Top 10 Kohl’s Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

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Dedicated, skilled employees have always been among the top reasons behind Kohl’s explosive popularity – a tradition that still continues into 2023 through the brand’s strict and meticulous hiring process. 

My team has compiled the most common Kohl’s phone and on-site interview questions and answer templates based on extensive research. Keep scrolling to learn how to ace your interview performance!

Top 10 Kohl’s Job Interview Questions and Example Answers

As Kohl’s values seasoned employees with exceptional problem-solving creativity, its interview questions are mostly situational or draw on your previous experience. Each answer should showcase your professionalism, flexibility, and utmost dedication to customer satisfaction without damaging the brand’s reputation. 

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1. What Would You Do If A Difficult Customer Shows Their Dissatisfaction Over A Service or Beauty Product at Kohl’s?

Why this question? A positive problem-solving attitude is critical in all service industries; Kohl’s is no exception. With this situational question, the interviewer expects you to address customer concerns professionally while maintaining the brand’s reputation. 

Sample Answer:

First, to empathize and show them my respect for their experience, I would actively listen to the customer’s complaint and let them express their concerns without interruption. If necessary, I would ask clarifying questions to gather more details about the issue and ensure no misunderstandings on my part regarding the problem.

I would then apologize sincerely for their inconvenience, even if it were not our fault. Depending on the type of issue or complaint, I might propose various options to handle the situation. 

For instance, I would offer a full refund or exchange if the product is faulty or does not meet the customer’s expectations. In the case of a service-related issue, I would work with the relevant departments to address the problem promptly. Most importantly, I would remain calm and professional throughout the ordeal, even when this upset customer became extremely agitated or even unreasonable. 

If this angry customer remained displeased, I would seek guidance from a supervisor or manager; they might have additional authority or resources to introduce a more satisfactory resolution.

2. Have You Ever Come Up With Good Suggestions for Sales Increases or Upsold An Item Effectively? 

Why this question? Employees with excellent upselling skills ensure customers maximize all their purchase benefits, which boosts both customers’ shopping experience and Kohl’s total revenue. 

Example answer: 

Yes; in my previous role at a retail store, I managed product displays and recommended products to customers. 

From my observations back then, customers often overlooked certain items due to their placement or lack of visibility. To address this, I reorganized the displays to make them more noticeable and accessible; this seemingly simple change resulted in a significant increase in sales for those items.

Furthermore, I also suggested complementary products to customers based on their original purchase. For instance, if my customer bought a dress, I would subtly recommend her matching accessories or shoes.

3. Have You Ever Worked With Store Discounts or Promotions? Tell Us About Your Experience.

Why this question? Due to intense competition, discounts and promotions are Kohl’s key selling points to retain and attract customers. Therefore, as a potential hire, you should demonstrate your experience and strategic abilities when planning/executing such promotions.

Example Answer:

Yes, I have worked with store discounts and promotions for several years. Throughout my experience, I have developed a keen understanding of consumer behavior and the impact of pricing strategies on sales performance.

At my previous retail store, I was responsible for developing and implementing promotional campaigns to drive sales and attract new customers. I closely monitored sales data and customer trends to identify opportunities for effective promotions.

Seasonal clearance sale was one of my most successful strategies. By drastically reducing prices on slow-moving items to clear inventory, I managed to help the store attract bargain hunters and generate immediate revenue, resulting in a significant boost in sales during that period.

Furthermore, I also introduced a loyalty program that rewarded customers for their repeat purchases, which offered discounts, exclusive offers, and early access to new products to encourage customer retention and increase the average order value. This program proved valuable in building long-term relationships with our customers and generating consistent sales.

4. What Steps Do You Take to Maintain An Organized, Tidy Sales Floor In Peak Times?

Why this question? A neat, orderly sales floor guarantees a positive customer experience, makes the products more accessible and visible for improved sales, and prevents potential accidents.

Example Answer:

Throughout the day, I would continuously check and restock shelves to confirm all products are well-organized and visually appealing. If necessary, I would rearrange or fold them and face the products towards the front of shelves for easier visibility.

Accidents are inevitable, especially in a busy retail landscape. Therefore, I would promptly address spills and clean up debris with appropriate cleaning supplies to maintain customer flow. 

During peak hours, high-demand items may be sold quickly, leading to huge gaps in the displays. I would fill the empty spaces with similar items or temporarily relocate products to more accessible locations.

Most importantly, I would analyze past sales data to understand customer shopping patterns, which helped me anticipate peak traffic periods and prepare accordingly. For instance, I could pre-stock some shelves with popular items and assign extra staff to high-traffic areas.

And, as with other tasks, teamwork and collaboration are very important. I would communicate with my colleagues to identify areas that need attention and offer assistance when necessary, such as restocking shelves, straightening displays, or addressing customer concerns.

5. Have You Ever Been Multitasking Between Register Operation, Store Maintenance, and Customer Assistance? Tell Us About The Experience. 

Why this question? As a Kohl’s employee, you are expected to juggle between different tasks while still maintaining great customer service, especially under extreme time pressure.

Example Answer:

Yes. Over the years, I have learned to prioritize tasks and adapt to the ever-changing demands of my job. During busy periods, I could anticipate customer needs and address their requests promptly while ensuring that the store remained clean and organized.

One such instance was on a particularly hectic Saturday afternoon at my previous retail store. The place was buzzing with activity, and customers were queuing up at the registers. 

