What Age Does Walgreens Hire?

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If there’s one company that comes close to CVS as the biggest pharmacy chain in history, it’s Walgreens.

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Established in 1901, it boasts over 240,000 employees worldwide and still looks for new hires! I know you can’t wait to join the team, but let’s discuss Walgreens’ age requirement first before proceeding with the application process.

How Old You Have To Be To Work At Walgreens

The age requirement for Walgreens’ entry-level positions (customer service reps or sales associates, for example) is 16. However, for positions like pharmacy technicians, you must be at least 18. Plus, some corporate or managerial roles might require higher education and a bit more life experience. 

How Much Does Walgreens Pay?

According to ZipRecruiter, as of March 11, 2024, the hourly wage for a U.S. Walgreens employee is an average of $24.37, fluctuating between $14.90 and $28.37 across the country.

Based On Locations

Among the ten cities where Walgreens associates earn higher than the country’s average, San Mateo easily tops the list, followed by Green River and Daly. Quite interestingly, there’s not much variation in numbers among these ten cities, with only a 7% difference between Tacoma (ranking 10th) and San Mateo (ranking first).

San Mateo, CA$29.02$1,160$5,030$60,368
Green River, WY$28.70$1,147$4,974$59,688
Daly City, CA$28.65$1,145$4,965$59,591
Berkeley, CA$28.51$1,140$4,941$59,294
Irvine, CA$27.80$1,112$4,818$57,827
Richmond, CA$27.29$1,091$4,730$56,768
Oxnard, CA$27.10$1,083$4,696$56,361
Merced, CA$27.05$1,082$4,689$56,270
Orange, CA$27.05$1,082$4,688$56,265
Tacoma, WA$27.05$1,081$4,688$56,256

Based On Job Titles

According to Zippia, some of the best-paying positions at Walgreens include staff pharmacists (around $126,462 a year), pharmacy interns (about $66,811), and store team leaders ($32,925). On the other hand, service clerks and customer service associates tend to receive lower pay, about $27,000 per year.

Job TitlesHourly RateAnnual Salary
Staff Pharmacist$60.80$126,462
Pharmacy Internship$32.12$66,811
Store Team Leader$15.83$32,925
Beauty Advisor$15.50$32,248
Pharmacy Tech Intern$15.28$31,786
Photo Technologist$15.03$31,252
Photo Specialist$15.02$31,251
Shift Leader$15.01$31,230
Assistant Store Manager$15.00$31,206
Pharmacist Technician$14.92$31,032
Assistant Manager$14.62$30,401
Beauty Consultant$14.55$30,257
Customer Service Rep$14.27$29,674
Sales Associate$13.44$27,945
Sales Clerk$13.42$27,914
Services Clerk$13.40$27,862
Customer Service Associate$12.98$27,008

Pros and Cons Of Working At Walgreens

working at Walgreens

The Pros

Competitive Salary

Walgreens recently announced they’d bump their base salary to $15 per hour. You can expect even more when landing a pharmacy tech role (or a similar position)! Employees get paid every two weeks, and many stores also offer 100% full-time schedules for stable employment opportunities.

Over 9,000 Branches And Locations To Choose From

Walgreens stores are located in all 50 U.S. states (over 9,000 locations in total), so finding one near you is more than easy. And if you ever need to relocate for any reason, there’s a great chance you can transfer to another Walgreens in that new city. 

A perfect opportunity for homemakers, military spouses, or anyone looking for some changes every once in a while!

Lots Of Social Interaction

At Walgreens, you’ll have plenty of chances to socialize and meet people; trust me, there’s always somebody to talk with, no matter what you do! 

You can get to know your coworkers, engage with customers regularly, or even chit-chat with those delivery drivers who stop by the store every day.

Great Employees Benefits

You could be eligible for vision benefits, dental coverage, and health and life insurance. 

