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walmart call in sick number

Walmart allows their employees to have paid sick leaves, but only after their managers and supervisors have been informed beforehand through the Walmart call-out number. 

Many beginners struggle to find this number or use it properly, which is why I have compiled a full guide based on extensive research. Continue reading to learn more!

What Is The Call-out Number for Walmart

To report your sickness and absence, use the Walmart call-out line at 1-800-775-5944. Prepare all the necessary information to provide when making the call, including your birth date, store number, and WIN (Walmart Identification Number), so that the HR and management team can record your requests accurately and manage scheduling adjustments.

Aside from the paperwork, it is advisable to call them 2-3 hours in advance before your scheduled shift. This shows your responsibility for your job and respect for your colleagues; your store manager also has more time to find someone to cover for you.

How to Use The Walmart Employee Call-Out Number

Method 1. Dial 1-800-775-5944 to Report 

If prompted, input your WIN, store number, and birth date. The system will send you a verification number before transferring you to the store manager; give it to the manager and tell him why you are calling out. Some examples: “My son is sick, so I am taking him to the hospital,” “I’m feeling unwell.”

Call Out In Sick
  • As mentioned, you should call at least 3 hours before a scheduled shift.
  • There’s no need to provide doctor’s notes or detailed medical info when you call out. A simple “I am sick” is enough.

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Method 2. Report Your Absence Online

After navigating to OneWalmart, choose “Login” and enter your WIN and password. Once signed in to your account, scroll to the top to hit “Report Absence.” 

Click the shift you will be missing and give a short, brief explanation. (e.g., “My daughter has a fever and is missing classes today,” “I am not feeling good.”). Hit “Submit” when you are done, then write the confirmation code popping up on the screen.

  • Do you prefer to do it on your mobile phone? Download the Me@Walmart application and follow the same steps to report.
  • Again, remember to submit your request 2-3 hours before your scheduled shift.
  • Call your higher-up to inform them you will not be working your next shift, just in case they have not been notified automatically. 

How to Call in Sick At Walmart If You Don’t Have A WIN Number

If you don’t have a WIN number, call the store directly and speak to your manager.

Suppose you fail to reach the manager; consider leaving a voicemail message or sending an email instead. Be sure to include all other relevant information, such as your name, department, date of birth, and the reason for your absence.

Walmart’s Policy on Calling Out and PTO

How Many Days Do You Have Per Year to Use Your Call Outs Without Penalty?

Employees have 6 paid days off or 48 hours a year to use their PPTO (Protected Paid Time Off). The policy applies to all retail associates, whether temporary, part-time, or full-time, and will not result in any penalty if they call in sick before the shift starts.

  • New hires do not get PPTO immediately; PPTO is accrued based on how long they have been employed and how many hours they work.
  • PPTO still counts against the regular PTO (paid time off). Let’s say you are a new associate accruing 72 PTO hours during your first year; 48 hours out of 72 will be “protected” (PPTO) for sick days. Similarly, excessive usage of PTO for personal matters or vacation days will leave you fewer PPTO days to call in sick.
  • Do you have any unused PPTO this year? Then, it will roll over the following year.

What Happens When You Call In Sick Despite Having No PPTO Left?

In that case, each requested absence will give you one “warning point” that lasts six months on the record. Walmart uses the warning point system to track its employee conduct; the more warning points you have, the more likely you will face serious penalties, such as write-up or even termination.

  • Here’s an example: if you call in twice in February and once in April with no PPTO left, you will have three warning points. The first 2 points (from February) are terminated in August, and the one from April will expire in October.
  • Walmart also gives one warning point if you miss more than 50% of your shift by leaving early, showing up late, or both.
  • If you call out with no PPTO left, your shift will not get paid. 

What Happens If You Do Not Report Your Absence?

Report Absence

Failure to report (or only reporting after the shift has begun) will give you two warning points, regardless of how many PPTO hours you have left. To avoid that, simply call in before the shift’s scheduled starting time.

And what if you cannot call in due to an emergency? Reach out to your supervisor if he has made accommodations/exceptions for similar cases before. Another solution is to contact your family members and have them call in on your behalf. 

What Happens If You Have More Than 5 Warning Points?

Walmart might fire you if you accumulate points too quickly within six months.

Therefore, I think it would be best to avoid calling out unless you are really unable to make it. Talk openly to your supervisor or manager if you are worried about having too many warning points. Consider asking them for some accommodations (e.g., letting you work fewer hours) if such changes can help you arrange your schedule better.

When Should You Use Your Medical Leave Instead of Calling in Sick?

Are you suffering from a serious condition that persists for a long period? Then, consider using a medical leave instead. The following diagnosed health conditions are eligible for medical leave, according to Walmart executives:

  • Physical illness
  • Injury
  • Mental health problems
  • Major surgery
  • Substance use disorder (rehab/treatment program included)

All employees can have up to twelve weeks of medical leave (unpaid), regardless of their employment years, pay rates, and positions, and still keep their jobs once the leave ends. The medical leave policy also applies if you have a sick spouse, child, or any other family member who needs full-time attention and care.

  • Log in to mySedgwick and request your medical leave. Remember to provide your work schedule, WIN, and other related information.
  • Ask for medical documents from your health provider (e.g., a letter) to support your report.
  • Walmart stores in certain states agree to offer short-term assistance or paid sick leaves under special circumstances, so contact the shop manager to see whether your case is eligible. If approved, the company will pay you 50 to 60% of your regular wage until you can return to work. 

Extra Tips When Calling In Sick at Walmart

Working for a huge retail store like Walmart involves tight schedules and barely any room for breaks – all the more reason to follow its guidelines properly when calling in sick. Below are some tips to smooth out the process:

1. Be Polite and Patient

Remember that the customer service representative is there to assist you in every step, so stay polite and patient as they are trying to confirm your information. 

And even if they fail to provide what you need this time, Walmart has various resources to handle these matters anyway. Just ask them for other alternative departments that can address your concern. 

2. Consult a Healthcare Professional

Before reaching out to Walmart, it’s advisable to consult a nurse or doctor about your symptoms. With their professional guidance, you can understand your medical condition better and provide more accurate information in your report of absence. 

3. Provide Your Contact Information

Be sure your full name and contact number are included during the call! That way, Walmart’s HR or management will find it more convenient to reach out if they still have questions or need more information about your situation.

4. Call in During Working Hours

To get accurate information about the store’s schedule or other related issues, I suggest only making your call when the management/HR offices are still open. Their staff will be better prepared to address your questions and inquiries during those periods. 

5. Honesty Is Key

It’s important to give your manager accurate, updated information about your sickness and the estimated length of your absence, even when your recovery only takes a day or two. The managers need to rearrange tasks during your leave, so they will appreciate all types of heads-ups in advance!

Last but not least, do not make up your illness or fake symptoms when calling in sick. In the worst-case scenario, these blatant lies might keep you from getting the necessary support during your leave.

What If You Have To Call in Late or After Hours?

  • Be honest and upfront with your manager about why you call in late.
  • Offer to make up the time that you missed, if possible.
  • Apologize for any inconvenience that you may have caused.

Most managers will be supportive/understanding if you have a legitimate reason for calling in late or after hours. But do not make it a habit, or disciplinary action will be inevitable!


Use 1-800-775-5944 to call in sick at Walmart and explain your reason clearly. Most importantly, to avoid accumulating warning points in the future or having no PPTO hours left in case of emergencies, only submit your request for paid sick leave when absolutely necessary.

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