help people around me find a new sense of self-awareness.

I believe my compassionate contributions to both myself and others align with the company’s emphasis on focus and adaptability. And, given the success of my previous workshops, I cannot wait to cultivate a positive work culture where every member feels supported in their personal growth.”

10. Writing Books

Writing Books

“Writing, for me, is one of the most pleasant hobbies. There’s nothing more joyous than to spend time developing your characters and weaving plotlines into a compelling message that deeply resonates! It also allows me to contribute my unique voice to the world. 

In another vein, effective communication is just as crucial in professional settings as in any of my books. Not to mention creativity, attention to detail, and so much more – all considered important attributes to the organization’s success! As a team member, I promise to bring fresh perspectives to any creative projects we undertake.” 

11. Photography

“Photography has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. There’s something magical about capturing moments in time and telling stories through a camera lens! I am drawn to the way light, composition, and perspective can transform something ordinary into a powerful visual narrative. 

My passion for photography will be a valuable asset in any professional role involving creativity and visual communication. 

I see opportunities to apply my keen eye for detail to promote the visual aspects of any project, ensuring they not only meet but exceed expectations. Coupled with my unique perspectives, I believe I am a strong candidate for the position.” 

Things to Avoid

  • Think twice before discussing controversial or polarizing topics unless they are directly related to the industry or your applied position.
  • Keep the focus on the positive aspects of your hobbies only. Avoid talking about what you hate or are not passionate about.
  • Refrain from sharing overly personal information that is either irrelevant to the job or could be considered inappropriate for a professional setting.

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This job interview question might seem tricky at first glance. But at the end of the day, you are just talking about something you love; it should not be that difficult, right? Use my sample answers to adjust yours if you don’t know where to start. As always, write to me if you need more advice.

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