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I’m pretty sure you must have heard of Marriott International; they are considered a dominant player in the hotel industry, known for their massive chain and amazing rewards programs.

But here is the best part: it’s not just their clients who get to cash in on these benefits. Even the staff working hard behind the scenes can score great rewards for themselves! 

Marriott Employee Discount

Keep scrolling, and I will share with you all I know regarding the employee code for Marriott staff. 

What Are The Available Marriott Discount Codes?

The Explore Rate program (MMP) allows you and your immediate family to enjoy 80% off on your stay. There’s also the Explore Friends Rate (MMF) that benefits your close acquaintances and friends with a 50% discount.  

Meanwhile, the Quarter Century Club is a token of appreciation for valued associates. If you have been working at Marriott for a solid 25 years (or more), you can receive a full 100% discount. And even if you are not hitting that quarter-century mark yet, the company still offers all current employees a 20% discount on regular beverages and food items. 

1. Marriott Explore Rate (Code: MMP)

The program serves as a huge shoutout to both the company’s employees and their families; it’s how Marriott expresses gratitude to its hard-working team that keeps everything running smoothly. 

You can score 80% off (maximum) with Explore Rate, opening doors to memorable experiences and amazing stays within the Marriott network. 

A breakdown of the eligibility guidelines: 

a. For Associates and Employees

  • The deal is exclusive to personal trips, no business travel. 
  • You cannot book more than 2 rooms a night 
  • Hotels must keep things fair and square among their employees

b. For Every Immediate Family Member 

(e.g., children, siblings, parents, domestic partners, spouses)

  • Personal travel benefits also extend to your nearest family members
  • They cannot book more than 1 room a night

c. About Room Bookings

  • There is a cap of 2 rooms for each property, each night for employees
  • Equitable distribution of employee benefits is a must
  • Excessive usage is not allowed to keep things fair for everyone

2. Marriot’s Explore Friend (Code: MMF)

Life is all about sharing special moments with friends and family. This belief motivates Marriott to develop the Explore Friends Program, which gives its employees 50% off (maximum). 

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Open to everyone who can apply for this discount code, including associates, employees, family members, and close friends.
  • You must fill out nomination forms for your family members/acquaintances when booking.
  • The offer is strictly for personal traveling.


  • Unlike the Explore rate (MMP), there’s no need to worry about restrictions on how many nights you can book. 

3. Quarter Century Club (or QCC)

Considered the VIP ticket for employees who have put in more than 25 years of hard work, the QCC offers the ultimate reward: a 100% discount. It’s how Marriott pays tribute to talented individuals who play a big role in the company’s legacy. 


  • The deal is exclusively for Quarter Century Club (or QCC) members.
  • You can book yourself a free stay in one room every year.
  • You can use this deal at each property one time per year
  • There’s a chance to book one extra room using Marriot’s Explore rate

4. Dining Discounts (No Codes Required)

As a member of the Marriott crew, you are in for a treat with a 20% discount on food and drinks! You might even score the same discount at certain branches on other in-house services, such as parking. 

Since not every property offers this deal as standard, you should give them a heads-up and double-check before you roll in. But here’s great news: you don’t have to remember any discount code. Just flash your ID and employment proof, and you are good to go.

And if acting extra nice, you might even find yourself enjoying a few more benefits. Managers at Marriott can be quite generous when they want to be! 

Summary Chart

The chart below sums up 4 types of Marriott discounts and their associated codes (if any):

ProgramCodeDiscount (maximum)Eligibility
Explore RateMMP80%Employees + Immediate family 
Explore Friends RateMMF50%Friends + family
Quarter Century Club~100% Employees of 25+ years 
Dining Discounts~20% All employees

What Are The Other Types Of Discounts You Will Receive?

working at Marriott

Hotel Accommodations

You’ll get some amazing savings when booking your hotel stay through the special employee website. Though the exact discount might vary depending on each hotel’s policy, it’s usually quite a huge amount. 

Furthermore, if you plan a longer stay (say, a whole week in the same Marriott hotel), you are in for a 50% discount for each room you book during that extended stay! 

To secure these great deals, employees only need to show up at the Marriott hotel with their valid employee ID cards. 

Spa & Wellness

Marriott clearly knows how to take care of its staff, especially when it comes to wellness. Employees get a good 20% off on spa treatments via the Spa & Wellness program. This deal allows you to indulge yourself in soothing massages, refreshing facials, etc., at a special price.

And that’s not all; this major hotel chain also hooks up its team with discounted entry to fitness centers and health clubs. Thus, you can still focus on your health during the job without breaking the bank.

To many’s delight, Marriott goes beyond standard hotel stays;  it also has long-term partnerships with rental vehicle companies and airlines! 

Thanks to their cooperation, you can now tap into some incredible discounts on travel options, accessing cheaper flights and rental cars for your next trips. Marriott also offers exclusive tours and vacation packages at lower rates – great news for those itching to explore and get lost in new destinations!


What we can find in Marriott Hotels is quite impressive; they offer a whole range of retail spots, from fancy clothes and lifestyle goodies to locally made treasures. Their employees often get 30% off on any retail purchase at Marriott’s outlets. 

Long story short, if you are on vacation and in the mood for some shopping therapy, this discount is too good to pass up. After all, why not indulge your shopping fantasies while still keeping cash in your pocket? It’s a clear win-win for everyone. 

Apparel & Golf Tee Time

Those who are into golf and working at Marriott are in luck! The brand brings a fantastic 30% discount on gear and golf time to the table, which means you can hit the links and work on your swing without burning a hole in the wallet. 

Imagine a day out on the course, soaking up the sunshine while perfecting your game; Marriott clearly understands how to give its employees the VIP treatment. 

How to Qualify or Apply For Marriott Employee Discount Rates

1. Explore Rate

To book your stay using the hotel discount, head to Marriott’s website and type “MMP” into the code field.

There is a small catch: when you check in, they might ask you for your authorization form to ensure you’re qualified for Explore Rate. 

No worries; you can download this form from MGS (or Marriott Global Source) or Marriott Forms using your employee ID and print it via MyPDR. Sometimes, you can even use your Marriott Discounts Card instead of the form, depending on the circumstances. 

Are you still unsure about the Marriott discount card or the form? I suggest contacting Marriott HR; they should have all the necessary information.

2. Friends Rate

All you need to do is go to Marriott’s website and enter “MMF” into the promotional code field while booking.

Just like with the regular Explore Rate, check-in receptionists might ask for your authorization form to confirm your eligibility for the Explore Friends Rate. 

You can save this form from Marriott Global Source (MGS) using your Employee ID, then print it from MyPDR. If you need more form instructions, just reach out to Marriott human resources. 

3. Quarter Century Club

Here’s an insider tip: you can lock in these exclusive discounts up to 3 months or 90 days ahead.

First, book the Explore Rate (check out my guidelines above). Then, notify the Marriott QCC Center or email them to see whether you can switch from Explore Rate to QCC’s 100% discount. Or, if you prefer to cover all your bases before booking, just message them directly to ask about current availability.

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Marriott does not forget all the people who have worked hard to make it the success it is today. And the brand sure knows how to show its appreciation with extremely competitive discounts!

Whether you are a proud Quarter Century Club member or just starting your journey at Marriott, there are always great opportunities to pocket some savings. Write to my team if you have any questions.

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