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Few retail chains are as popular as Target. Its trendy products, affordable prices, and enthusiastic staff members have made the brand one of the most beloved names in America and other countries.

Target dress code

To maintain its popularity, Target used to have high standards for its employees, especially regarding their uniforms. What is Target employee dress code policy? Scroll down to learn more!

What Is The Target Dress Code for Employees

At Target, employees are required to wear solid red shirts with sleeves, khaki or blue denim bottoms, including skirts, shorts, capris, pants, etc., and closed-toed footwear. The outfit must be clean with no holes, rips, or damage.

Target employee uniform

Other than that, the brand is surprisingly supportive regarding any other type of personal expression, such as hair dyes, piercings, or tattoos, as long as they do not interfere with your work. 

1. Shirts

The Target employee shirts must be 100% red without excessive writing or decorative details. According to what Target staff shared in my survey, any shade of red is acceptable except for orange, and the top should be full-length and come with sleeves. Any logos not related to Target are also out of the question.

Some stores encourage red flannel shirts, but others don’t. Likewise, several branches prefer their employees to tuck their shirts in for a more professional look, but this rule does not apply to all Target locations. It would be best to double-check with your manager.

2. Bottoms (Pants, Skirts, Capris, Shorts)

Target requires its employees to wear dark, preferably blue, denim or khaki pants. In the past, these bottoms had to go under your knees (though there were still some exceptions during hot summer), but according to Daily Mail, from July 12, 2023, you will get a free pass with khaki or jean shorts.

Most importantly, your bottoms must be ‘in good condition’ without stains, rips, or holes. Many Target stores do not object to dresses in the workplace, provided these items must be 50% red or more and not too revealing. 

3. Shoes

This brand does not approve of open-toed shoes (sandals, flip flops, etc.) in any month or season; everyone has to keep their feet properly covered during shifts. Even Crocs are not allowed if they have open heels.

4. Hats

So far, there have been no specific regulations regarding hats, so it is all up to your respective Target stores. Some locations welcome any type of hat, from beanies to baseball caps, while others are much stricter.

5. Hair

The brand is quite open-minded about hair colors and has not issued any specific regulations or rules regarding this matter so far. Long story short, it’s safe to express yourselves through any hairstyle or shade you like the most.

6. Piercings and Tattoos

Like colored hair, both piercings and tattoos have no specific policy as far as I know. Still, the managers will likely ask you to cover/take them down if they are too distracting or deliver controversial and offensive messages.

7. Hoodies

As long as they are 100% solid red with no unrelated logos or extra patterns, hoodies are always welcomed as part of the Target employee uniform. I suggest using them for winter seasons only since they cause a lot of discomfort in summer or warmer weather.

8. Makeup

Makeups are encouraged (for both genders), but only when they are not excessive. Some managers consider over-the-top tones unnecessary distractions for both employees and customers.

9. Religious Items

Feel free to wear them any time if they do not interfere with your job or compromise customer safety; cases in point are hijabs, cross necklaces, or small jewelry. Target is known for respecting all beliefs, so you will always feel welcome here regardless of which religion you belong to.

Why Target Recently Allows Its Employees To Wear Shorts

Target Employees Wearing Shorts

There are a few reasons why Target recently allowed its employees to wear shorts.

  • Comfort: Shorts are much more comfortable to wear in hot weather, especially considering the escalating global temperature and heat-trapping air pollution in recent years. Due to the rise in average temperatures in humid and hot regions, many employees suffer from serious heat waves; updating its dress code is part of Target’s policies to protect its employees from discomfort or incidents in the workplace.
  • Flexibility: With more freedom in personal expressions and clothing preferences, employees feel more comfortable and confident on their job. 
  • Branding: Target is known for its casual and relaxed atmosphere, and allowing employees to wear shorts can help reinforce this branding and boost Target’s online presence. 
  • Employee Feedback: For a long time, Target employees have been asking their managers to include shorts as part of the dress codes. This recent change in dress code is a response to such requests. 

What to Wear to Target Orientation

During orientation, Target employees must still comply with the regular dress codes to promote professionalism. However, as usual, Target has no strict limitations on personal expressions or styles. All in all, that means:

  • Long- or short-sleeved shirts in solid red (any style is acceptable, as long as it is not revealing)
  • Denim or khaki bottoms
  • Any piercings or accessories, guaranteed they are not too casual.
  • Boots or closed-toe shoes

Aside from the prescribed dress code, make sure you follow the basic grooming standards for any important event; your hair and nails must look clean and well-maintained. Avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne.

Regardless of your outfit choice, they should be in good condition and well-fitting, and double-check the dress code to avoid unwanted violations. It shows you are ready and determined to adapt to the company’s culture right from the start.

What to Wear to Interviews

Prepare for An Interview

Want to leave a good impression in your interviews? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Dress in business casual attire. Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts are out of the question; Target is known for its comfortable working outfits, but you are not one of its employees yet! Instead, opt for khakis or chinos, a button-down shirt or blouse, and a blazer or cardigan.
  • Your clothes should be clean, pressed, and well-fitting.
  • Choose neutral colors, such as black, navy blue, gray, or brown; do not use too much jewelry or makeup.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that you can stand in for long periods.

See more interview tips:


Aside from khaki/denim bottoms and red shirts, you can customize the Target worker uniform to your taste, as long as it does not promote offensive messages/other brands or affect your performance. 

Still, since each Target store has its own subculture and policies, remember to scan through the employee handbook or consult with your local store to ensure you do not miss anything important.

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