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Nowadays, you may find work-from-home jobs without experience, regardless of your degree of expertise, or want to switch careers to a different field. Indeed, remote positions are available in various sectors that don’t require a degree or expertise.

Work-From-Home Jobs

If you are looking for such a position, check out my list of easy jobs below. You may find the one that is interesting to you!

21 Legit Online/Remote Jobs With No Experience

1. Customer Service

Annual salary: $36,000 to $54,000

Customer service representatives (CSRs) assist customers of a business via chat, phone, or email. Even without prior work experience, you may still get hired as a remote customer care agent if you have excellent writing and vocal communication abilities.

This customer service position is ideal for job searchers who have strong problem-solving skills and enjoy regular human communication. However, one drawback of CSR positions is that their work schedules are typically fairly rigid. For instance, even if you work online in a different nation, you will still be required to work US business hours if the company’s clients are headquartered there.

2. Data Entry

women Data Engineer

Annual salary: $40,504

A career as a data entry clerk is also ideal for people who would rather work from home and have little to no experience. Since data entry is not required during the 9–5 workday, this employment frequently offers flexible hours.

One of the responsibilities is to input data into a digital source, generally an order form, spreadsheet, printed document, or similar structured source. Information verification and data accuracy checks are two additional responsibilities.

3. Sales Representative

Annual salary: $76,681

If you are a talkative person, being a salesperson might be suitable for you. Sales professionals use outreach and pitching to close deals on the goods and services offered by their firm. 

Even though job duties may change, you should anticipate conducting market research, following up on leads that show promise, sending cold emails, and communicating with both current and new clients to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree for this job because a high school diploma is often required. Sales reps can be recruited as full-time or part-time remote workers.

4. Technical Support

Annual salary: $43,480

Although their responsibilities differ slightly from CSR’s, technical support positions often involve software debugging, assistance with configuration and setup, and general tech question answering.

There are many remote jobs available in technical assistance. You need:

  • Customer service abilities
  • A PC capable of executing the required programs
  • An aptitude for fixing issues

The best part is that many companies typically offer training, so you don’t need prior experience. If you can communicate complex ideas in simple terms and are interested in technology, this profession could be the right career.

5. Travel Consultant

Annual salary: $48,925

Customers may book hotels, flights, cruises, and other types of travel with the assistance of a travel consultant. Even though there are now more Internet booking options for travelers, many still work with a specialized consultant to help them plan the best vacation possible.

You may help clients from anywhere with a remote travel agent job; all you need is a wide variety of soft skills, like:

  • Skills in providing customer service
  • Aptitude for organization
  • Skills in negotiating
  • Basic computer skills

While not necessary, prior experience in the tourism sector might be beneficial. Suppose you enjoy traveling and are well-versed in travel locations, hotel and airline rules, and various booking systems. In this case, you’re in a great position to assist others in organizing their ideal getaway.

6. Proofreader

Annual salary: $57,520

Before anything is published online or off, everything is reviewed by proofreaders. In a sense, they are the final line of defense for grammar. A proofreader carefully goes over text, looking for and correcting any spelling or grammatical errors.

Becoming a proofreader requires having the following:

  • Observation of detail
  • Fundamental computing abilities
  • Exceptional command of the English language

Although it’s typically not required, having an MA or BA in English might assist you in getting employed. It should be sufficient to have a high school certificate or language certification program.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Annual salary: $50,749

Another typical remote position that doesn’t require experience is that of a virtual assistant (VA). Like an administrative assistant, but—you got it—virtual, meaning all your job is done from a distance.

A virtual assistant can do a wide range of duties, depending on the job, including:

  • Tasks related to administration: Setting up meetings, arranging appointments, organizing social gatherings, etc.
  • Data input: Confirming the accuracy of particular data sets. This entails updating spreadsheets and verifying the data’s correctness.
  • Lead generation: Prospects are qualified online and added to a spreadsheet with their contact details.

The ones looking for virtual assistants don’t need applicants with prior work experience since they will teach you all you need to know on the job.

8. Transcriptionist

Annual salary: $41,995

Transcriptionists take audio files and turn them into text. Transcribing talks from meetings, seminars, interviews, and other spoken events might fall under this category. Since transcribing is an autonomous task that simply requires a computer and proficient listening and typing skills, there are many remote transcription jobs accessible.

Transcriptionists are excellent for first jobs because they typically don’t require any prior experience. However, your typing speed may be put to the test. Typing at a minimum of 60 words per minute with proper grammar is required. When applying for a remote transcribing job, the most crucial thing you can accomplish is showing that you can consistently produce high-quality, error-free transcripts.

9. Search Engine Evaluator

Data Analyst

Annual salary: $50,884

If you are already browsing the internet, it would make sense to get compensated for it. In this position, employees will evaluate search engines, such as Google or Naver, as compensation for their work. The main responsibility is to ensure the accuracy and relevance of search engine results based on user queries.

