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In the retail industry, it’s not uncommon for companies to offer employee discounts on the products they sell. This perk can be quite enticing, especially if you’re a regular customer of the company in question. And when that company is Amazon, the stakes get even higher.

Amazon Employee benefit

Read on to learn more about these extras for Amazon employees and what they could mean for you.

Do Amazon Employees Get a Discount When Shopping on The Platform?

Yes, and more than that.

Amazon does offer employee discount programs. Even if, on the surface, they may not be the most generous compared to some other major retailers out there, you must remember that not all companies offer this kind of perk.

This range of benefits is definitely a plus for those working at Amazon or considering a job there. It’s one of those small but appreciable advantages that can help with your financial burdens, especially for items you regularly use or have been eyeing for a while.

The savings may seem modest at first. But over time, they can add up and become a significant part of the benefits you enjoy as an Amazon employee. Something is better than nothing.

How Do Amazon Employee Discounts Work?

Amazon has more than one discount program for its employees. To access them, you must work at least 20 hours a week (Class H, R, and F workers). It’s a perk that becomes available fairly quickly, which is great for new hires.

One of the main programs is the discount code system. As an Amazon employee, you get special codes that can be used for purchases on Amazon itself.

It’s pretty straightforward and familiar. Just apply the code when buying something on Amazon as you normally would, and you’ll save 10% on eligible purchases. There’s a yearly limit to how much you can save using these codes, but it’s a handy benefit for regular Amazon shoppers.

The company also has a program called Amazon Extras. This is like a marketplace with a wide range of exclusive deals for its employees.

Amazon Extras

This program comes with thousands of discounts and special offers on a variety of products and services from well-known brands, both national and local. Amazon negotiates these deals specifically for its employees, and the discount rates can vary.

To access these deals, you log into an online portal. It’s your hub for browsing what’s available at the moment and snagging deals that catch your eye.

In my experience, some may give you 40% off; others could be 10% off or a set dollar amount knocked off the price. The terms will be clearly listed so you can decide if a deal is worthwhile before redeeming it. But with thousands of offers across every category, you’re likely to find good value.

What’s Available In The Discount Programs?

Amazon worker

The employee discount codes can be used on practically any product sold and shipped directly by Amazon.

With millions of eligible items across every category, I don’t think you’ll have a shortage of options. From everyday essentials to the occasional splurge, these codes can help stretch your dollar further.

However, I’m more interested in Amazon Extras with discounts for products and services from Amazon’s partners.

This isn’t just limited to physical products but also extends to services that can make life outside work more enjoyable and affordable. They’re essentials that can add up in terms of monthly expenses. I’m talking about cell phone plans, auto insurance, travel, entertainment, etc.

If you want to get away, deals on hotels, rental cars, and theme park tickets are also offered. Local entertainment venues like museums, zoos, theaters, and aquariums often participate.

And yes, it seems that Amazon Extras can even help employees with expensive life events like home ownership.

The company claims that, in 2022 alone, over 30,000 workers got exclusive rates on mortgage fees, closing costs, and interest from leading lenders. This kind of support can be a game-changer for many, making the dream of owning a home more accessible.

How Much Savings You Can Get From Those Benefit Programs

There’s a bit of a mixed bag. Starting with the corporate discount codes, you’re looking at an annual cap of $100. It’s a modest financial benefit, especially when you compare it to the 20-25% discounts (some without annual limits) offered by many other retailers.

Now, when you dive into Amazon Extras, things start to look a bit more exciting.

Amazon claims an average employee can save almost $5,000 a year through those deals. I can’t personally confirm that figure, but from what I’ve seen, some exclusive offers look decent.

For example, you might find savings of up to 50% off hotels, which is a pretty sweet deal for anyone who loves to travel. Movie theater and other entertainment tickets can see up to 40% discounts. These kinds of savings make your leisure time more affordable and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Free Prime Membership For Amazon Employees?

No, Amazon employees do not automatically get a free Prime membership. They need to sign up and pay like everyone else.

Who Can Use the Amazon Extras Program?

Amazon Extras is primarily for employees. But here’s a little-known fact: employees can actually use it to snag deals for their friends and family, too.

How Often Do Deals Change in Amazon Extras?

The deals in the program change pretty regularly. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the portal to catch new and exciting offers as they pop up.

Are Those Deals the Same Worldwide?

From what I know, the programs covered here are currently only available to Amazon’s US workforce. Other countries may have different perks, depending on many things like job status.

Can Amazon Employees Buy Stock at a Discount?

No, Amazon employees can’t buy stock at a discount.

They do have access to the Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP). It allows them to buy shares directly through payroll deductions, even fractional ones. It’s a straightforward way to invest, starting from as little as $10 a week, but it’s not an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) with discounted rates.

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From my perspective, Amazon employees have a chance to get discounts on a diverse array of products thanks to the company’s vast catalog.However, the actual cost savings vary quite a bit. The standard discount codes provide minimal savings without the deals in Amazon Extras. Remember that these Amazon employee benefits are a big factor in your career choice.

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