Despite being busy with transaction processes, I still noticed a disarray in the shoe display. Without hesitation, I immediately paused my cashier duties and reorganized the footwear section, ensuring it was presentable and easy for customers to navigate. 

After that, I returned to the register, just minutes before a customer approached me with a question about a product. I listened attentively to their inquiry while still observing my surroundings.

6. What Steps Would You Take To Ensure Good Inventory Management?

Why this question? A store that does not offer what customers want will eventually lose its appeal. Meanwhile, overstocked items that do not sell well might affect the store’s profits. Good management helps prevent both these scenarios and ensures the inventory level is kept optimal.

Example Answer:

I would conduct regular stock checks and count items on shelves, in stockrooms, and in transit to ensure the recorded inventory matches the actual quantity. If allowed, I would implement barcode scanners and automated ordering systems, as they help reduce manual errors and optimize my inventory management tasks.

I also analyze historical sales data and customer trends for more accurate demand forecasting. I would then place orders based on projected demand so that popular items are always in stock while minimizing excess inventory.

Shrinkage, or inventory loss due to theft, damage, or misplacement, might significantly impact our profitability. To handle this matter, I would check the security cameras, use inventory tracking software, and conduct regular audits.

Lastly, inventory management requires clear communication and collaboration between departments. Therefore, I would work closely with buyers, merchandisers, and store associates to double-check the inventory alignment with our sales goals and promptly address any discrepancies.

7. What Would You Do If A Customer Insisted on Returning Their Item But Did Not Keep Any Receipt?

Why this question? It’s important, but not easy, to uphold both customer satisfaction and the company policy. 

With this question, Kohl’s makes it clear the brand does not look for inexperienced people. It only hires the best employees with impressive problem-solving abilities in these difficult situations.

Example Answer: 

While Kohl’s generally accepts returns without receipts, we must verify the customer’s purchase and ensure their request is within the return policy.

Therefore, I would first inquire about the purchase date. Suppose the customer can provide an approximate date or recall specific details about the item. In that case, I can search the store’s system, check sales records, consult with colleagues who may have assisted the customer during their purchase, or even review security footage for matching transactions. 

But if they failed to provide any purchase details at all, I would apologize and politely explain Kohl’s return policy. I would also suggest they contact their bank or credit card company to inquire about their purchase history.

Why this question? It’s important to be fashion-forward when working in clothing retail environments like Kohl’s, especially since a wide range of customers rely on Kohl’s personnel for style suggestions. 

Example Answer: 

First, I would subscribe to leading fashion magazines and websites to stay informed about upcoming trends, runway shows, and designer collections. I would also actively engage with the fashion industry on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. 

Likewise, following influential bloggers, fashionistas, designers, and brands would allow me to observe both real-time and emerging trends that may influence Kohl’s future offerings.

Of course, direct interaction with customers is extremely crucial to understanding their preferences and style aspirations. So, I would discuss the fashion choices with customers, observe their shopping patterns, and analyze trends in the store’s most popular items to determine the best-selling styles for Kohl’s customer base.

9. Have You Ever Gone Extra Length for Any Customer? Describe That Experience. 

Why this question? The interviewer wants to test your creativity, initiative, problem-solving abilities, and (most importantly) your 100% commitment to customers’ positive shopping experiences.

Example Answer: 

Yes. One of the customers at my previous retail store, an elderly gentleman, was searching for a particular brand of walking shoes that he had worn for years and were no longer available in his size.

I contacted the manufacturer to inquire about the availability of the shoes and was informed that they had been discontinued. Not giving up, I decided to expand my search beyond our store: I scoured online retailers, contacted other department store chains in the area, and even reached out to fellow retail employees to see if they had any leads.

After several days of persistent searching, I finally located the shoes at a store in a neighboring city. I contacted the store manager and arranged for the shoes to be shipped to our location. 

Upon their arrival, I phoned my customer to tell him the good news. He was overjoyed and expressed his sincere gratitude for my efforts. 

10. Why Do You Want to Work At Kohl’s?

Work At KOHL

Why this question? The interviewer wants to ensure you are genuinely interested in working for them and understand what they offer. Some hiring managers mention this question last in the interview process to reaffirm your enthusiasm and commitment to the employment opportunity after interacting with their team. 

Example Answer: 

Kohl’s long-standing reputation as a leading omnichannel retailer committed to customer satisfaction and employee development has drawn me to this job position. I am particularly impressed by the brand’s focus on providing a seamless shopping experience across all channels, whether customers browse in-store, shop online, or use the mobile app. 

Coupled with my years-long passion for fashion and trends, I believe my skills and experience align perfectly with Kohl’s values and goals. I am eager to contribute to the company’s continued success.

Does Kohl’s Do Individual Interviews Online? 

Yes. Kohl’s utilizes a variety of platforms, such as video conferencing software (Zoom, Google Meet) or phone interviews, depending on the job title and the interviewer’s/interviewee’s preference.

How Do You Know If Kohl’s Hires You?

The team will mail you the results (whether you pass or not) within 48 hours. If you do not receive any news after 48 hours and have already checked your junk/spam mail folder, I suggest contacting their Candidate Acquisition Team for updates.

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Kohl’s common interview questions are admittedly challenging for those with little experience. If you still want to ace your performance regardless, remember to practice and review the ten answer templates I provided above before the interview day. Contact me if there is any confusion!

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