Costco Membership Fees For Seniors: How Much?

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Unlike other rivals, Costco is a membership-only warehouse club. But the store still dominates the market after decades, all thanks to its bulk-sized discounts and vast product selection.

Costco Membership For Seniors

Rumors have been circulating that even seniors (60 and above) can also enjoy numerous membership benefits here. Is that true? If you plan to sign up for Costco’s senior program but feel uncertain about either the offerings or the required fees, this article is for you.

How Much Is A Costco Membership For Seniors?

Unfortunately, since April 2022, Costco has ceased to offer discounted memberships for seniors (according to Kiro7). Both the Gold Star and Executive memberships cost the same price for everyone, regardless of age. So, senior citizens are expected to pay the same as younger adults.

benefits for Costco employees

Gold Star Membership

As Costco’s most basic shopping plan, the Gold Star Membership offers standard access to every warehouse product without extra rewards or other perks. With an annual fee of $60, seniors and adults alike can:

  • Shop at every Costco location
  • Enjoy discounted prices for various products
  • Purchase everyday items through the brand’s website 

Executive Membership

Some people aim to make the most of their daily savings while enjoying Costco’s additional benefits. In that case, Executive Membership is worth considering. Despite the higher yearly fee ($120), its diverse offers can compensate for the extra $60 you have to pay: 

  • 2% cashback rewards: you will get $2 back for every $100 you spend. Frequent shoppers report that this cashback reward adds up faster than expected, surpassing their membership costs in less than a year. 
  • Exclusive services: You can access Costco’s discounted traveling packages and lower prices for some select services, such as insurance plans or car rentals. A perfect choice for those in need of special services or passionate about traveling! 

Which Membership Option Is Better?

To decide the better membership type between the two, seniors should keep in mind their lifestyle preferences, shopping habits, and (most importantly) current budgets. 

  • Are you an occasional shopper who mostly visits the store for basic household items or grocery needs? Then Gold Star Membership should do. 
  • How about those who expect to spend a large sum on Costco products throughout the entire year? Or are you eyeing special services like car rentals, auto insurance plans, and travel packages? In that case, there is no reason not to place your bet on the Executive membership.

How to Sign Up For A Costco Membership for Seniors

Either sign up at a physical warehouse location or opt for a shorter route via its official website. Costco accepts both options!

Method 1. In-Person

Step 1. 

Choose a nearby Costco location. Once you enter, the receptionist at the door will politely ask you to show them your membership card. Just tell them that you are here to sign yourself up for one. 

Step 2. 

The staff will then direct you to the location membership counter. Explain to them that you want to be a Costco member, and they will show you two available membership levels (the Executive and Gold Star membership, as I discussed earlier). 

I’ve already introduced all the exclusive benefits of each membership plan. But it does not take much time to let the staff walk you through everything again! In fact, many people decided to switch options at the last minute after listening to the explanation in person.

Step 3. 

Once you settle on either the Executive or Gold Star, the staff will give you your membership card on the spot. Time to get wild with your shopping spree! 

Method 2. Online

Step 1.

Navigate to Join Costco, then choose the membership plan you prefer. Complete the follow-up form and click “Save and Continue.” Just follow the remaining prompts and type in your payment info. Once you confirm your membership, the membership number will be sent to your email. 

Step 2. 

Unfortunately, you cannot just sit in front of the computer waiting for your physical card; Costco still requires you to drop by a local Costco warehouse. 

Speak to the counter staff about your card, and they will help you handle the rest. Note that they will take a picture of you for the card, so make sure to dress decently. 

Now that your card is ready, it’s time to shop!

Is Costco Membership Worth It?

As mentioned, Costco does not really offer an exclusive senior discount. Nevertheless, I still believe senior shoppers will benefit from these memberships. Regular promotions, low prices far beyond the average, and more; they have it all! 

And the older you get, the more inconvenient it will be to drive from place to place just to find one small item you need. That’s why a one-stop shop like Costco is all the more valuable, granting you access to all types of products while charging significantly less than many other competitors! 

