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Dunkin’ Donuts has been a principal player in the donut and coffee industry for decades. Yet, they always strive to bring in new changes and hire fresh faces for the team. It’s a great place to kick off your career, even better if you jump on board as early as possible!

Dunkin’ Donuts hiring age

Some job hopefuls are concerned about Dunkin’ Donuts’ age requirement, but no worries. I have done my research and have a lot to share with you.

How Old Do You Have To Work At Dunkin’ Donuts?

You must be 16 or older to apply for any Dunkin’ Donuts position. In some states, those under 16 can still work at Dunkin’ Donuts if they have a work permit, though the store might limit their tasks and working hours. And from my observation, Dunkin only hires people over 18 for managerial positions.

Age aside, some jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts require a high school degree or equivalent. Dunkin also prefers energetic, friendly applicants who work well in a team. Depending on your availability, both part-time and full-time positions are available. 

How Much Does Dunkin’ Donuts Pay?

According to Zippia, as of September 2023, Dunkin’ Donuts employees in the U.S. earn about $27,851 a year and $13.39 per hour on average.

Salaries can range from $18,000 to $42,000 yearly, depending on the department. For instance, those in the manufacturing/plant department usually make $33,185 a year, while people working in the store’s retail department generate much less.

Geographic location also matters; according to my research, Dunkin’ Donuts workers in Boston and Danbury tend to get the highest paychecks.

RankLocationHourly RateYearly Income
1Boston, MA$16.20$33,696
2Danbury, CT$15.29$31,806
3Brick, NJ$15.17$31,559
4Eliot, ME$15.10$31,399
5Concord, NH$14.70$30,581
6Matteson, IL$13.71$28,518
7Fairfax, VA$13.40$27,877
8DuBois, PA$13.34$27,757
9O’Fallon, MO$12.59$26,177
10Asheville, NC$12.41$25,806
11West Palm Beach, FL$12.35$25,682
12Macon, GA$12.29$25,554

Employee Benefits At Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donut employee

Flexible Hours

Each franchise offers a flexible working schedule to ensure the job fits well with your current lifestyle.

Training & Development

At Dunkin’ Donuts, your job is more than just clocking in and out; franchisees are dedicated to helping you grow professionally through training and a supportive working environment.


Many franchise owners are generous with bonuses, especially when their team members perform well or exceed the goals. 

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Paid time off includes vacation days, personal days, sick leave, etc., which varies among different franchise owners.


Dunkin franchisees usually offer various health insurance coverage options for their team members.

Discounted Prices & More

As a team member, you may enjoy extra benefits like tuition assistance, product discounts, opportunities to work with the local community, and more. It all depends on the franchise owner you work with! 

Here’s the best part: Dunkin has teamed up with SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) to offer discounts on online tuition fees. As a Dunkin team member, you will receive a 15% discount, while your immediate family gets 10% off. 

Should You Work At Dunkin’ Donuts? The Pros and Cons

Customers at Dunkin are very nice and generous with their tips. Everyone in the crew also gets along really well! Nevertheless, there aren’t many chances to move up the ladder here. Plus, the job can be quite demanding both physically and time-wise. 

The Pros


Since each Dunkin’ Donuts store is independently operated and owned, it’s up to the specific management whether employees can get tipped. 

That means not all Dunkin employees are permitted to accept customer tips. But those who are often feel quite satisfied with the amount they receive! Based on my research, many Dunkin’ Donuts locations do allow a tip jar by the counter, and their workers told me they could easily earn $40 during just a single shift.

Nice Customers

Of course, there are different types of customers at Dunkin’ Donuts. However, in my interview, many employees said they like most of the people they meet! 

On morning shifts, you will have the chance to work with regular clients who are very friendly and even enjoy a bit of chit-chat. Needless to say, they tip very generously, and some even leave you gifts during the holiday season! In the retail industry, there’s nothing better than having nice and kind-hearted customers. 

