25+ High-Paying Part-Time Jobs

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If you think earning a respectable life requires working more than 40 hours a week, think again! In the current market, there are many good-paying part-time jobs available.

High-Paying Part-Time Jobs

Opportunities for flexible work schedules, remote employment, and freelancing are expanding, and many are quite lucrative. Check out this list of top high-paying part-time jobs if you’re a student seeking a side gig or just want to get extra money for your time

Why You Might Want To Get A Part Time Job

There is part-time employment in almost every industry. Without the obligations of full-time jobs, these possibilities can provide you with some steadiness as they usually need less than 35 hours of labor each week. In some situations, you can also be eligible for paid time off or vacations in addition to having a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely.

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If you like the flexibility or diversity of part-time employment, need or want to supplement your current income, can’t find a well-paid full-time job, or any of these reasons, you may look for an hourly job that pays well. 

Employees in competitive fields can also “get their foot in the door, gain experience, and determine whether they will want to do the job in the full-time position” by working part-time.

26 Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs

1. Writer

write email

Annual Salary: $28,500

These writers create written content, either for print or web media. Long-form content may include books, articles, online content, white papers, reports, newsletters, even social media postings, and blog entries.

Short-form content runs the gamut from pamphlets and email copy to articles. Either provide your own thoughts or accept a subject assignment. However, writing jobs might involve researching, interviewing people, and collaborating with editors or quality control personnel. Some writers focus on one subject or genre more than others—for instance, grant writers, technical or medical writers, science or finance journalists, etc. One year or more of experience, maybe through an internship, is often required for entry-level writing positions.

While they may ask that work be completed during regular business hours, many media businesses post remote, part-time writing positions. However, don’t restrict yourself to the media; writers are needed by a wide range of companies, including financial institutions, NGOs, and everything in between.

2. Bartender

Annual Salary: $33,085

The most well-liked part-time employment for college students includes serving or bartending. The job becomes a viable option for students who take classes during the day because it requires you to work on the weekends and throughout the night.

Although the profession isn’t strictly well-paying, the tips you get might add up to a significant sum. Your nightly earnings with tips added to your base wage might range from $75 to $200. Therefore, working long hours on busy weekends might help you earn more money if you live in a nation with a vibrant nightlife. 

In addition to providing you with everyday opportunities to engage with a variety of individuals, the position will teach you valuable skills for the hospitality sector.

3. Tutor

Tutor job

Annual Salary: $28,500

Tutors help learners of all ages acquire a skill or topic. The topics covered might be anything from rudimentary algebra to advanced physics for college or the SAT. Not all tutoring sessions take place during regular business hours; in fact, many clients would rather meet on the weekends or after work or school. While official certification is not required for tutors, they must thoroughly understand the subject matter they are teaching.

You can choose to work with a tutoring agency or work independently. Working with an agency means they identify students and handle part of the employment paperwork. Meanwhile, you can charge more and earn more if you work alone.

4. HR Manager

Annual Salary: $86,139

HR managers typically oversee a group of people who work to make the workplace safe, enjoyable, and productive for both employers and employees. They are friendly people with outstanding communication skills who can listen intently and talk tactfully.

As an HR manager, your main goal is to set compensation rates, conduct interviews, and hire new employees. This role requires the individual to set a positive example and communicate effectively while working on challenging issues. It is the ideal role for those who enjoy working with humans and have an outstanding management skill set.

5. Marketing Specialist

Annual Salary: $61,031

The job of a marketing expert is to sell or promote goods and services to potential and current clients, who may be individuals or agencies. Although there are many areas of expertise, such as email marketing, social media, e-commerce, market research, and search engine marketing (SEM), the core of the business is understanding the target client and knowing how to contact and influence them to take action.

Businesses may employ part-time marketing experts to assist with specific campaigns or to offer specialized knowledge in a particular area. Smaller firms may only require—or have the funding for—ten or twenty hours of communications and marketing work every week.

6. Bank Teller

Annual Salary: $36,351

A part-time bank teller’s responsibilities include serving clients in a bank location. Your weekly work schedule as a part-time worker totals fewer than 40 hours. This usually entails working eight hours a couple of days a week rather than doing short shifts because banks are often only open for a single shift.