Some stores even give their employees access to diverse stock options and let them earn some PTO (paid time off) for special occasions! And have I mentioned you can also save for retirement with the 401(k) plan? 

However, note that the benefits depend on whether you work full-time or part-time (and if you’re on salary or paid hourly), so double-check with the store before your first workday.

Annual Raises

All employees receive annual performance reviews that determine how much of a raise they’ll get. As long as you prove yourself with a solid track record, you can expect a huge salary or hourly wage increase! 

Even better, extra bonuses are on the way once you get promoted to a higher position. So, if you’re eager to advance in your career, be sure to let the company know so they will keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Great Discounts

Generous discounts are probably the best part of working here; you’ll get 25% off thousands of Walgreens goodies, plus a 15% discount on all national brands available in the stores!

On select days, the company offers even bigger discounts, up to about 40%, which easily compensate for the lower wages you might be earning in your current entry-level position. 

The Cons

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes at Walgreens aren’t uncommon, depending on available staff or the company’s needs. That’s why many find their schedules changing every week – quite a challenge to maintain and plan a great life-work balance! 

Worse, if you apply for a 24-hour location, be prepared to work consecutive shifts and switch between day and night with almost no breaks in between. 

You May Find The Job Boring

Let’s face it: some tasks can be dull and repetitive. You might spend the entire day unpacking box after box or scanning products at the store’s register!

Even in a central pharmacy environment, an 8-hour shift can still feel tedious. Sure, there’s always work to be done and keep yourself busy, but they’re not exactly exciting.

Skills Required To Work At Walgreens

Walgreens employee

Walgreens offers opportunities for people with various backgrounds and experience levels. So, for most entry-level positions, all you need is: 

  • Minimum hiring age: 16 years old (for most store positions) and 18 years old (for pharmacy technician jobs) 
  • Basic education: A high school diploma or GED

If you want to stand out even more as the perfect candidate for the job, consider other relevant skills below: 

  • Customer service experience: This is important since Walgreens always strives to provide a positive experience for their customers.
  • Cashier experience: Are you applying for a cashier position? Experience handling cash and using a register will be a plus.
  • Pharmacy technician certification: A huge advantage for pharmacy technician positions, though Walgreens also offers support programs to help you get certified
  • Retail experience: Even if it’s not at a pharmacy, any experience working in a retail setting would be welcome
  • Interpersonal skills: You should be able to communicate effectively with both your customers and coworkers.

The best way to learn specific qualifications for each job is to check the listing on Walgreens’ career areas.

How To Apply For A Job At Walgreens 

First, visit their careers page to find available positions in your neighborhood. There are plenty of entry-level roles open to people with GED or high school diplomas, with both part-time and full-time options available! 

Once you’ve found a suitable job, fill out the online application form with details about your job history, personal contact, cover letter, resume, etc. Some stores might also ask for extra information regarding your references and availability. 

Available Jobs For Teens At Walgreens

Pharmacy Technician

Average Payment: $15.82 an hour


  • Answering questions and addressing customer issues
  • Entering patients’ info
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Managing phone calls

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum age requirement: 18
  • English fluency
  • Basic math/computer literacy
  • Great communication skills

Customer Service Associate

Average Payment: $10.42 an hour


  • Providing a positive customer experience
  • Working at the store’s cash register
  • Keeping shelves clean and stocked
  • Promoting sales and special offers

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum age: 16
  • Great communication skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Good math knowledge
  • Flexible schedule

Beauty Consultant

Average payment: $9.01 an hour


  • Recommending beauty/wellness products for customers
  • Assessing customer needs

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Valuable experience in cosmetics marketing or a high school diploma
  • Cosmetics knowledge
  • Great communication/sales skills
  • Self-reliance


Walgreens usually hires people aged 16 for entry-level roles, while positions like pharmacy technicians require candidates to be at least 18. 

The competitive salary alone makes it quite an ideal workplace, but it’s also important to be aware of several potential drawbacks. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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