Great Teammates

Coworkers at Dunkin’ Donuts tend to have a strong bond. Most workers agree that their colleagues are amazing; they work well together as teammates, support one another, step in to cover shifts during emergencies, and back each other up if any guest issues arise.

Some also mention they can form instant friendships with coworkers of all ages at Dunkin, and social meetings beyond work hours are very common.

Comfortable Uniforms

Uniforms at Dunkin are pretty straightforward: most store workers are provided with a visor, apron, and polo shirt, so there’s no need to stress about what to wear or deal with dry cleaning or ironing. For the rest of the outfit, you just need hole-free slacks/jeans and comfortable shoes! 

Dunkin also allows facial hair, colored hair (like purple or green), and tattoos. On the other hand, the policy on piercings may vary from store to store, so it’s best to check with your specific working location.

The Cons

No Breaks

You might not get a scheduled break if you just work for 6 hours or less. Sure, you can still go to the bathroom if really needed, but other than that, it’s up to the manager whether you get a break or not. 

This policy has been widely criticized, which is unsurprising. After all, everyone deserves at least 10-15 minutes to relax and recharge, even if they work for just 4 hours!

Physically Demanding Tasks

If you’re considering a job at Dunkin’ Donuts, prepare to stay on your toes throughout the entire shift. 

Apart from taking orders, you might also need to ring them up and sometimes even take these orders outside. Plus, there’s all the cleaning duties – mopping, sweeping, and wiping down equipment and counters.

So ask yourself whether you prefer a less active job or have trouble standing for long hours. If yes, Dunkin’ Donuts might not be the best place for you.

Few Advancement Opportunities

Many employees have shared that they were passed over for managerial positions despite being equally qualified as those promoted.

At Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s commonly believed that no matter how much effort or dedication you put into the job, promotions are reserved for the company’s insiders – family, friends, or external hires. 

This issue results in the company struggling to retain talented employees; people tend to leave once better opportunities arise elsewhere. 

Available Dunkin’ Donuts Jobs For Teens

Working at Dunkin Donut

Barista Position


  • Interacting with customers
  • Serving & preparing coffee and beverages
  • Ensuring quality standards for each order


  • Minimum age to work at Dunkin’ Donuts: 16
  • Can meet sanitation and safety standards
  • Can handle time pressure with confidence
  • Understand and exceed customer expectations
  • Outgoing, friendly attitude
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills (for customer interaction)
  • (Optional) Previous work experience in restaurants or cafes



  • Preparing baked treats (e.g., pastries, bread, doughnuts)
  • Meeting safety and operation standards
  • Working rotating shifts, unsupervised


  • Minimum age requirement: 16
  • Can use restaurant equipment
  • Great problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • A customer-oriented mindset
  • Availability on weekends, holidays, and nights
  • Keeping the workplace clean

Team Member/Cashier Position


  • Delivering and preparing orders
  • Handling customer transactions
  • Counting money
  • Addressing customers’ complaints and questions


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Passionate about exceeding expectations
  • Can handle payments and transactions and operate the cash register
  • Follow sanitation and food safety guidelines
  • Warm personality
  • Decent interpersonal/communication skills
  • (Optional) High school degree (or equivalent)

Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks: Which Is Better?

Comparably.com gathered ratings from 2100 Starbucks employees and 2300 Dunkin’ Donuts employees. Starbucks came out on top for every criterion, with the final scores as follows:

Dunkin’ DonutsStarbucks
CEO score4968
Overall culture5273
Gender score5977
Diversity score6175
Perks & Benefits3980
Professional Development4965

To clarify, these scores do not imply Dunkin’ Donuts has a terrible working culture (after all, most of its scores fall between 49 and 60 out of 100). They simply show that Starbucks provides a better environment by comparison.

See more: Starbucks Hiring Age


So, we have discussed how old to work at Dunkin’ Donuts; you must be at least 16 to secure a spot here! 

And while Dunkin’ doesn’t ask for your high school diploma, you must know how to handle cash, talk to customers, and stay calm under pressure. Write to my team if you have any more questions.

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