40+ Farewell Messages & Quotes to Your Colleagues

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Saying goodbye at work can be a bit tricky. You want to be genuine and maybe even a little emotional. But figuring out the right words can be tough.

But don’t worry! This guide will help you write the perfect farewell message for your coworkers or your boss. We’ll cover what to say, what to skip, and how to ensure your message leaves a positive impact.


Whether they’re retiring, starting a new job, or just moving on, you’ll have all the tools you need to send them off with a heartfelt message.

Why You Need To Say Farewell

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Saying goodbye to coworkers is more than just a ritual; it’s a genuine expression that holds significant importance in the workplace. Let us break down why it’s so crucial and how it affects you:

  1. Strengthening Networks: Saying a heartfelt goodbye to your colleagues helps keep your professional connections strong. This means you’re more likely to stay in touch and work together again in the future.
  2. Building Positive Reputation: Saying goodbye in a respectful and professional way shows that you’re a considerate person and valued team member. It leaves a good impression on your coworkers and boosts your reputation.
  3. Smoother Transitions: Your departure can disrupt things a bit, but a nice farewell message helps everyone move forward smoothly. It ties up loose ends and helps maintain a positive atmosphere in the workplace.
  4. Future Opportunities: Keeping in touch with your former coworkers can lead to new opportunities down the road. By saying a sincere goodbye, you’re keeping the door open for potential collaborations or job offers in the future.

How To Say Farewell To Your Coworkers

When bidding farewell to your coworkers, a little planning goes a long way. Take some time to think about what you want to say before your departure—it’s worth it.

Express your gratitude for your colleagues’ support and contributions. Let them know how much you’ve appreciated working with them and how they’ve made your experience better.

Personalize your farewell message. Avoid generic messages by being specific about what you’ve valued in your colleagues—whether it’s their skills, kindness, or memorable moments you’ve shared.

Lastly, don’t let the goodbye be the end. Exchange contact details to stay connected, whether it’s through phone numbers or LinkedIn. It’s a way of saying, “This isn’t goodbye forever.”

6 Ways To Send Farewell Messages

Saying goodbye at work can sometimes feel uncertain. Depending on your relationship with them and the situation, you’ll have options to choose from. Let’s explore these choices together, ensuring you can express your appreciation and well-wishes in the best way possible.

Say it in Person: A face-to-face farewell allows for genuine connection and appreciation. Take the time to express your gratitude and well-wishes directly.

Farewell Email or Message: If an in-person goodbye isn’t possible, a heartfelt email or message can still convey your sentiments effectively. Be sincere and personal in your words.

Farewell Video: Create a short video message expressing your gratitude and farewell wishes. It adds a personal touch and allows colleagues to see and hear your emotions.

Farewell Gift: A small token of appreciation, such as a handwritten note, a plant, or a gift card, can leave a lasting impression and show your colleagues how much you value them.

Throw a Party: Organize a farewell gathering to celebrate your time together. It’s a chance to reminisce, laugh, and create lasting memories before you part ways.

Social Media: Share your farewell message on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, where you can reach a wider audience. It’s a convenient way to express your gratitude and stay connected beyond the workplace.

Top 40 Examples Of Meaningful Farewell Quotes

Thank Someone For Their Time

Farewell Messages for A Retiring Coworker

  1. “Congrats on your wonderful retirement! It’s been awesome working with you and soaking up your wisdom. We’ll miss you, but we’re excited for your next chapter!”
  2. “Wish you a happy retirement! Thanks for all you’ve done for the company. Your positive vibes will be missed, but enjoy your well-deserved downtime!”
  3. “Thank you for your dedication and countless memories to the company. Best wishes for a retirement filled with joy and relaxation!”

Farewell Notes for Moving Away

  1. “It’s hard to say this, but I’m moving away. I’ll miss working with all of you, but I’m excited for this new chapter. Keep in touch and take care!”
  2. “As much as it pains me to say it, my time here is coming to an end. I’ve loved every moment with you all, and I’ll miss our laughs and collaborations. Wishing you a glorious future!”
  3. “It’s with a heavy heart that I announce I’m moving away. Working alongside you has been a blast, and I’ll treasure our sweet memories. Stay awesome, and let’s keep in touch!”
  4. “Hey everyone, I have some bittersweet news—I’m relocating. Saying goodbye is tough, but I’ll carry the friendships and beautiful moments from here with me. Take care, and see you around!”
  5. “Team, it’s time for me to bid farewell. Moving away is never easy, especially when leaving behind such an incredible group. I’ll cherish our time together and hope our paths cross again. Keep shining!”

Farewell Quotes for a Colleague Leaving Due to Health Reasons

  1. “Hey [Colleague’s Name], your health is everything. Take all the time you need to focus on getting better. We’re all rooting for you to bounce back stronger than ever!”
  2. “We’ll definitely miss having you around, but your health comes first. Don’t rush back until you’re fully ready. We’re all here supporting you!”
  3. “Hey [Colleague’s Name], just wanted to send you some good vibes for a speedy recovery. We’ve got your back every step of the way. Take care!”
  4. “Sending you tons of positive energy and good wishes for a quick recovery. Take it easy and take care of yourself.”
  5. “We’re really going to miss you, but your health is what matters most. Take all the time you need to get better. We’ll be here waiting for you!”

