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As simple as it is, a happy Thanksgiving message to staff can go a long way. During this season of gratitude, it is important to recognize and appreciate your colleagues’ and employees’ contributions to the business. 

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If you’ve never thought about this, now is the perfect time. Keep scrolling down for 35+ thoughtful messages that can inspire you.

Why Does The Happy Thanksgiving Message Matter?

Sending Thanksgiving letters is not compulsory, but it should be customary in business. One of their most obvious benefits is spreading happiness and positive emotions during the holiday season. By expressing their genuine gratitude, a manager or team leader can strengthen the bond with employees. Some messages that mention good news about company success or employee achievements can also boost their morale and keep them motivated during the work day.

Additionally, writing personalized letters shows that you do care and sincerely appreciate the staff’s effort, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and fostering stronger connections with employees.

Short Thanksgiving Message To Employees 

1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

2. We wish you a happy and relaxed Thanksgiving. 

3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. 

4. Wish you all the best things this Thanksgiving. 

5. May your Thanksgiving holiday be full of love, joy, and gratitude. 

6. Happy Thanksgiving holiday to everyone. 

7. Cheers to a delighted Thanksgiving. 

8. I wish you a fantastic holiday with your family and friends. 

9. May you be blessed with fortune and health this Thanksgiving. 

10. My best blessings go out to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

11. This Thanksgiving, I hope you prosper in the future. 

12. May you enjoy a happy holiday season with your loved ones. 

13. May God always bless you beyond your wildest dream. 

14. Dear, [name]. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and happy holiday!

15. The gift of love, fortune, and harmony may be yours this Thanksgiving. 

16. I hope you have quality time with your family this holiday. 

17. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with success and happiness. Have a splendid holiday season!

18. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

19. I hope you have a restful and festive time this season. 

20. Here’s to a bountiful and incredible holiday with your family and friends. 

Thanksgiving Message For Employees

Happy Thanksgiving For Team Messages 

1. It has been a long year for everyone. I want to let you know that our team wouldn’t have made it so far without your contributions. On behalf of the management team, I gratefully pause to wish you a happy holiday. 

2. Since Thanksgiving is a day to reflect and show deep gratitude, I would like to take a moment to thank our dedicated team. Everyone’s commitment to work in our office plays a key role in our collective success. Let’s take time off this holiday and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

3. It is my honor to have a ground of talented and hard-working team players as you are. Thank you for the extra time and effort you put into the work over the past year. This Thanksgiving, I wish all your wishes come true. 

4. On the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to show gratitude to my beloved team, who have gone the extra mile and helped the company reach the heights. I look forward to many more years working with you and achieving things with you. But now, I wish for your holiday to be filled with warmth and joy with family and friends. 

5. Without you, our company couldn’t survive the coldest winter. So, we take this opportunity to express our genuine gratitude and remind you that you are our biggest blessings. Sending you the best this Thanksgiving!

6. Today, I’m giving thanks to my team of superstars. I’m deeply proud of our achievements this year; each of you makes the entire process easier. All of you are the most incredible employees I could ever ask for and the greatest presence in my life. Thank you for your ambition, tireless effort, sacrifice, and other things I’ve never known. May your Thanksgiving be blessed with delicious foods, blessings, and a wonderful time with your beloved. Happy holiday!

Funny Messages

1. Thank you for your hard work all year round. During this day of gratitude, I want you to know that your consistent efforts go unrecognized. Now it’s time for a Thanksgiving with fewer spreadsheets and more food.

2. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are lucky to have someone as talented and energetic as you on our team. You are an unsung hero that carried us through the difficult times. We wish you nothing but mashed potatoes, stuffed turkey, and an elastic waistband this Thanksgiving.

3. Thank you for always showing up with a positive attitude and willingness to conquer challenges. You deserve the number 1 spot on our list of things we’re most grateful for this holiday season. Happy Turkey Day with no calories counted and work emails.