After that, the search engine provider receives this input so they may enhance their service. This often at-home work opportunity simply requires a quiz to gauge your familiarity with the search engine tool you’ll be evaluating. That’s the sole prerequisite for applying.

10. Babysitter


Annual salary: $36,641

This job is no strange job for college students and teenagers out there. You don’t need much experience to do this job and can look after your clients’ babies right at your home. You can start immediately as long as you are caring and responsible. Your abilities, expertise, integrity, and competency determine how well you do the job. Additionally, a plethora of energy, love, tolerance, and common sense! These characteristics will get you far in this job and bring you the pay you deserve.

While qualifications are not required, your learning journey still needs to continue. Babysitting provides ample opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Each experience offers new insights and challenges that contribute to your growth as a caregiver. So, keep learning about childcare and skills in managing children’s needs, resolving conflicts, and ensuring their safety.

11. English Teacher

English Teacher

Annual salary: $53,610

If you speak English as your first language, you can teach English to people worldwide. Teachers who speak native English are in great demand practically everywhere globally, from China to Europe, and many employers are willing to hire them remotely.

Therefore, this is a terrific chance for you to work from home without experience if you have a strong command of the English language and are adept at teaching grammar. The majority of employers who hire ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers demand a teaching credential in addition to TESOL or TEFL certification. Thus, you are advised to investigate this before applying.

12. Community Manager

Annual salary: $58,937

Community managers are essential for managing online communities such as Discord channels, Facebook groups, forums, etc. They are responsible for answering inquiries, facilitating conversations, and monitoring that community members abide by the rules.

Additionally, you will need to understand how the employer’s particular good or service operates, but you may learn that on the job. Start your employment hunt on social media since these entry positions may be posted there.

13. Social Media Evaluator

Annual salary: $47,714

It is your responsibility as a social media evaluator to assess information submitted on social media and ensure that it complies with certain rules. Depending on your company, you may also have to ensure that the advertisements running on the site fit specific requirements.

Becoming a social media evaluator is possible in the following cases:

  • You know a lot about IT
  • Your English is good
  • You’re willing to work hard

Certain social media assessors let you work remotely, while others exclusively accept applicants with US addresses. These positions may be found on the most well-known employment boards, and the advertisement itself ought to be able to determine your eligibility.

14. Software Engineer

Software Developer or Engineer

Annual salary: $147,524

Unbelievably, software engineering is one more career that you may perform remotely without expertise. Numerous programming jobs on the internet require only a basic understanding of programming language and a desire to learn.

You don’t even need a high-performance PC to begin with. Some businesses may even cover the expense of setting up a remote workstation.

That being said, this one has a far higher entrance hurdle compared to most of the other careers on my list. Even if you may work remotely as a coder without any prior expertise, you’ll still need to dedicate six months to a year of your free time to mastering the craft.

15. Online Tutoring Job

Annual salary: $39,111

Do you have remarkable knowledge of a certain field or subject? Are you an effective teacher or childcare provider? Working with children of all ages and getting compensated for your expertise may be possible through tutoring. Creating lesson plans, helping students with assignments, and helping them get ready for tests are the main duties of tutors.

Tutoring roles are in great demand, particularly those that are distant. Since you may work with your pupils at the most convenient times for connection, these positions provide you with scheduling freedom. You don’t need any prior professional experience for these jobs. Nonetheless, it is advantageous for the position if you have a degree in the particular subject you are coaching.

16. Stylist

Annual salary: $30,200

If you’re passionate about fashion, working remotely as a stylist could be the perfect fit. As a remote stylist, you will help clients choose clothes, accessories, and personal care items that fit their body type and personal style. 

Some entry-level jobs in this industry may merely demand the capacity for intelligent recommendation-making and a strong sense of personal style.

To succeed as a remote stylist, you must have:

  • Deep understanding of current styles and trends in fashion
  • Ability to evaluate the color, form, and preferences of a client’s body
  • Inventiveness in creating well-fitting, stylish ensembles
  • Excellent communication abilities to comprehend the needs of the client
  • Excellent planning abilities to oversee several client projects

You can apply to work as a freelancer or as a full-time employee. Just remember to first develop an online portfolio to highlight your essential skills.

17. Content Writing Job

write email

Annual salary: $84,151

Content writers produce many different kinds of online material, including blog entries, interviews, essays, and more. Their objectives are to increase website traffic and spread knowledge about their business. Therefore, while not required, understanding SEO (search engine optimization) techniques is beneficial for this entry-level role.

Since you may write whenever and wherever you choose, this is often flexible and remote employment. Online content writers might work as freelancers for several different firms or as full-time employees of one organization.

