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On March 4, Negotia’s President, Monica Paulsen, sat down with UNI’s Christina Colclough for a chat about artificial intelligence, AI, workers’ data rights, the fears and reality of automation and much more.

Here are a few key excerpts:

Monica: What are main technical developments we should be aware of in the next 2-3 years?

Christina: Of the digital things, its this over-excitement of data. The data gathering, the inferences and profiles made on all of our activities. From where we shop, what we shop, the GPS we use. So the first, is this data gathering, and how it might affect our employment chances. The second thing is the automation of management. We don’t talk about this a lot, but a lot of management tasks are being automated by AI: human resources, scheduling, planning. 

Monica: What kind of competencies do you see for us in the future?

Christina: Everyone is concerned about that question. Maybe we need to look inwards and ask if we feel comfortable with the thought of re-training? We have to start regarding training as a natural part of our work. As we do emails, as we do expenses claims, we train. But what training? Well, what can be automated, probably will be. So lets celebrate a broad range of skills and an appreciation of what makes you, you. Are you the caring person, the creative person? Let’s bring these cognitive, personal skills to the forefront. We seldom praise each other for these competencies.

See the 11-minute video for more! Including on why Christina thinks technology is not evil and how we could use it for good!

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