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Subway is a household name when it comes to submarine sandwiches. Despite its 60-year history, the brand is still a major player in the fast-food industry and easily ranks among the largest chains today!

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That’s why many readers, young and old, often ask me how to apply here. But before you proceed, let me fill you in on Subway’s age requirement first.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work Subway?

You can start working at Subway restaurants when you’re 16, but you must be 18 for regional or corporate roles. These two positions often require Bachelor’s degrees, too.

Nevertheless, while 16 is the minimum, it’s ultimately up to franchise owners whether they want to hire underage applicants (14 or 15). 

How Much Does Subway Pay?

According to Zippia, as of March 14, 2024, the average yearly salary at Subway is around $25,489 (about $12.25 an hour), varying widely from about $16,000 to $38,000.

Based on Locations

Work locations also play a huge role in your paycheck. For example, Subway workers in Moraga earn the highest at $33,449 annually, followed closely by Bangor ($33,246). 

RankLocationHourly Pay RateYearly Salary
1Moraga, CA$16.08$33,449
2Bangor, ME$15.98$33,246
3Milford, CT$14.93$31,046
4Hermiston, OR$14.23$29,607
5Yorktown Heights, NY$13.87$28,842
6Lewisburg, WV$13.62$28,328
7Arlington Heights, IL$13.29$27,639
8Moses Lake, WA$13.13$27,315
9Billings, MT$12.21$25,394
10Appleton, WI$12.16$25,296
11Espanola, NM$12.16$25,295
12Boca Raton, FL$12.15$25,274
13Brookings, SD$12.03$25,023
14Crown Point, IN$12.01$24,976
15Akron, OH$11.94$24,836
16Casper, WY$11.90$24,743
17York, PA$11.88$24,702
18Colorado Springs, CO$11.78$24,504
19Kaysville, UT$11.73$24,402
20Overland Park, KS$11.70$24,328

Based on Job Titles

Some of the best-paying positions include team leader (averaging $43,715 a year), store manager (around $29,750), and shift supervisor ($28,278). On the other hand, if you’re working as a sandwich artist or server/hostess, the pay tends to be on the lower end. 

RankJob TitleHourly RateYearly Salary
1Team Leader$21.02$43,715
2Store Manager$14.30$29,750
3Shift Supervisor$13.60$28,278
4Shift Manager$13.46$27,997
5Assistant Manager$13.44$27,956
6Customer Service Rep$12.41$25,823
7Food Service Worker$12.10$25,163
8Key Holder$11.98$24,923
10Sales Associate$11.82$24,589
11Crew Member$11.76$24,470
12Food Prep$11.73$24,389
14Server And Hostess$11.57$24,073
15Sandwich Artist$11.49$23,896

Pros And Cons Of Working At Subway

subway employee

The Pros

1. There Is A Subway In Almost Every City

Are you living with a roommate or a partner who wants to relocate someday? Then it’s convenient to get a job (whether part-time or full-time) that will “move along” with you! 

Having the option to transfer from one branch to another can relieve you of lots of unnecessary stress. And since many cities have at least one Subway restaurant, the process is usually straightforward and takes little to no time. 

2. Great Opportunities To Hone Your Social Skills

For those who thrive on social interaction, a job where you’re face-to-face with customers (like a manager or sandwich artist) is absolutely perfect! At Subway, you will always stay in the thick of things and constantly interact with both co-workers and customers. 

How about introverts looking to polish up their people skills? Even better! Subway is a great place for you to start practicing and gain more confidence when talking to others.

3. Entry Restaurant Roles Are Very Straightforward

Sometimes, all you need in a job hunt is a simple gig that helps pay the bills.

As a Subway sandwich artist, the tasks are far from complicated. Can you handle prepping and slicing ingredients, assembling sandwiches, toasting (when required), and working the store’s cash register? Then you’re all set!

Sure, other roles might be more complex, especially those in corporate or management. But trust me, for sandwich artists, the job only becomes less and less challenging as you get trained and gain experience along the way.

4. Job Security

Since the 1900s, Subway has always been a beloved sandwich franchise, steadily growing over the decades. What started as a simple Connecticut sub-shop has now flourished into the most successful sub-chains in the U.S.! 

While many other franchises struggled and shut down due to intense competition, Subway has stayed ahead of the race even during some of its darkest years. Such stability results in great job security for you: when a Subway restaurant in your neighborhood shuts down, there’s likely another nearby that you could apply for. This golden opportunity isn’t available to every fast-food restaurant! 

The Cons

1. Your Entire Workday Can Be Hectic

If you enjoy staying busy all day and thriving on constant action, Subway is a perfect fit for you. But what if you prefer a slower, more laid-back work pace? Then be prepared: working here can sometimes feel overwhelming and incredibly stressful.

Some Subway stores might not be as hectic,  but from my research, most experience lots of foot traffic at peak hours. Worse, aside from making sandwiches and serving customers, you might also be responsible for deep cleaning and prep work. Some people told me they barely have time to catch their breath until the daily procedures are over!

2. No Raises

The promise of future salary raises keeps employees loyal and motivated. Unfortunately, that does not happen as often at Subway as you might hope!

According to my team’s report, some restaurant staff have seen only a very small increase — sometimes less than a dollar — even after years of working. So, if the base salary isn’t cutting it for you, don’t expect any increase unless you’re after a promotion. 

3. No Healthcare Insurance For Part-Time Workers

Subway part-timers might not qualify for the company’s health insurance, which can be quite tough for people who rely mostly on their Subway jobs to support themselves or their families. 

Of course, this is not a big issue when you already receive health coverage through another source (such as your spouse). But if you really need these benefits through your current job, then Subway isn’t the best choice. 

4. Uniform Requirements

Many enjoy expressing themselves through fashion choices. If you’re one of them, I have some bad news: Subway’s uniform rules can be quite restrictive! In most cases, sandwich artists must wear a Subway shirt, a hat or visor, and jeans to maintain a professional appearance.

Of course, this seems like a minor issue compared to other drawbacks. Nevertheless, for fashion lovers, it could still be a real dealbreaker. 

Skills Required To Work At Subway

Subway young employee

Overall, being a reliable, enthusiastic team player willing to learn will make you a strong candidate. Other qualifications include:

  • Education: A high school diploma (or equivalent) is usually required for regional or corporate roles
  • Excellent communication skills/interpersonal skills to interact with customers and co-workers 
  • Great organizational skills 
  • Ability to follow instructions and learn new procedures 
  • Ability to maintain a clean and safe work environment 
  • Basic math/computer literacy is a benefit, as you might have to use a cash register system 
  • (Optional) Previous experience in customer/food service or retail is a plus, although Subway offers employee assistance programs 

What Is The Application Process?

To apply, visit the main Subway site or the official page of a specific franchise where you want to work. Find available offers in the “Careers” section, then fill out and submit your application form. Remember to include your work history, details, and references!

If you prefer, some Subway restaurants also accept applications in person. In that case, dress nicely, bring along a CV (if any), and ask about any job vacancies they may have.

Some Available Job Openings For Teens

Restaurant positions (at least 16 years old):

  • Assistant Manager
  • Sandwich Artist/Artist Pro
  • Store Manager
  • Multi-Unit Manager
  • Business Consultant

Corporate positions (at least 18 years old): 

  • Design & equipment
  • Franchise performance 
  • Development & operations
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Administration
  • Marketing

Regional positions (at least 18 years old): 

  • Franchise business consultant
  • Management
  • Operations Specialist


My article has covered how old you should be to work at Subway. 16 is usually the minimum age requirement, but some stores might make an exception for minors! If you have any questions, contact me and my team anytime.

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