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CVS dress code

As one of the most extensive pharmacy chains in the world, CVS has strict regulations for its employees, including uniforms and daily wear. If you consider working here long-term without sacrificing your clothing preferences or other personal styles, it’s important to keep those policies in mind.

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Dress Code For Each Position At CVS

All CVS front-of-store staff should wear a company shirt (blue with red detail and a logo), dark brown or black pants, a CVS badge, nametags, and closed-toe shoes. Pharmacists must put on a lab coat over their business clothes, while pharmacy technicians should appear in navy blue scrubs.

Front-of-store Employees

CVS Front-of-store Employees

CVS front-of-store staff’s uniform consists of a logo shirt, common business skirt or pants in a neutral tone (tan or black), a cap, and a CVS badge. Their shoes should be comfortable with flat soles since the job requires a lot of moving. Choose a pair of black or brown shoes/sneakers that embraces your feet well.

Store Managers

CVS managers should appear professional in business casual outfits with neutral-colored pants, button-down shirts, and closed-toed shoes. Jeans are not accepted if you’re working as a manager in a CVS store.

Pharmacy Technicians

CVS Pharmacies

As a pharmacy technician, you must wear company-issued scrubs, which should be navy blue, during your working time. While coating over a scrub is not allowed, you can tuck clothes under it during wintertime to stay warm. 

It’s possible to buy your own scrubs tops or bottoms, given that they are all navy blue, but I still recommend wearing the company ones since they come with a logo. Regarding shoes, a similar rule holds true with closed-toed ones in black or brown.


The white lab coat is the dress code of CVS pharmacists, with the underneath being business casual clothes. You can choose a tailored knee-length skirt or casual trousers and a blouse/shirt with a tie, all in a neutral tone.

Other Rules In CVS Uniform Policy

Other regulations to keep in mind regarding personal styles:

1. Hair Color

Whether hair dyes are allowed depends on the managers. For instance, more conservative stores ban all unnatural hair colors, while other places might be more open-minded.

Most of the time, the employee handbook will specify this issue clearly, stating whether only natural hair colors are allowed in the workplace.

2. Tattoos

Likewise, tattoo-related regulations are not always fixed. The CVS head office has no specific policies regarding the matter, either; each manager is 100% responsible for how tattoos are perceived in their respective stores.

But there is not much to worry about; as tattoos have become increasingly common recently, most managers also show more appreciative/favorable attitudes toward their tattooed employees.

3. Piercings and Jewelry

Both are no longer as common in CVS stores – not for aesthetic reasons but due to safety concerns. Long earrings or necklaces get caught on objects, and some might even interfere with proper hygiene practices.

Some allow their employees to wear small earrings, but that’s it; nothing more than that.

4. Facial Piercings

From what I know so far, facial piercings are not allowed at all in many states. But some employees do claim that their stores do not have any strict regulations on the matter, so it would be best to double-check with your manager.

5. Makeups

No rule is fixed, but I suggest keeping your makeup toned down. Neutral lipstick/eyeliner tones and foundations are acceptable, while bright or extreme eyeshadows will likely be frowned upon.

6. Shorts

Shorts are not allowed at all; wearing them is also unnecessary, given that most CVS stores have great AC systems. But there might be exceptions in special circumstances, such as extreme heat or rising temperature.

7. Shoes

Employees cannot wear flip-flops, sandals, or any open-toed shoes at CVS; their feet must be covered completely to guarantee 100% safety. Non-slip shoes are not compulsory but highly recommended for that same reason.

While handbooks do not mention anything about color, most stores prefer neutral-colored or black, and most employees consider it a guideline (optional) rather than a rule. But I do think that neutral-toned shoes fit better with your uniform, regardless of your position.

8. Jeans

Unfortunately, jeans are also out of the question, especially when someone from the CVS head office drops by the store. Your trousers must be made of other materials, such as cotton, linen, wool, etc.

9. Hoodies

From what CVS employees (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are not included) reported in my survey, they can wear jackets, cardigans, or fleeces in colder seasons, provided that there is a name tag on the hoodie. Ask your store managers or colleagues to confirm what else is allowed and what is not. 

10. Artificial Nails

By the time of our writing, CVS does not ban nail polish or artificial nails. But to ensure they do not interfere with your work and tasks, I suggest keeping your nails at reasonable lengths.

How Should I Dress for A CVS Interview?

Want to make a good impression? Then keep these guidelines in mind, which I have compiled from years of working and researching in this field:

  • Business Casual Attire: A professional but not overly formal look is ideal for CVS interviews. Consider wearing a business casual outfit, usually a collared shirt or blouse and closed-toe shoes. White, blue, and gray are the safest choices, and ensure they are clean and well-ironed.
  • Slacks or Skirt: Opt for dress slacks in a neutral color like black, brown, navy, or gray. If preferred, you can wear a skirt, but make sure it’s not too short to maintain a professional appearance.
  • Footwear: Closed-toe shoes are advisable (a long-standing tradition at CVS), but sometimes dress shoes or comfortable flats also work well. Regardless of your choice, polish them well before the interview. 
  • Minimal Accessories: Keep your accessories simple and minimal; jewelry or excessive piercings are not highly recommended. In most cases, a watch and small earrings will be generally acceptable.
  • Grooming: Grooming speaks a lot about your lifestyle and daily hygiene practices. Keep your hair neat and clean, your nails well-maintained, and make sure you look overall tidy.
  • Avoid Excessive Perfume or Cologne: While it’s important to be well-groomed, don’t overdo the perfume or cologne. Strong scents can be overpowering and might not be appreciated by everyone at CVS. 
  • Be Comfortable: Do not choose an outfit that makes you squirm and itch. Who doesn’t want to perform at their best and feel at ease during the interview? 

What Does A CVS Corporate Office Wear?

Most CVS officers choose business casuals – meaning anything is acceptable except for too-casual outfits, such as T-shirts, shorts, or jeans. Men wear button-down shirts, blazers, khakis, or chinos, while women opt for cardigans, dress pants, or skirts. 


Though not all CVS stores have the same policies regarding uniforms, hair colors, tattoos, nails, or jeans, most agree on business casuals and neutral-colored attires with no excessive accessories. You should also double-check with your local CVS or manager to see whether there is anything not mentioned or unclear in the employee handbook.

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