How Much Does Publix Pay 14-Year-Olds?

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how much does publix pay

Publix, one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, currently has more than 200 thousand employees, including teens aged 14 to 15. Most young students seeking a job position here are concerned about how much Publix pays 14-year-olds, an issue my team at The Future World of Work has spent several months researching. Keep scrolling to learn more!

How Much Do You Get Paid at Publix at 14?

The actual salary at Publix depends on your job title. For instance, as of October 2, 2023, a cashier gets $12.52 per hour on average, higher than a bagger or service clerk with $8.81, according to Indeed. Other factors like store locations, working shifts, and other policies also have a say in determining wages.

Publix employee

Keep in mind the following:

  • Demand for workers: Publix stores in high demand for workers are willing to pay higher than the average wage.
  • Experience: Employees with more experience are usually paid more, regardless of age.
  • Shift differential: Are you willing to work night shifts or weekends with flexible schedules? If yes, you will be paid more than those only working on dayshifts/weekdays.
  • Bonuses: Though not applied to all stores, many Publix branches have generous bonuses for good performances or meeting KPIs. 

What Are The Other Benefits When Working At Publix At 14 Years Old? 

Whether you work full-time or part-time, Publix ensures all its employees receive the following core benefits:

  • Stock ownership plans at zero cost
  • Opportunities to purchase extra shares of the brand’s private stock
  • Holiday bonus every year
  • Weekly pay for every hourly associate
  • 401(k) for retirement plans with matching contributions
  • Group plans for healthcare (telehealth and prescription included), vision, and dental issues
  • Paid parental leaves
  • Free flu shots every year at the Pharmacy
  • Credit union memberships
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Service awards
  • Assistance programs
  • A promote-from-within policy that opens the door to more advancement opportunities

If you are a full-time associate, there will be some extra benefits: 

  • Pay for jury duty, bereavement, and vacation
  • 6 paid holidays
  • Life insurance (dismemberment and accidental death included) paid by Publix
  • Disability insurance for long-term
  • Holiday exchange (you can work on holidays and have your days off another time)

For those who love additional training opportunities to learn and hone their skills, Publix does not disappoint in that regard:

  • Every new associate receives structured job training designated and facilitated by Publix’s top experts. 
  • Formal mentor programs are readily available for support staff associates and retail managers.
  • All employees can access the company’s common library of CDs, videos, and books. This privilege allows them to gain more knowledge and tips on both professional and personal skills, such as self-improvement, building relationships, planning strategies, promoting changes, and increasing productivity. 

How about product purchases, food, and discounts? Publix also has them covered: 

  • Hot, free lunches served in bu feet styles at the cafeteria
  • Discounts on services and goods, including wireless services, movies, apparel, vehicles, gym memberships, and electronics
  • Business casual outfits for non-store places
  • Free parking

What Are Publix Jobs Available for 14 Years Old?

young man working at Publix

Publix allows you to change to another position anytime once you are older. The brand itself confirms that almost one-third of its pharmacists and managers start their careers as teenagers. 

But in the meantime, here are three positions available for minors with decent average entry-level wages: 

1. Baggers/Front Service Clerks

Baggers interact with customers the most during their shopping; their job is to boost positive shopping experiences and overall customer satisfaction with the brand.

The most common bagger tasks involve:

  • Customer services: greeting, replying to questions, finding products, etc.
  • Bagging groceries, bringing and uploading items to customers’ vehicles
  • Restocking bags
  • Gathering carts 
  • Cleaning duties/housekeeping duties (if required)
  • Assisting other staff during flexible hours (if needed)

2. Floral Clerks

As a floral clerk, you will take care of all products or presentations relating to flowers, balloons, or plants in the Publix store. You’ll also assist customers in selecting the perfect expressions and gifts on special occasions. 

Below is the detailed job description:

  • Customer services: greeting, replying to questions, finding products, etc.
  • Suggesting products when customers ask 
  • Filling items
  • Trimming, rearranging, watering flowers and plants
  • Cleaning the floor, shelves, etc., in the floral department
  • Assisting other tasks (if needed)

3. Cashiers

Cashiers represent every business, not just Publix, maintaining a good relationship with the customer while managing the store’s profits and stocks. That explains why some stores are willing to pay their cashiers quite generously, even younger ones.

A cashier must:

  • Do customer services: greeting, replying to questions, finding products, etc.
  • Scan and weigh products.
  • Perform payment processes (receiving payments, billing, returning changes, etc.)
  • Handle cash
  • Bag groceries
  • Clean the working areas or help with cleaning duties
  • Additional responsibilities and assistance (if needed) 

How to Apply to Publix As A 14-Year-Old Employee

Before applying, you must prepare the required documents (e.g., work permit) to confirm your eligibility and age. Proof of identity like social security cards, passports, or birth certificates are also needed to ensure you are properly protected under labor laws.

You can bring these papers to a store or upload them to online application forms. Once you submit your information, Publix managers and employers might invite you for an interview (either via video or in-person, depending on the circumstances).


How much 14-year-olds get paid at Publix depends on job positions, experience, the store’s demands, and other factors. But no worries; many opportunities with much higher minimum wages await at Publix supermarkets once you are older, as long as you stay dedicated and attentive to every assigned task.

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