In this role, you assist clients with account management, handling various transaction types and account management duties, making deposits and withdrawals, handling cash and processing, opening and closing accounts, and recording transactions. 

The minimum educational prerequisite for positions as bank tellers is a GED or high school degree. Still, most companies choose candidates with college degrees or those who have completed some college courses in finance.

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Annual Salary: $55,951

A graphic designer provides graphics, drawings, and other visual thoughts and information to help a business. Projects might range in size from a large-scale publication like a book or magazine to a deliverable like a flyer that must be eye-catching. An internship, summer employment, or part-time work with a group or faculty member can help students get the one year or less of experience necessary to be employed as graphic designers.

When starting out on their own, part-time graphic designers often need to have more substantial expertise and a well-rounded portfolio. However, they can work continuously with one company and numerous customers on a project basis as part of an agency or as freelancers.

8. Massage Therapist

Annual Salary: $71,679

A massage therapist helps patients feel better physically, reduce stress, ease pain and tension, or just unwind. They can operate in a range of environments, such as spas, medical offices, and hospitals, with different kinds of clients. Most states require certification or licensure for massage therapists. Still, the specific criteria vary by area.

Massage therapists finish a curriculum with 500 hours or more of hands-on training. Concentrating on a particular expertise, such as deep tissue or sports massage, is also possible. There is typically flexibility dependent on workload and customers. A massage therapist can work in shifts or as arranged with clients, depending on the workplace.

9. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Annual Salary: $61,014

Fitness instructors help people improve their strength, flexibility, fitness, and related abilities one-on-one or in groups. Depending on their background and training, they can work with a range of ages and skill levels and instruct a number of sessions, including yoga, kickboxing, pilates, HIIT, or spin.

Becoming a certified personal trainer might take many months, but all you have to do to qualify is finish high school and be at least 18 years old. Although certificates in a particular exercise style are not necessarily required, some fitness firms may support or demand them when hiring teachers for group sessions. Typically, instructors work part-time jobs in gyms, community centers, camps, studios, and other places where they instruct students or train customers.

10. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance Sales Agent

Annual Salary: $72,458

A sales representative for insurance makes policy sales to potential clients. These policies help reduce the possible risks. For instance, in the case of the policyholder’s passing, life insurance pays out money to the insured person’s beneficiaries.

Like other sales positions, this kind of employment entails engaging with customers daily, determining their requirements, and assisting them in filling out an extensive application. The real job might involve seeing clients in person, answering calls from home, or working in a call center. To become an insurance sales agent, you only need a high school diploma, yet companies frequently prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

11. Executive Assistant

Annual Salary: $64,456

Administrative duties, both within and outside the workplace, may fall under the purview of an assistant’s job description. These include calendar management, meeting scheduling, cost reimbursement, guest greetings, phone answering, and other secretarial duties. 

However, in addition to providing support to one or more executives in a company, an executive assistant may also perform higher-level tasks, including compiling sales materials, conducting research, and gathering other crucial data.

The seniority of the executive you work for usually translates into a greater income. If an applicant has no prior experience, employers often seek a degree in a business-related discipline like marketing or accounting.

12. Tour Guide

Annual Salary: $39,124

Tour guides accompany tourists and travelers on tours that cover certain areas, locations, nations, or cities, whether educational, adventurous, scenic, or otherwise. Typically, tour guides are strong communicators who are gregarious. Seasonally hired tour guides might work for travel agencies, museums, stadiums, or cultural institutions.

As a tour guide, you will frequently have irregular work schedules. You could be required to work weekends and evenings. Because these are the busiest travel periods of the year, you may also have to work holidays. But if you are seeking chances for a side job to augment your income or don’t want to follow a regular company schedule, you can find this kind of schedule appealing.

13. Music Teacher

Annual Salary: $54,498

Music instructors are certified secondary school educators who use performance, composition, theory, and practical abilities to foster and grow their students’ interest in music. Their main job is to educate children about musical principles and introduce them to specific instruments. 

You will also provide them with activities that allow them to encounter various musical styles to satisfy the state curriculum’s criteria. This might be the job for you if you have a good music background.

