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Working at Apple comes with some sweet perks. As an industry insider, I always get asked about the details of Apple’s discount for staff. So, I put together this handy guide to give you the inside scoop. Whether you’re an Apple employee or just curious about the program, you’ll find all the key details here.

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Do Apple Employees Get a Discount on The Company’s Products?

First off, yes, Apple rolls out the red carpet for its own people, just like other retailers. But this is Apple we’re talking about. So, of course, there’s a bit of that signature polish on their program.

What Is the Apple Employee Discount Program?

Apple calls it the Employee Purchase Program, or EPP for short. It allows workers to buy products at reduced prices for personal use or to give as gifts to family and friends. There are purchase limits in place, but the deals are still really attractive.

Each year, employees can buy or “sponsor” (fancy for buying it for someone else) up to 3 discounted bundles that include a CPU (like a Mac Book) and display. In the same period, they can also get 3 iPhones, 3 iPads, 3 Apple Watches, and up to 10 iPods.

How Much Is the Apple Employee Discount?

Employees get a cool 25% off on an iPod, computer, or iPad. For an even bigger discount, every 3 years, they can get $250 off an iPad or $500 off a Mac.

Meanwhile, Apple employee discounts for friends and family are 15% on certain products as well.

Other Discounts Apple Employees Should Know About

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So you’ve got the lowdown on the big-ticket items. But there’s more to the Apple Employee Purchase Program than just snagging the latest iPhone or Mac at a discount.

For starters, AppleCare is offered at a reduced rate when purchased alongside a new device. Extending the warranty and tech support for your new iPhone or Mac? Apple’s got your back with a special promo rate.

The EPP store section also offers accessories. We’re talking cases that can take a beating, screen protectors that fend off smudges and scratches, and all the other bells and whistles you didn’t know you needed. Apple employees can outfit their devices with all the extras they need for less.

How to Buy Discounted Apple Products?

Using Apple store discounts is pretty straightforward.

There are two main options. First, they can visit any Apple retail store and provide proof of employment to get the EPP price. Simple enough.

The second route is to use the special EPP website provided by their manager. On this site, employees can view product pricing and place online orders for home delivery. The EPP store will have the full range of Apple products and accessories available at exclusive discounted pricing for staff through either channel.

Do Apple Employees Have to Wait for Discounts on New Releases?

Apple store emplyee and Tim Cook

No. They don’t have to sit tight and wait before they can enjoy their discounts on the latest and greatest products.

Take the recently released Vision Pro, for instance. Apple employees could score it with their EPP discount right from the get-go when it hit the shelves.

They can walk into the store or hop online and get that cutting-edge tech with a 25 percent discount. This means the price tag drops from a hefty $3,500 to a more palatable $2,624. And if you need prescription lenses to go with the Vision Pro, Apple’s got your back there, too. The tech giant is willing to cover the cost to make sure you’re seeing 20/20 through their latest innovation.

When the Apple HomePod and Watch first launched, employees even enjoyed a jaw-dropping 50% off. So, while the Vision Pro discount is nothing to sneeze at, it’s a bit less generous by comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can Apple Employees Get Those Discounts?

After just 90 days of employment, they gain access to these benefits.

Do Employees Get Discounts With Cell Phone Carriers Too?

Yes, Apple partners with certain carriers to offer employees cell phone service discounts.

Does the Discount Apply to Gift Cards?

Unfortunately no. Gift cards are excluded from the program.

Is There a Discount on Apps or Software?

Absolutely. Apple software comes at a sweet 50% off, making it easier to stock up on the tools you need.

Are Any Apple Products Excluded?

No. Everything’s fair game, as far as I know.

Can the Discount Be Used on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Absolutely. In fact, those are the best times for employees to score deals.

Can Employees Resell Discounted Items?

Big no-no. Reselling is off the table, and Apple’s not shy about canceling orders if they smell something fishy.

Do Apple Employees Get the Latest iPhone for Free?

While nice, a free iPhone isn’t one of the job perks.

Any Other Restrictions?

Yes, employees can’t purchase items under an education sponsorship. There’s also a cap on how many goodies someone outside Apple can receive from you.

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Let’s be honest: Apple products aren’t cheap. But if you’re already a die-hard fan and constantly refreshing the website for new releases, these Apple employee discounts can add up to serious savings. Wishing you luck in making the most of this sweet perk.

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