Top 7 Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

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Walmart itself barely needs any introduction. But its hiring process probably does! Although the company has been very transparent about the level of expertise and interpersonal skills required in new employees, many still perform disappointingly in interviews. 

Walmart Interview Questions

That’s why my team has compiled a list of common Walmart interview questions based on dedicated research to help ideal candidates out here. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Top 7 Walmart Job Interview Questions

1. What Is The Reason You Chose Us?

Why this common interview question? 

They want to gauge your interest in the company and whether you have done your research beyond just browsing job postings. Your answer should include specific points that link you to Walmart, such as their values, career opportunities, or a particular product or service. 

Example answer:

My family has always been drawn to Walmart; it was where we celebrated special occasions with birthday cakes from the bakery and back-to-school shopping sprees. I’ve always admired how a community hub like yours connects with families like mine.

Also, I’m particularly impressed by your commitment to sustainability. Walmart has always strived to reduce plastic packaging and source local produce for its goods, which, in my opinion, sets a high bar for the industry. As someone passionate about environmental campaigns, I’d be proud to contribute to these efforts! 

That aside, my background in customer service and my fluency in Spanish would be valuable assets in your diverse teams. I’m confident I can connect with customers from all backgrounds to contribute to a welcoming, more inclusive environment. 

2. Which Hours Will You Be Available?

Walmart Employee

Why this question? 

They might have open positions requiring varied schedules (e.g., full-time, part-time, evenings, weekends). Knowing your availability early on saves time for both sides in the hiring process.

Example answer:

  • If you are a flexible student seeking a part-time job:

Currently, I’m available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3 PM to 8 PM, and I’m also open to working additional hours on Saturdays if needed.

My classes are all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so those days are unavailable. However, I have a study break from 12 PM to 2 PM on Thursdays, and I’d be happy to cover a lunch shift then if that’s helpful!

  • If you are an experienced worker applying for a full-time position: 

I’m available for full-time work, ideally with a schedule of 40 hours a week. I’m most comfortable with morning or afternoon shifts, but I’m flexible and willing to consider evenings or split shifts if necessary. 

In my previous role at a food retailer, I consistently worked weekends and holidays, so I’m prepared to fill any staffing gaps you might have during those times.

  • For parents juggling multiple commitments:

My ideal schedule would be weekdays from 10 AM to 3 PM, as I need to pick up my kids after school. However, depending on your staffing needs, I can work some evenings or weekends. I’m also available for longer shifts on Fridays as my partner has those days off.

I understand it might be tricky to fit this in, but I’m a highly motivated and adaptable worker. I’m confident I can manage different schedules when needed.

  • For recent graduates with open availability: 

I’m currently seeking full-time work and have flexible availability. I’m open to any shifts, including mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. I know that Walmart has busy peak hours, so I’m happy to be assigned to schedules where I can contribute the most.

3. Have You Ever Delivered Excellent Customer Service? Describe Your Previous Experience.

Walmart’s Uniform

Why this question?

Here is your chance to showcase your empathy, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to a customer-centric approach. Did you actively listen and understand the customer’s needs, then go the extra mile to exceed their expectations?

Example answer: 

One Saturday morning at my local craft store, a woman approached me clutching a tangled mess of glitter glue and a half-finished fairy house. “This glue is the worst!” she yelled at me, “My work is ruined!”

I quickly discovered that she was creating this elaborate fairy house for her niece’s birthday, which explained the visible panic and disappointment on her face. I could have just simply offered a stock return, but instead, I decided to dive deeper. 

I asked questions about the project and the “crime scene” of the glue malfunction. We scavenged the store for alternative adhesives and experimented with different options for scrap materials. I also shared some crafting tips I’d picked up over the years, which finally brought a smile to her face! 

We worked side-by-side for nearly an hour to repair the fairy house. It wasn’t perfect, but it was saved. And most importantly, the customer’s spirit was revived! When she left, she told me: “Thank you. You just made my niece’s birthday possible.”

That day, I realized the power of active listening and the magic that would happen when you genuinely want to make a difference in someone’s experience.

4. What Do You Do To Manage Workload In A Fast-Paced Environment While Still Guaranteeing Quality? 

Why this question?

A Walmart employee must be able to prioritize tasks and handle multiple deadlines, staying organized amidst the whirlwind of a typical busy retail environment.

Example answer:

First, I build a mental “priority pyramid.” For instance, critical customer-centered tasks will sit at the peak and require my full focus. Meanwhile, administrative duties or restocking form the base of the pyramid, tackled in moments when the customer flow ebbs.