Still, I must admit there are some downsides: 

  • A wide range of Costco products are sold in bulk, which makes them more suitable for extended families or households with children. If you only purchase for a small number of people, the cost savings might not be able to cover your annual membership fee.
  • Costco warehouses are extremely large, so seniors with mobility difficulties usually struggle to navigate them. 

7 Things Seniors Should Always Buy At Costco

Costco Employees


For seniors with no health insurance (or whose insurance does not cover certain types of drugs), Costco offers a special Prescription Program that allows Costco members to obtain low prices at partnering pharmacies. 


Regardless of your optical preferences – sunglasses, contact lenses, or eyeglasses – Costco has it all, and at a very competitive price, too! The retailer also has a well-established optical department for eye tests, which you can rely on to choose the highest-quality products.

Supplements and Vitamins

Of course, you should always consult with a doctor before buying any new supplement or vitamin. But once you have their approval, head straight to Costco! This warehouse offers a very wide selection of dietary/herbal supplements, vitamins, and multivitamins at attractive prices, even more so in sales seasons. 

Batteries for Hearing Aids

Battery costs can add up faster than you think. Fortunately, purchasing premium ones without breaking the bank is never easier, thanks to Kirkland Signature, one of Costco’s house brands! Aside from specialized hearing aid departments, there are also related services like hearing aid check-ups and cleanings, all 100% free.

Mobility Aids

Need some help to move around? No worries; you can trust Costco to offer great deals on walkers and wheelchairs. And that’s not all; even medical alerting systems are available. 

Gift Cards

Do you have grandkids and look for beautiful gift cards for them? Then Costco is definitely the first place you should check, where gift cards are often sold much cheaper than their original prices – at least 25% off! 

Golf Ball

Studies have pointed out that elders who play golf regularly have much better cardiovascular health than most. Risks of heat stroke or heart attack are also almost non-existent! But before grabbing your golf club, drop by Costco to buy golf balls first. 

Other Ways to Save At Costco For Seniors

Start From The Back Of The Store

Costco has quite a strategy when placing its products throughout the store. The back of the store, for instance, often holds the “treasure trove” items: seasonal finds, clearance deals, bulk buys, and their own Kirkland Signature brand products. Trust us; they will offer insane value for your money.

On the other hand, the front of the store is designed to entice impulse purchases. Thus, you’ll find popular brands, new arrivals, or high-margin items that might not be the best deals.

Stock Up Meat

Costco offers extremely competitive meat prices, particularly when sold in bulk quantities. Better yet, there is a wide variety: poultry, beef, pork, seafood, and even ready-to-cook options like sausages and burgers. 

And by stocking up, say, several pounds of meat at one go, you no longer have to drop by the grocery store so often. Having meat readily available also makes it much easier to plan and prepare your meals. 

Sure, you might struggle a little when squeezing all that meat into a refrigerator or freezer. But other than that, there is hardly any loss! 

Split Your Bulk Purchases With Friends

This strategy is one of the best ways for you to access discounted prices on larger quantities without straining your budget. 

Plus, why get yourself overwhelmed by a mountain of household essentials or food you might not be able to finish in time? No more juggling overflowing freezers or pantry nightmares; you can now free some precious storage space in your own home. 

And, no matter how old you think you are getting, the splitting process itself can be quite a fun social activity. Bonding over the bounty of Costco, planning meals together, and enjoying the fruits (or meats!) of your shared bargain – there’s no better way to strengthen a friendship!

Shop When The Holidays Are Over

Remember how Christmas decorations, Valentine’s candies, or Halloween costumes are always available at the best prices once those holidays have passed? The same applies to Costco services. You might find some last-minute surprises, perfect for self-gifting or stashing away for future birthdays or special occasions.

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Although there is no official Costco discount for seniors, that does not stop the brand from drawing millions of elderly customers to its products year after year! 

You should also keep in mind our extra tips to gain even more benefits on common grocery items or health aid devices. Write to me if there is any question.

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