Goodbye Messages for a Colleague Leaving Due to Personal Reasons

  1. “We understand. Wishing you all the best in your personal journey ahead!”
  2. “Thanks for your hard work. We respect your decision and wish you happiness!”
  3. “You’ve been great to work with. Best of luck in your exciting future!”
  4. “Sad to see you go, but we support your decision. Take care and reach new heights of success!”
  5. “It’s been a pleasure. We’ll miss you, but we’re excited for what’s next for you!”

Goodbye Quotes for Employees Being Laid Off

  1. “This news is tough. You’ve been valuable to our team, and I appreciate your dedication. Wishing you success in finding your next role. “
  2. “It’s unfortunate to see you go. Your contributions won’t be forgotten. Hoping for a smooth transition and success in your future endeavors.”
  3. “I’m disappointed about the situation, but I understand. Thanks for your hard work, and I’m confident you’ll land on your feet. Wish you a new amazing journey!”

Farewell Messages for Interns Leaving

  1. “It’s been great having you with us! You’ve made great contributions and gained valuable experience. We’ll miss your enthusiasm and positivity. Best of luck in your future roles!”
  2. “Thanks for all your hard work during your internship, [Intern’s Name]. Your fresh perspective was refreshing, and we know you’ll do great things in your career. Keep in touch!”
  3. “Congrats on finishing your internship! You’ve been a valuable part of the team, and we’re excited to see where your journey takes you. Don’t be a stranger!”

Farewell Texts A Team Member Leaving the Team

  1. “Best of luck in your new role, [Colleague’s Name]! We’ll miss having you around, but we’re thrilled for your new adventure. Keep us posted on how things go!”
  2. “It’s a mix of emotions seeing you move to a new team, [Colleague’s Name]. You’ll rock it in your new role, and your presence will be missed here. Wishing you tons of success!”
  3. “Congrats on the new gig, [Colleague’s Name]! Even though you’re off to new horizons, you’ll always be part of our team. We’ll miss your positive energy and jokes. Go crush it!”

Farewell Messages for Your Boss

  1. We just wanted to say thanks for all your guidance and support. We’ve learned a ton from you, and we’re grateful for it. Best of luck with everything!”
  2. “Thanks for being such a great leader, [Boss’s Name]. Your positive vibe and support mean a lot. Wishing you continued success in whatever comes next!”
  3. “We’re sad to see you go! You’ve been a fantastic leader who has motivated and inspired our team to achieve great things. Heartfelt gratitude for everything and best wishes for a successful future!”
  4. “Thank you for your leadership and vision during your time here. You’ve made a great impact on the company and all of us. We wish you a bright and prosperous future!”
  5. “Your dedication to the team and the company has been truly appreciated. We’ll miss you. Enjoy your new chapter of life!”

Goodbye Messages for a Boss: As You Move On

  1. “Thank you for your leadership and guidance during my time here. I appreciate your support in helping me grow my professional success. Wishing you all the best in the future!”
  2. It’s been a pleasure working under your leadership. Your clear direction and willingness to mentor have been invaluable. While I’m excited about my new opportunity, I’ll miss your guidance. “
  3. “Thank you for creating a positive and supportive work environment. Your leadership style has been one I truly appreciate. Best of luck in the future!”
  4. “I’m proud to have been a part of that success and grateful for your role in fostering a collaborative and driven environment. Wishing you continued success in your future endeavors!”
  5. “I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your leadership and mentorship during my time here. You’ve been a fantastic boss, and I’ll miss your guidance.”
  6. “It’s hard to say goodbye, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked under your leadership. Your wisdom and encouragement have been invaluable.”
  7. “Working with you has been a pleasure. Your mentorship has meant a lot to me, and I’ll miss having you around. Good luck with everything!”

What To Note In A Goodbye Message To A Colleague

When you’re saying goodbye to a coworker, it’s important to be positive and respectful. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  1. Be positive: Don’t talk about bad stuff or gossip. Keep your message upbeat and focus on thanking your colleagues and wishing them well.
  2. Stay professional: Even if you’re not happy about leaving, it’s best to be polite. You never know when you might see your coworker again, so it’s important not to burn any bridges.
  3. Keep it work-related: It’s okay to share some memories but don’t go overboard with personal stuff. Stick to topics about work and say nice things about your colleagues.
  4. Watch your jokes: While it’s okay to be funny, make sure your jokes are light and won’t offend anyone.
  5. Don’t mention your new job: Unless everyone already knows where you’re going, it’s best not to talk about your new job. It might seem like you’re bragging or trying to make your current company look bad.
  6. Be positive about leaving: Instead of complaining about your new job or bringing up old arguments, focus on the good things. Thank your colleague for their friendship and support.
  7. Keep it simple: Don’t get too emotional or dramatic in your message. Just be sincere and say what you need to say.
  8. Check for mistakes: Before you send your message, make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. It’s important to be professional, even when you’re saying goodbye.


There you have it! With these tips in mind, you’re ready to write a farewell message that’s both heartfelt and professional. Remember, a thoughtful goodbye can strengthen connections and leave a positive lasting impression. So go forth, express your gratitude, and wish your departing colleague all the best!

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