Next, I will timebox my tasks. Each customer interaction gets a dedicated slot to ensure fair service, preventing any request from snowballing into a time-consuming black hole. 

This strategy keeps the queue moving and minimizes customer frustration – a crucial element of quality service. And when the tide rises, I will give my colleagues clear instructions for simpler tasks and free myself to tackle more complex issues. 

Of course, speed does not mean sacrificing accuracy. I will perform constant micro-quality checks throughout my interactions, such as a quick double-check of product compatibility or a confirmation call during a phone order. Thanks to these small but powerful steps, my performance will always exceed all expectations. 

5. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Why this question?

Do you have clear goals, and are you motivated to work towards them? Express your career goals clearly to show the hiring manager you truly consider Walmart a stepping stone or even a potential long-term home.

Example answer:

Five years from now, the familiar Walmart blue vest might still be on my back, but the world I see through it will be transformed.

During the first two years, I’ll immerse myself in the daily customer experience to learn the needs and aspirations of the community. 

And once spending time on more local initiatives, such as food banks or neighborhood clean-ups, I’ll leverage my insights to propose programs that bridge the gap between Walmart and the community. My goal is to build a collaborative ecosystem where everyone wins. 

Starting from the third year, with a proven track record, I might seek opportunities to lead community engagement initiatives within Walmart. At the end of the day, I aspire to become Walmart’s trusted advisor and advocate, working with other competent colleagues to turn our company into a pillar of community support. 

6. You Saw One Of Your Coworkers Stealing Some Money From The Store’s Register. What Would You Do?

Why this question?

The question assesses multiple interpersonal skills at the same time.

For starters, you must be able to identify situations that violate policies and might harm the business in the long run. Then, it is important to effectively communicate such a sensitive issue to both your coworker and superior. A calm approach to challenging situations is necessary, as it will open the doors to more constructive solutions. 

Example answer:

I’d excuse myself from any customers and approach the coworker privately. I’d start calmly, “Hey, I need to talk to you about something urgent.”

While acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, I’d try to understand the context. I would ask, “Is everything alright? What’s going on that led you to do this?” You know, sometimes, desperation can drive people to the wrong choices.

Regardless of the reason, I’d clearly state that stealing from the company has serious consequences. Still, I’d avoid accusatory language and focus on finding a solution. For instance, if the coworker is having financial difficulty, I’d suggest employee assistance programs or charities that could help. 

Depending on the severity of the case and my trust in the coworker, I might suggest they report the incident themselves directly to the company (or, if they’re hesitant, anonymously through a designated hotline).

7. What Would You Do To Handle An Extremely Angry Customer?

Why this behavioral interview question?

They want to see how you manage conflict and prevent situations from escalating. Can you remain calm and professional despite extreme pressure?

Example answer:

First, I would step aside to give the customer my full attention. I would let them vent without interruptions (except for empathetic nods and sincere responses like “I understand”). This strategy validates their emotions while setting the tone for a respectful dialogue. I would also ask clarifying questions gently to identify the root of the problem.

Once I grasp the situation, I would offer options like a replacement product, a store credit, or a manager consultation, depending on the nature of the issue. Even after the customer leaves, I would follow up with a short email to thank them for their patience and check in on customer satisfaction.

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Quick FAQs

How long is a Walmart interview?

About 30 to 60 minutes for entry-level positions and possibly longer for management roles. 

What to wear in a Walmart interview?

Prepare for An Interview

Have you applied for a part-time or hourly job at this retail giant? Then, I suggest business casual outfits that are well-fitting, neat, and clean for your interview days.

Men should opt for button-down shirts (or shirts and vests) with slacks or khakis. On the other hand, women wearing coordinated separates – such as slacks or skirts and blouses or sweaters – would certainly leave a strong first impression. 

How about a longer interview process for higher-level management positions or leadership roles? A suit will always be considered appropriate; even Walmart itself suggests the same thing! 

Extra tips:

  • Men should pick shirt patterns or colors that aren’t too loud, such as blue, black, gray, or khaki. And even without any suit jacket, a tie always adds a great finishing touch to the outfit while highlighting your professionalism. 
  • For women, I suggest checking the dress or skirt length when sitting; it shouldn’t be too short. Keep the patterns and colors a bit more conservative, and avoid casual tops like tank tops, crop tops, or graphic T-shirts. 


Do not respond to a simple interview question with something equally uninteresting. 

Instead, your extremely well-prepared response to even the most basic inquiries (e.g., Which hours can you work?) shows them you are truly invested and wish to become a long-term partner of their team. And honestly, who wouldn’t be impressed by such dedication?

Write to me, as always, for more interview preparation tips if needed.

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