Does Walmart Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

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Walmart clearly states every term in its contracts with both full-time and hourly employees. Despite this, rumors regarding its payment frequency still circulate. Some claim the brand pays once a week, while others report their salary check is available every two weeks. 

Does Walmart Pay Weekly

So, which is the truth? Our research team has taken the matter into our own hands. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Does Walmart Get Paid Weekly Or Biweekly?

In 2024, Walmart still complies with its regular bi-weekly payroll for all employees. Specifically, all qualified associates will get their wages every two Thursdays, although there might be changes depending on circumstances.

On another note, starting November 2023, the bi-weekly payment process no longer involves printed physical checks. Instead, the salary is deposited directly into the employee’s bank account to eliminate all unwanted inconveniences. Extra steps like queuing at the banks or check-casing are no longer necessary, allowing associates to access their incomes faster than before.

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So, where do all the talks about weekly payment options come from? To clarify, this “rumor” is partly correct; Walmart indeed applied this system before 2023. This retail giant only started to change to a biweekly schedule in 2023, which caused some confusion among potential candidates planning to apply for a Walmart role. 

Walmart’s high staff count (almost 2.5 million employees) is partly the reason for the switch from weekly to biweekly. With the new system, the brand can calculate and manage its records more effectively.

Can You Still Get Part Of Your Salary In Advance?

Fortunately, the answer is Yes; Walmart always offers its associates more flexibility for emergency expenses. The company pays its eligible associates via a mobile app called “Even” (I will return to it later), and you can always use the app to apply for partial paychecks before the scheduled salary date. 

How To Use The “Even” App for Walmart Employees

“Even,” one of Walmart’s current partners, is a mobile application that plans your upcoming bills and money storage ahead of time to save you from all the manual work. It’s securely connected to your bank account via high-level encryption and is available to all Walmart employees, whether full-time or hourly workers.

Below is our step-by-step guide for Walmart’s payroll process: 

  • Download “Even” via Google Pay (if your phone is an Android) or Apple App Store (for iPhones). Use your current phone number to create a new account.
  • Connect your bank account with the app using your current bank routing number. Once you do, the app will allow you to access all its features. “Even” will also ask you to type in your employee ID.
  • “Even” has an Instapay feature that gives you wage access before payday; you can request one advanced payment a week! However, to use Instapay, you must subscribe to Even Plus first, which costs about $6 a month.


Can I Use Instapay Twice On The Second Week If I Do Not Use It The First Week?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot use Instapay twice in the same pay period (from Saturday to Friday), even if you didn’t use it the previous week. 

Instapay has limitations set in place to prevent financial strains for employees while still ensuring responsible usage. Long story short, you’ll have to wait until the next pay period to use it again.

Can Employees From Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York Access Instapay?

Walmart’s Uniform

Great news for those working in Massachusetts and New Jersey: you can now use Instapay once a week. 

Unfortunately, Walmart has not yet changed its policies for New York by the time of our writing. I suggest you create a budget and track your spending to make the most of your income between biweekly paychecks.

Can “Even” Take Away Your Money?

No. As stated above, “Even” is only designed to connect its encryption with your current bank account for easier money tracking. The app has no authorization to withdraw any amount from that account by itself! 

Sometimes, employers may ask you to give them access to your Even account for business purposes. But even so, you will be the only one who can permit these cash transactions.

What Is The “Okay to Spend” Amount That “Even” Displays?

The “Okay to Spend” amount in the “Even” app represents an estimate of how much money you can comfortably spend before your next paycheck, taking into account your upcoming bills and income. Basically, it is a guide to help you budget responsibly and avoid overspending.

Note that “Okay To Spend” is not a 100% guarantee; unexpected expenses or changes might affect the bank balance. Plus,  you should consider it a reference to make informed decisions rather than a hard limit. If necessary, feel free to adjust your spending based on current priorities or individual needs.

Can Walmart Share Your Information Elsewhere?

Yes, to a certain extent. When you log into the app via your employee ID, Walmart is required to share some of your payment-related info with PayActiv (“Providers”) and “Even” so that they can offer the services and other features for you. 

But that is all. Walmart will not give PayActiv any other info beyond that. PayActiv is also not allowed to use that given data for anything else (except for offering you the services).

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According to Walmart’s standard policy, you will get your paycheck on a biweekly basis (an update from the weekly basis before 2023). However, once you subscribe to Instapay, a feature from the “Even” app, it is possible to request a partial advance payment once a week! 

For Walmart associates who cannot access Instapay (such as those working in New York), remember to plan your budget wisely to avoid overspending.

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