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Home Depot, one of the biggest players in the home improvement field, is constantly on the lookout for new team members. At the time of my writing, they already have more than 500,000 associates on their payroll worldwide. 

Home Depot Employee Discount

If you are one of these associates yourself – or are planning to be – you must have heard whispers about the employee discount at Home Depot and wondered if it is legit. After some research, I’ve got some information to share on that front.

Does Home Depot Give Employee Discounts?

Yes. You get a standard 10% discount on every regular-priced goodie. And it’s not just for you; your family members can also score some savings here. 

The discount might vary based on your current job position and working location. Some items even have a 30% off tag! Below is a full list of products that are up for grabs: 

  • Tools: Power tools, hand tools, tool sets, tool storage, etc., from big names like Rigid, Makita, Milwaukee, and DeWalt.
  • Hardware: Screws, fasteners, anchors, nails, fittings, etc
  • Building materials: Plywood, lumber, insulation, decking materials, siding
  • Electrical: Light fixtures, cables, wiring, outlets, switches
  • Plumbing: Shower heads, faucets, valves, fittings, pipes
  • Garden and lawn: Sprinklers, garden hoses, tools, fertilizers, soil amendments
  • Bath and kitchen: Sinks, cabinets, flooring, toilets, faucets, lighting
  • Home decoration: Wallpaper, paint, accessories, window treatments, wall coverings
  • Appliances: Most major appliances (e.g., ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators) are usually not on the list. But smaller ones are often included. 
  • Millwork: Shelving, closet organizers, storage products, lumber for do-it-yourself projects

And do not forget some amazing deals on van leases, stock purchases, and GE appliances. There’s also a Perks at Work program packed with even more merchandise. 

Source: https://careers.homedepot.com/our-benefits/

What Are Other Benefits That You Will Get At Home Depot?

Working at Home Depot

Health Care

Home Depot’s health insurance will cover for you and every member of your intermediate family.

Parental Leave (100% Paid)

Once your family welcomes a new member, the company will give you some time off to bond with the baby, all while getting paid. 

24/7 “Teladoc” Support

You do not have to drag yourself to the doctor’s office whenever you feel unwell. Instead, you can video call Home Depot’s physician anytime, day or night, right from home. 

Pet Care & Insurance

Have you got any furry friends? The company’s got you covered with discounted insurance and help for pet sitting. They understand that, to many people, pets are also considered family. 

Company Match With 401(k) Saving Plan

If you are planning for the future, trust Home Depot to match $1.5 for every buck you put into your 401(k) savings plan, up to about 5% of your payment. 

Performance Bonuses

When you meet the company’s goals or deliver excellent customer service, expect to receive extra cash as a thank-you for all your hard work.

Stock Discount

If you want to become a Home Depot investor, the company will give you a good 15% off when you buy their stock.

Tuition Support

Thinking about picking up your books again? If you do decide to go back, Home Depot can help you with your tuition and even pay for some of your schooling. 

Competitive Pay

As an hourly employee, you not only receive competitive payouts ranging between $200 and a grand but also get to level up your skills as the company invests resources in your professional and personal growth. The longer you work with the company, the more you can cash in on these benefits.

Furthermore, due to new tax benefits, hourly workers also get a $1000 bonus (one time), with a lot of potential for a huge boost in regular pay. 


Whether you need a holiday, vacation day, personal day, sick leave – or even options like bereavement days and jury duty – the company will ensure their workers are cared for. That’s partly the reason why they keep fine-tuning their programs and benefit plans to suit the needs of all employees and their families. 

Can You Access These Discounts And Benefits As A Part-Time Employee?

Home Depot employee

It would be much better if you were a full-time associate, as you can access all the available benefits and discounts, health insurance included. 

And as mentioned earlier, they are not just exclusive to you; your family, partner, or eligible spouse (yes, including domestic and same-sex) are also covered!

But if you are working part-time, don’t worry; you can still receive the following:

  • Life insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Disability insurance (Short-term)
  • Dental insurance

(note that these insurance benefits are not on the table if you are just a temporary staff member).

Even better, paid leave and 401(k) contributions are accessible to everyone, regardless of hours worked – though part-time employees must complete their probationary periods first. 

How To Get Access To Your Employee Discount

Step 1. 

First up, get your hands on your current associate number (employee ID), which is the ticket to all your follow-up benefits like discounts, health care, and retirement plan (if they’re part of the deal).

Step 2. 

Next, go online and sign up for a Rewards account; this is where the entire process truly begins. While setting up your account, make sure to input your current employee ID and verify who you are.

Step 3.

Now that the Rewards account is properly set up, swing by the “My Account” page and hook it up with your ID. Your employee discounts will officially be activated after this step.

Step 4.

And that’s it! While shopping in-store, do not forget to flash your ID badge or drop your Reward account mobile number at the checkout. That’s all it takes to score your discount immediately without any fuss.

But what if you’re more of an online shopper? No worries. Just log in to HomeDepot’s official website using your employee ID, and the 10% discount for your online purchases will be waiting for you at checkout.

Step 5. 

If you still have any burning questions or need a hand to navigate the process, your HR team or store manager will be there to help and ensure you’re getting the most out of your benefits.

When Do These Benefits Begin?

New hires can benefit from the 10% discount immediately upon their employment with The Home Depot.

However, if you’re looking forward to the company’s health insurance plans, you must put in a solid 90 days (roughly three months) on the job first. Home Depot also asks for a full year of commitment before you can start reaping the benefits of the 401(k) contribution.

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All Home Depot employees get a solid 10% discount on goodies. And even as a part-time staff member, you still get access to these associate discounts and many other benefits they offer. That explains why many consider Home Depot as one of their ideal workplaces! 

Still at a loss? Either contact your manager (if you’re already on the Home Depot crew) or write to my team for more insights.

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