4. It has been a tough year, but we got through it thanks to you. We are grateful for your consistency, expertise, and encouragement. May you have plump turkeys, pureed mashed potatoes, and endless pies. Wishing you a happy holiday season!

5. We thank God every day for hiring you, not just during Thanksgiving. We are grateful for your efforts and commitment to our projects. We wish you the full tables this Thanksgiving that we haven’t had all these past weeks.

Thanksgiving Message For Recognition

1. I wish you, the person who always arrives the earliest and leaves the latest at our workplace, a restful holiday season. You set a high bar for our future employees. May your Thanksgiving and other days be full of luck, health, and love.

2. From completing your tasks well to lending a hand to other colleagues, you are a rising star in my incredible team. Your extensive expertise and enthusiasm leave everyone with peace of mind. Thank you for all you’ve done. Happy Thanksgiving!

3. The season of gratitude comes around the concern and reminds us how lucky we are to have you on our team. We value all your blood and sweat put into our recent projects. Thank you, and I wish you a joyful holiday.

4. I want to emphasize your consistent contribution to our overall success this Thanksgiving. You’ve gone above and beyond, which means a lot to our company. I hope that we continue to cooperate and achieve more milestones in the future. And now may you have a splendid holiday with good food and your loved one.

5. A toast to an outstanding employee with great leadership and motivation skills. As your CEO, I am thankful that you always guide our young team toward tremendous success by letting each of them learn and shine at their full potential. I wish you happiness and warmth this Thanksgiving. 

How Do You Write Professional Thanksgiving Messages In Email?

Happy Thanksgiving Card

Subject: Special message for a great Thanksgiving!

To [team/individual employee],

The festive season has come and knocked on our doors. Thanksgiving would be incomplete if I did not express my gratitude for your extra effort to steer our company to new heights. Undoubtedly, your resilient leadership and go-getter attitude [list other abilities for your particular case] have become the major force behind our success. 

As everyone around me reflects on what they are grateful for, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done all year round. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with you and accomplish big things. 

I hope you will take time off from work duties this Thanksgiving and relax with your loved ones after a hard-working year. Sending my best wishes to you and your family. Happy holiday!


[ Your signature]

[Your name]

Consider The Sensitive Elements 

It is worth mentioning that Thanksgiving is a religious holiday. It is popular in Canada and the United States, where most employees are Christians, but there are always exceptions. It can be frustrating if a company does not embrace cultural diversity or promote specific religious practices during Thanksgiving. 

Non-religious employees or even those who are Christians but do not respond to religious practices may feel uncomfortable with your messages. It results in negative sentiments even when you do it as a gesture of goodwill.

If most of your employees aren’t familiar with the holiday tradition, provide a brief explanation about Thanksgiving Day. The impact of your message might be diminished when the recipient has no idea about the context to prevent any confusion.

Finally, consider your approach to each individual. For example, wishes for happy times with family mean a lot to many people, but not all. Some employees suffering from the pain of losing their loved ones or simply being single may feel your wishes make no sense.

In short, it’s best to tailor your Thanksgiving notes to each employee.

How To Make Your Thanksgiving Greetings Special

Sending well wishes is the best way to express gratitude, but how you say it matters. A personalized letter packs a bigger punch than a generic message. For example, a letter pointing out to the direct recipient hits the spot better than addressing it “to all employees.”

Keep your message short and sweet! Long messages can be overwhelming, and you want your employees to head into the holiday feeling happy and optimistic.

Likewise, consider handwritten cards or personalized emails for your employees. These gestures remind recipients of your heartfelt appreciation for their values. 

You can also pair your Thanksgiving message with a thoughtful gift to your staff or colleagues. Though gift exchanges usually occur during the year-end holidays, a bit of a surprise can send them to cloud nine. 


When you write a Thanksgiving message, keep the tone positive, friendly, and warm. While it may seem difficult to balance these elements, just take a moment to think of what you appreciate and write it down. The employees who contribute to the success of your business deserve the best wishes this holiday season.

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