Music teachers often need to be able to accurately explain musical ideas and directions. Plus, they have to be quite proficient in at least one instrument. In addition to supervising extracurricular activities after school, music teachers are typically expected to attend staff meetings and parent-teacher interviews.

14. Real Estate Agent

Annual Salary: $85,793

A real estate agent helps customers with property purchases, sales, and rentals.  Houses, apartments, residential buildings, and commercial assets could all fall under this category. In addition to showing homes and facilitating conversations between parties, agents also maintain tabs on what is available for purchase, assist clients with completing necessary paperwork, and locate documents to seal agreements.

Becoming an agent does entail obtaining a real estate license, which requires completing certain pre-licensing coursework. Other than that, it only requires a high school diploma. While a bachelor’s degree is occasionally helpful for real estate agents, businesses typically prioritize candidates who can complete sales. 

Real estate brokers have a great deal of freedom to choose their own schedules, but they also frequently work unconventional hours because many customers can only do house viewings on the weekends or at night.

15. Translator/ Interpreter

Annual Salary: $57,200

Translators work part-time and interpret written documents, audio files, and live speech between different languages. This job requires you to put in fewer than 40 hours a week. One of your tasks may be to assist a particular individual throughout their international travels or to help several people communicate at an event. 

As part of your duties, you must use language proficiency to convey meaning, emotion, context, and tone to the intended person or group as precisely and clearly as feasible.

Having a thorough understanding and flawless command of many languages is crucial, regardless of whether you were raised bilingual or multilingual, pursued a foreign language degree in college, or acquired proficiency in another way. In terms of legal or medical translators or interpreters, organizations may need certificates or ongoing education. Remote employment is an option for many translators.

16. Property Manager

Annual Salary: $58,335

As a property manager, you will be in charge of many areas of residential, commercial, or industrial properties. This might entail locating and screening renters, visiting with owners, exhibiting units, checking the grounds, filing paperwork, and doing other duties. Property managers may be employed by developers, apartment buildings, real estate corporations, or property management organizations.

Employers frequently look for part-timers as well as full-timers for property management positions. In any case, you’ll probably have flexible working hours.

17. Mental Health Counselor

Annual Salary: $75,386

Counselors in mental health assist patients with substance misuse, behavioral issues, and mental illnesses, such as sadness and anxiety. They can work in clinics, hospitals, schools, mental health facilities, and private practices, among many other places.

Counselors can function part-time or as needed in a variety of situations. The exact counselor function may dictate different needs for training and education. Most requirements call for a bachelor’s degree, while some also call for an internship and a master’s. That being said, counselors must hold a license in some states.

18. Food Service Manager

Annual Salary: $49,804

To put it briefly, food service managers oversee the daily operations of eateries and other establishments that produce and serve food and drinks. However, their duties might differ greatly—they may have to plan employee schedules, follow food safety laws, handle client complaints, keep an eye on the operating budget, or place supply orders.

Food service managers work in a variety of establishments, including taverns, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and school cafeterias. Flexible hours may include weekends, nights, and holidays but cannot be full-time or part-time. Most businesses only need a high school degree and job experience, while others may demand training from a culinary or technical school.

19. Babysitter


Annual Salary: $36,641

Traditionally, babysitting has been a popular part-time profession for college students. It’s crucial to actually love being around children, and potential parents may find it quite appealing if you have first aid or CPR training.

According to Zip Recruiter, depending on where they reside and the number of children they are babysitting, babysitters might earn $18 per hour on average. Being a nanny is a great side hustle if you enjoy working with children and are mostly seeking daytime hours. The same family usually assigns nannies to specific hours each week.

20. Social Media Content Manager

Annual Salary: $64,845

There are about 4.9 billion current active social media users worldwide, which represents over half of all people on Earth! Businesses have realized the value of having a social media presence in an environment that is rapidly becoming fully digitalized. 

One of the best part-time occupations that you may take advantage of this market requirement is to work as a social media manager. The best part is that it pays quite well.

This career path may be ideal for you if you are an active social media user and have a thorough understanding of current trends. According to Zip Recruiter, managing social media can earn you about $31 per hour on average, which is both flexible and handy.