18. Inbox Manager

Annual salary: $85,000 to $139,000

Inbox managers are professionals working remotely who manage email correspondence on behalf of people or companies. This can include undertaking things such as:

  • Arranging and classifying emails
  • Answering regular questions
  • Setting up meetings and appointments
  • Sending critical communications to the right people

It is comparable to other administrative positions, such as executive assistant, except that prior experience is not a requirement. The following are the primary prerequisites for a job as an inbox manager:

  • Strong aptitude for organizing
  • Outstanding written communication
  • Work alone ability

If you want to start a home-based administrative profession, becoming an inbox manager is a terrific alternative as long as you can focus and complete your obligations on time.

19. Captioner

Annual salary: $131,001

Though they create the closed captions that appear at the bottom of films, captioners are not unlike transcriptionists. Closed captioning makes information accessible to people who are hard of hearing or deaf by allowing viewers to read along with the audio. As more businesses look to include captions in their video material, remote captioning positions are in great demand.

Without any prior professional experience, you may start with this job when you have the following abilities:

  • Strong mastery of syntax, spelling, and punctuation Excellent hearing and the capacity to properly copy spoken language
  • Able to work fast to fulfill deadlines

Your desire to learn is more significant than your experience with formatting requirements or captioning software because many captioning firms offer training.

20. Web Designer

Web Designer

Annual salary: $72,821

Web designers create websites’ user interfaces and aesthetics. This can involve choosing colors and fonts, designing page layouts, and ensuring the overall look and feel are appealing and consistent with the brand. Since all that is needed for the job is a computer and an internet connection, many businesses choose to employ remote web designers.

While prior experience is not required, employers may favor it. Web designers do not need it, similar to graphic designers. In the end, a compelling portfolio is what will ultimately make or break your application for an entry-level position.

Here are the standard skill requirements that you need to have:

  • Knowledge of design programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Knowledge of UX/UI best practices and web design principles

Building websites or taking on freelancing work is a common first step for ambitious web designers looking to establish their portfolio and obtain real-world experience.

21. Video Editor

Annual salary: $65,728

If you like editing videos, why not monetize this skill? With the correct software and hardware, you can accomplish many video editing tasks from the comfort of your own home. The following abilities are necessary to work as a video editor:

  • Basic knowledge of video editing programs such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Inventiveness and a knack for conveying stories visually
  • Excellent time management to fulfill commitments

A strong portfolio that highlights your work is all that most video editing positions require, not a ton of experience. If you’re ready to get started, Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy are just a few of the many online resources that may assist you in developing the essential abilities.

3 Steps To Find High-Paying Online Jobs With No Experience

Can you believe that you still land a fantastic career even if you do not have any experience related to the online job you are seeking? Sounds like something straight from a dream, right? The shocking thing is it can totally happen. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Determine Exactly What Qualifications You’ll Need For The Position You Seek

It’s usually useful to understand what employers are looking for when recruiting for a job or positions comparable to it before attempting to pitch yourself for that particular position. Open up a couple of job descriptions or job postings that correspond with the kind of position you are looking for, and peruse them to find out what qualifications and experiences companies are looking for.

Step 2: Identify Your Transferable Abilities And Emphasize Them

Proficiency in a certain area that you may use for seemingly unrelated employment is known as transferable skills. For instance, organizing a student or parent organization’s calendar might be a good fit for an executive assistant position where planning and scheduling are frequent duties.

To let the hiring manager know that you have the abilities they’re seeking, incorporate these capabilities into your cover letter, resume, and interview questions.

Step 3: Make An Eye-Catching Resume

The next step is to craft a remote job resume, particularly for the remote job you are looking for. Make sure your resume highlights your qualifications, any necessary certificates, and other information.

To create a resume for a remote job without any experience, follow these tips:

  • Emphasize Your Transferable Skills: You probably have a variety of transferrable abilities that are useful in a remote job, even if you don’t have direct work experience. So highlight those to make your resume stand out.
  • Add Relevant Coursework: Include any pertinent degrees, basic education background, training courses, or schoolwork to demonstrate your expertise and enthusiasm for the industry.
  • Include Internships And Volunteer Work: Listing your internships or volunteer work is a wonderful replacement if you don’t have any employment experience. Explain how the experience enhanced your abilities and how it relates to the position you are seeking.
  • Display Your Own Initiatives: Any side projects, extracurricular pursuits, or career-related interests can serve as excellent means of demonstrating your skills. Describe the background knowledge, abilities, and accomplishments you have acquired.
  • Express Your Passion: Your CV should highlight your experience and your desire to learn in a work-from-home setting. I advise including a resume objective to let the recruiting managers know this from the outset.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re trying to change careers or start a new side gig, remote work could fit into your goals. Fortunately, a lot of remote jobs are available these days that don’t require prior work experience in the industry. Do you want to try any of the above work-from-home jobs? With the right abilities and heeding my guidance, you may secure a remote job without experience.

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