What Age Does Burger King Hire? 14 or 15?

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Burger King has been around for almost 70 years, yet it’s still holding strong as one of the top food chains worldwide. And given that fast food gigs do not require a lot of schooling or experience (especially for entry roles), it’s no wonder so many people are eyeing a spot here!

Burger KIng

But before you hit the apply button, let’s discuss age requirements first. How old do you have to work at Burger King?

At What Age Can You Work At Burger King?

If you’re 14 or 15, you can still seek a job at Burger King according to the federal rules. Nevertheless, there are some limits on what you can do. For example, your work hours are capped from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with a max of 18 hours per week during school time and about 40 hours during summer holidays! 

And you may need to submit your work permit, too. To get this permit, remember to bring in your health certificate, job offer, and proof of age.

That’s why many Burger King spots in the U.S. prefer applicants who are 16 or older. You can work from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. at that age, putting in a maximum of 48 hours weekly. Cooking, working in freezers, handling kitchen gear, etc., are also allowed – which is not the case if you are 15 or under!

Nevertheless, there will be no delivery-driving tasks if you are only 16. 

Skills and Requirements Other Than Age To Work At Burger King

There are a few requirements you need to fulfill if you want to score a job at Burger King.

First, you must be of legal working age (16 years old is preferred). It would be even better if you already knew a bit about food safety basics and customer service. 

Be prepared to stand your ground for long shifts and lift heavy loads of 25 pounds (maximum); that is part of the job. Basic cash handling and math are also necessary, as you may need to work with numbers often. 

Since Burger King is a fast-paced environment, your ability to handle time pressure is highly valued here. You will also have to interact with customers constantly, so being outgoing and friendly can be a huge advantage. 

Following instructions and sticking to company rules is, of course, non-negotiable. Plus, you have to be able to work during nights or weekends (if required) as well. 

Lastly, you must pass all the criminal background checks and get a legal food-handling card if it’s specified in state law. Once qualified on all these fronts, you can officially become the next Burger King crew member!

Should You Work At Burger King? Pros and Cons to Consider

Working at Employee

The upsides are winning by a long slide, but we should not ignore the downsides, either. Let’s get onto the specifics:

1. The Pros

Employee Benefits

Surprise: Burger King offers some amazing employee benefits.

First, you’ve got vision, dental, and health insurance options. Pensions, 401(k), and profit-sharing plans are also on the table. It isn’t always easy to come by these benefits in other fast food chains, so they’re definitely something to consider!

Furthermore, long-time employees can score some vacation days and sick time (all 100% paid). Not bad at all, especially if you have any family members who need medical coverage.

Employee Perks

Are you a fan of Burger King hamburgers and fast food? Then you’re in luck. All meals are on the house while you’re on the clock, and you can get any drink you want! 

There’s more: you also get a 50% discount on the food even when you’re not working. Why not take this chance to treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious Burger King bites without breaking the bank?

Schedule Flexibility

You’ll likely get part-time working hours when starting out, but these hours might gradually increase as you settle in. 

And what if you’re a student or undergraduate, need time for family issues, or juggling another part-time job? Just talk with the manager about your availability. They’re usually more than willing to discuss schedules and accommodate your needs.

Promotion From Within

Shift supervisors and managers at Burger King are required to have hands-on experience on the floor. That means a manager should know all the ins and outs – from running the cash register to flipping burgers on the grill. 

What does this imply regarding your career opportunities? Great news: if you have been putting in the time and have a solid track record, you might get a shot at moving up the ranks to a better-paying role. 

Working Near Home

Given the brand’s popularity, there’s probably a Burger King not too far from where you live.

Your commute will be a breeze, especially if the store’s just around the corner! It’s also a win-win situation for people without cars or looking to save some cash.

Needless to say, students also find it very convenient as well. On sunny days, you can even walk or bike your way to work! 

2. The Cons

Physically Demanding Tasks

Working here is no walk in the park. The pace can get pretty intense, so you must always be on your toes to keep customers happy and served up fast. You may have no time to sit down at all for the rest of the shift.

There’s also some cleaning, heavy lifting, and other tasks requiring muscle. Therefore, if you have any medical conditions that might hold you back (or you’re not a huge fan of physical activities), this might not be the right job for you.

Rude Customers

Though many customers just want to grab their burgers and go, some people still like to bring in chaos. 

They act as if they were eating at a fancy restaurant and expect VIP treatment 24/7! We’ve seen many viral videos of Burger King customers trying to get freebies with their complaints. And I’ve yet to talk about those who spend hours rambling over the smallest things, like the number of ketchup packets. 

Unfortunately, it’s all part of the food service industry; you have no choice but to take a deep breath and smile at these customers. Otherwise, they won’t hesitate to call corporate! 

How To Apply For A Job At Burger King

Step 1. 

Go to the BK Careers page to see current job openings. Filter them based on your preferences and location, and click on each job to learn about its requirements and responsibilities.

I suggest creating an account to sign up on the BK Careers portal; you will find it very easy to save the progress and keep track of your applications. 

Step 2. 

Select a job, hit “Apply,” then fill in the application form. Make sure the attached resume highlights your outstanding experiences and skills.

Some applications have sections for short questionnaires, and you might have to do some online evaluation tests depending on your applied role. Just be honest and keep your answers to the point.

Step 3. 

Double-check every piece of info and confirm your contact details before hitting submit.

If you haven’t heard back after 1-2 weeks, consider reaching out to follow up on the application process. But if you get called for a follow-up interview, that’s great! Do your homework and prepare for it. I suggest looking up common interview questions so you can get ready to impress.

Step 4.

On the interview day, show up on time and dress smart. A few days later, Burger King will get back to you with the final decision and explain what to do next.

Extra Tips: What To Prepare Before The Interview

  • Take some time to learn about Burger King’s mission, values, and the types of products and services they offer. It shows the interviewer you’re genuinely interested in the position! 
  • Aside from practicing common interview questions, you should also prepare your own questions to demonstrate your initiative. You may ask about the work environment, the team you’d be working with, or opportunities for growth within the company.
  • Don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume and a list of references (if requested). 

Available Burger King Jobs For Teens

Burger KIng employee

1. Crew/Team Members

Minimum age: 14

Average pay: $12.55/hour


  • Cleaning
  • Cashiering
  • Food preparation
  • Customer service

2. Shift Coordinator

Minimum age: 18 

Average pay: $13.56 an hour


  • Closing and opening the restaurant
  • Directing the team
  • Implementing shift plans

3. Leader Trainee

Minimum age: 14-18 (depending on each branch)

Average pay: $14.84 an hour


  • Guiding the team through the restaurant operations
  • Assisting managers 
  • Delegating work
  • Conducting interviews with applicants


You can work at Burger King at 15 or even 14, though keep in mind that some places might have fewer job openings for younger applicants due to labor laws. 

But once you turn 16, you will have a chance at almost every entry-level role, except for delivery drivers! Shoot me a message if you still have questions.

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