21. Photographer


Annual Salary: $42,345

A photographer is responsible for using a camera to capture photos. This can comprise a variety of photographic genres, including product, event, landscape, and portrait photography. Photographers frequently collaborate with clients to comprehend their goals and produce photos that satisfy them.

Photographers employ a variety of methods, including composition, lighting, and editing, in addition to their creative vision, to create visually appealing and powerful photos. They could also be in charge of overseeing equipment, arranging and setting up photo sessions, and even retouching and editing pictures. This is a great side job after work if you have a passion for photography.

22. Nail Technician

Annual Salary: $43,139

Nail technicians are professionals who provide manicures and pedicures, attach false nails and extensions, remove dead skin, and give mild massages to preserve and adorn toes and fingernails. If you are into the beauty sector, this might be an excellent career path for you.

Nail technicians are artistic individuals with superior hand-eye coordination who can perform repetitive tasks while seated for extended periods of time. Nail technicians are beauty professionals who handle chemicals; thus, they need to take extra precautions to minimize health concerns. Though some operate from home or provide mobile services, the majority of nail technicians are employed by spas or beauty shops with flexible shifts.

23. Nurse Practitioner

Annual Salary: $130,295

A nurse practitioner, often called an advanced practice registered nurse, is a healthcare provider. Besides promoting health and disease prevention, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic health issues, educating and counseling patients and their families, and collaborating with other medical professionals in clinics, hospitals, private practices, and research settings, board-certified nurse practitioners also work in these settings.

To practice as registered nurses, nurse practitioners need to obtain a license from their state’s licensing authority. They usually become certified by a national organization like the PNCB (Pediatric Nursing Certificate Board) or the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Typically, license and certification also need experience in the nursing sector.

24. Dietitian/ Nutritionist

Annual Salary: $76,000

Nutritionists and dietitians assist individuals in comprehending the relationship between food and health. To enhance health, they first determine the dietary needs of the public before developing food service initiatives and nutrition plans. A nutritionist is a person who specializes in nutrition or the study of how humans fuel their bodies. They could offer dietary advice, meal planning services, or instructional activities.

Meanwhile, dietitians, usually referred to as registered dietitians (RDNs), are nutrition specialists who offer patients with a range of medical disorders medical nutrition counseling and therapy. Through individualized meal planning, weight control techniques, and illness prevention tactics, they assist people in achieving improved overall health. 

You can work under contract for a variety of establishments, including healthcare facilities, schools, and corporate wellness initiatives, all of which may provide greater flexibility regarding working hours. You can also do outreach and instruction about nutrition as a part-time employee at community health clinics, non-profit groups, or schools.

25. Makeup Artist

Annual Salary: $52,605

Being a makeup artist might be right for you if you’re passionate about beauty trends and enjoy working on photoshoots and locations for clients. At first, choosing a career in makeup artistry may seem like fun and games, but it takes effort to develop into a competent and experienced makeup artist that customers want to work with. Comprehending color theory, applying texture, and coordinating many products to craft a customized look for your client are all essential skills for makeup artists.

There are many other career routes you may choose as a makeup artist, depending on your preferences. Whether you want to work in the glamorous entertainment business or prefer the intimate touch of bridal makeup, there is a niche for you. Some common sectors include bridal makeup, runway and fashion makeup, theater, film, television makeup, etc.

26. Web Developer

Web Developer

Annual Salary: $93,848

A part-time web developer’s main task is to help with the coding of an online website or web application. You may assess each project’s requirements in this capacity, or you might troubleshoot and enhance already-written code. 

Part-time web developers typically work on small projects or for businesses where the rate at which sites are improved has little bearing on the day-to-day operations of the company. This position may entail building websites from scratch, utilizing well-known content production platforms like WordPress, or working with design and development concepts.

A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline and many years of programming expertise are the main requirements for landing a part-time position as a junior web developer. While some see this as an entirely entry-level position that does not require any professional background, others will take more job experience instead of a degree.

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The Bottom Line

Everybody has a distinct view of what a perfect work-life balance is. Also, as your life progresses, your professional requirements may change. With the recommended part-time jobs above and considering your capabilities, you can start your job search more easily.

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